Welcome to my JUNGLE

Normally I don’t write posts like this.  Or even the few posts that I have written…. things were easier when I just wrote about food and about how delicious or not so much, or disgusting they were.  But lately I just like writing about my life and how it’s been constantly changing and evolving…. forever changing.  And not so much in a good or bad or great way.  Just in a way, and the end result is just a constant surprise!

1. I like someone.
2. I’m starting to like someone.
3. I’m OVER someone. But that was a given fact and that was proven awhile ago.
4. I’m getting fat. But happy fat. I think. I’m happy and eat. Not so happy I’m getting fat, but the food makes me happier than me being not so happy that I’m getting fat.
5. I need to move.  To where? I’m not sure.  I currently have an opportunity and possibility of moving to Philly or back to Taiwan, or just get a place in Boston.
6. I need a new tattoo. CRAVE ONE. What I need is a tattoo cover-up. So I guess two. Two new tattoos.
7. I miss being in a relationship and being in love.
8. I love being single and free from a relationship.
9. I have a lot of food in my room in this room in Taiwan. HA!
10. I dropped my phone in the toilet and I couldn’t find rice, so I crushed up dried ramen and stuck it in there. It worked. Phone is  FINE, and smells delicious. Yes, the toilet was clean.
11. I’m hungry as FUCK.

I need food…..


xoxo, LOVE
Miss Tiffie

So welcome to the Jungle

Oh and, 12. I’m obsessed with the movie “How to Be Single”, I’ve watched it like over 20x…. in the past week.  Maybe more. Sad? Maybe. But the movie is SO true.  I think of back in the day watching Sex in the City. And now I’m fucking LIVING IT. Jeezus, Yeezus? HAHA I don’t even like Kanye, minus his music, I’m getting old.

Are we in the clear yet? – T.S.

Why do I have the old Spiderman cartoon theme song stuck in my head? No idea.  It’s annoying and entertaining me at the same time, must turn on some good tunes…

I’ve been in a funk of a mood all day and just feeling stupid, with no one to blame but myself that right now I’m in this position.  I know, I know… people make mistakes, learn from them, grow and don’t repeat.  But I just want to press rewind and not have had it happen at all. In fact there were a lot of things that could be changed.

But people are people, as I am a human being, and sometimes we do dumb things.  All we can do is apologize, cross our fingers and hope that everything will be okay.  Because such trivial silly dumb things are things that we can laugh about later in life.  When I feel down about these things I always think of the movie The Fault in our Stars and rub my necklace…. look at my tattoo. Pocketful of Dreams.  Don’t let a small thing ruin something that could be far more amazing.  You only live life once. Forgive. Forget. Love. Laugh. Dance in the Rain. Be happy.


…..but I’ll pick you a flower if you like

Last Trip to DC in a Nutshell.. including the Jameson Ball at Brixton

JAMESON BALL at the Brixton

Hello Kitty Pho


My favorite place


More Happy Pho with veggies

I had a meatball night with the boys

And had a meatball salad for lunch the next morning

Bye Bye DC, see you.. hopefully soon….


Bar/Club Hopping Night with great people….

See, I don’t ONLY eat.