Buddakan & wd~50

For a friend’s 28th Birthday I threw him a surprise party at Buddakan with all his friends and a party at Hiro…

We got a tasting for the whole table and the birthday boy added some other items on as well – frog legs, peking duck, pork belly, etc… we had well over 20 courses – they even accommodated us with a regular version and a shellfish-free version for our table… and like 10 different desserts… an amazing night of food and fun :] Buddakan is sure to please – even for Asian fusion haters like me – and great for parties!!!!

Highlights of Buddakan:

…But for his actual special day I took him to a special dinner….

We passed by a place called Fat Hippo
Him: Are we going to Fat Hippo?
Her: What’s Fat Hippo?
Him: *drops me off in front of Fat Hippo*
Her: …wait… why are we here?
Him: I thought we were coming here…
Her: I thought you made up the name…

It’s ok, his bday dinner place was just a little bit down the street….


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