Diner Brunch – Worst Brunch Ever. Worst Movie Ever.

The only redeeming quality about this hangover brunch at The Diner was their bloody marys.

My mimosa was O-K

I like how the guy is sitting…

Deviled eggs.. actually really quite good.. nothing special but still good

Pickle Jar <3

Overly Sauced Wings


My omelette… veggie… tots.


And this horrible bacon


Was this peach or apple crisp? But.. mehhhh

Afterwards we watched Silent Hill: Revolution. SHITTIEST HORROR MOVIE OF THE YEAR… I cry.

Tanning at the Tigers Game & a Dinner Diner Downer…

I’ve been craving Chicken Noodle Soup from Lodge Diner at Motor City for some time  now. MGM only has Chicken Caldo and Wonton soup at teh food court, chunky chowders and a chunky overly rich/salty Broccoli Cheddar Soup for Room Service.  So I NEEDED to get out and get some delicious comfort food.  I was out last Friday having Sushi and Drinking and Clubbing with some friends I met here in Detroit so Saturday was spent completely dying and hungover.

BTW, next time I’m out with my girls, just to let you know….. I’m taken and…

This was me all of Saturday…

Anyways, Saturday night was a late night for W so we got some room service.. wings and a Reuben NOM… so Sunday night, after the Tigers vs Royals game….

4th Row

My new backpack buddy

I like how he rocks the hot pink cast!

We actually got a limo to and from the game! WOOT

Hot tub to cool off from the hot hot hot hot day.. thankfully I brought sunscreen this time so we didn’t burn.

poor sleepy W got dragged out to the Lodge Diner to get my Soup fix…

I love their napkins

My Chicken Noodle Soup

Now thanks to W like to douse my soups with tabasco sauce now. NOM. Chunky and delicious.  But sadly my soup was cold.

W’s Chicken Matzo Soup

Basically my Chicken noodle soup with a giant Matzo Ball, more soup and hotter than mine.

W’s Chicken & Waffles

Sadly disappointing. WTF is this? Lame, undercooked waffle… and lame boneless fried pieces of chicken, W took only a few bites after drowning it in maple syrup. UNSAVEABLE.

My Open-Faced turkey Sandwich

The menu said with pickle and fries but I didn’t argue when I didn’t get any.  I got coleslaw and the turkey was good, the gravy AMAZING, texas toast melted into the mashed potatoes – delicious – but I could only eat a few bites and ended up with a bad tummyache from all the shit food I had at the baseball game and this.

Riverdays, Scary Carnival Rides + Diner Food – DETROIT

What better way to start the day than to sleep in and head down to the pool?  I played some word search, splashed in the pool and then….

HOT TUB <3 Oh I’ve missed you so.

There was some showers during the day so we were gonna just go to Motor City to wander and eat BUT the weather didn’t seem to bad so we did what we initially planned to do.. Riverdays at the Riverfront with a Carnival, Jazz and a Boyz II Men concert. BOMB DIGGITY!

Looking into Canada


 only wanted to ride the scary rides…

This was my first and ended up being the best one…

I did the peace fob sign and everyone looked at me funny. BTW, out of the WHOLE place, I was the token Asian, you think I’m kidding but I’m SOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOO serious.

Boyz II Men singing I’ll Make Love to You <3 Classic

After a fun sweaty time and winning a piggie.. we headed to the GM Ren Cen center to wander…

And ultimately ending up at the Lodge Diner in Motor City for dinner!

Seriously the place was practically empty and yet we had a 10 minute wait, a couple RIGHT behind us was told 15 minutes. WTFREAK?! Good food tho… so I guess worth it.

We had awesome game placemats… I got sudoku and W got wordsearch, how fitting, our favorites!!!

We both started with a Chicken Noodle Soup which we doused with Tabasco… sooooo chunky, fresh and delicious

We waited for a table longer than the food took to get to us LOL

W’s Pot Roast, Mashed Taters and Veggies…

Pot Roast was super tender but apparently they give different portions each time.. last time he had this he said the amount of pot roast to mashed potatoes was flipped… :[ Suck

The meat shirt I got him TEEHEE…

….and then he got pot roast on himself where it says “Not Meat. Kidding!” LOL

My Garden Omelette.. I have a thing with breakfast for dinner, esp at diners…

Fresh huge pieces of fruit, the omelette was HUGE and filled with delicious crunchy veggies.. perfectly cooked and the hash browns were crispity and perfect.

Piggie helped me eat.. my wheat toast was toasted perfect and smoothered with butter NOM!

Best napkins EVER!!!!