Chophouse & Brewery at LAS

It’s time to leave.. after a nice huge filling breakfast, shopping and gambling, Kelly and I headed to the airport.

Where I had to wait 19 minutes just to check my bag in.  Apparently now you can only check in 4 hours prior. WTF. There was no one there. I hate you lady at Jetblue counter.  Who 19 minutes later acted like we never talked prior. GRR

Me being grumpy and deciding where else I should gooo

We finally got in and got thru security super fast.  Which is good cuz I was SUPER hangry and the last time we ate was breakfast…. We stopped by a store where I got Didi a cute shirt that says “What happens in the Park stays in the Park” hahahah…. and a shirt for me “Text me when you’re rich” ;D LOL… and then it was time to eat…

Dinner time!!! It was this or BK and we wanted real food, and wanted needed a beer.  Chophouse & Brewery it was…

Kelly loves her Ketchup

I love my beer

Colossal Onion Rings
Fried Onion Rings served with housemade BBQ Sauce

These were SO freaking good and it was SOOOO much onion!  So fresh.. and SOOO GOOD.. the bbq steak sauce was HEAVEN!!!… We smothered it on all our food.

YUMMMIESSS with my giant Pint of Blue Moon Beer

Kelly’s Turkey BLT er… Turkey CLUB and Mashed Potatoes

ChopHouse Chicken Salad
Grilled chicken, hickory smoked bacon, avocado, bleu cheese, fire roasted corn and tomatoes tosses with mixed greens and Citrus Vinaigrette

The dressing was a bit weird so I used to Onion Rings BBQ sauce and some tabasco to eat with my salad.  And instead of Avocado, they gave me wonton strips tho. UM…. not in the ingredients list but whatevz.  I asked for my avocado, I’m paying for that shit, so they gave me half of one YAY – and now that I think abut it I don’t think I had any cor either. DAMMMMITTT!!

“Do you like onions?” YES “Good there’s a lot of onions in it”

Oh gee, really?! In a french onion soup?

It was pretty delicious though :D

Onion Soup
Stewed Onions in a rich beef broth topped with Croutons and melted Gruyere cheese

And yes there was TONNNNNNNS of cooked down delicious onions in here YAY

After Kelly left, I enjoyed a nice glass of red wine at a pub near my gate for the next two hours and played Garfield Word Search.  Living the life.

Now that I’ve finished all my main eating posts, get ready for my main HUGE super long Vegas post!!! What what?!… snap snap ;D

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