I Love My Mommy & the Red Sox

Thanks Craigie on Main for another AMAZING time :]

After our last dinner at Craigie, I KNEW that I HAD to take my mom here for Mother’s Day… as soon as we got home I booked reservations for Mother’s Day!!!

They had a delicious prix fixe brunch prepared

Mommy and I picked the Fruit Salad

Evan’s Organic Yogurt

Mangoes, pears, grapes and mint :D SO GOOD. simple and fresh, just the way I love it!

Daddy and R both ordered the House-Made Doughtnut

Confiture de Lait

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A night out at Kenka’s…

Let’s just say, this is how the night began….

Mind you, we had more than just one each….

and then we had a big bottle of this…

While we were getting our drinks we saw this across from us…
Passed out

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