Late Nite at Cashions and crazy old ppl in Costumes

After a small delicious dinner at La Fourchette and then a few drinks and chilling on the rooftop at Brixton… we were hungry. HUNGRY. Always. So we went to Cashions. Also in Adam’s Morgan neighborhood that we always pass by to get gyros but never actually went into.

We went straight for the Late Nite menu.. I got a glass of bubbly… and DUG. IN.

One of everything please. ALL DELICIOUS. YUM.

Organic Buffalo Style Chicken Wings with Creamy Feta Dressing
I inhaled these so fast like CRAZY. I freaking LOVE buffalo wings. I have always been able to outeat anyone with wings NOM NOM. I need to start making these on my own… especially for football nights.

Farro Salad

Love farro. This was actually a lot… and pretty filling but refreshing, not heavy at all. Delish flavors, a good new addition to the menu.

Smashed Fried Potatoes

DEE-FUCKING-LISH. Fried. Potatoes. What more can I say?!

Pork Burger

I must say I was hesitant. A Pork burger, BUT IT WAS REALLY GOOD. Unfortunately by this point I was so full and tipsy that I was DONE.

Shaved Pork Sandwich on a Sub Roll

I didn’t get to try a bite but W ate half and we took the other half home. He loved.

YEP. Finally ate here, now just need to eat here fro the normal menu.

It was so awkward, it was some super super early Halloween party let out and all 50 year olds in weird costumes. Of course I talked to them.  I was curious, what can I say. HAHA.


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