Who wants a Gyro?

DC is becoming my second home… I’m starting to really love visiting there, plus the good company doesn’t hurt ;] … so why not spend another long weekend there?!

I got to the airport early but barely ate anything for breakfast so…. even tho it was before noon I got a blueberry beer at Boston Beer Works in the terminal.

I may have spent most of the time just staring at the blueberries go up and down the glass instead of drinking it, but it did make the half hour go by fast.. so was being on the phone the whole time :] TEEHEE.

I got seated in my comfy first row [WOOHOO JETBLUE BABY] and plugged… my earphones into my knee ;]

Terra Blue Chips and a Water later… and two episodes of New Girl, I was in DC!!!! AND HUNGRY… so I dropped off my luggage and we headed straight to get some gyros…. and other mediterranean food – LOVES.

There was a place right by W but there was an even better place just a few blocks away….

Astor Mediterranean

After ordering for us, W had phone calls, I patiently waited at the table and played Draw Something for awhile. HUNGRY HUNGRY HUNGRY.

TAAAA-DAAAAA And note: I am an awesome girlfriend and remembered W loves Mexican Coke in a bottle :]

His Gyro Plate

Seasoned lamb with tzatsiki, feta, tomato, cucumber, red onion & cilantro served in a pita.

Really good and didn’t taste lamby AT ALL! NOM NOM!  Beautifully seasoned and YUM PITA

My Chicken Kabob Plate

A full skewer of chicken breast cubes with grilled mixed vegetables. Served with rice and Egyptian salad.

NOMS!!!! Both were delicious… and the pita… and yogurt sauce… I’m addicted to that stuff… MMMMMMM… The rice I wasn’t as much into, a bit too mushy for me, but I ate everything else :D SUPER STINKY GARLIC BREATH!!!  That green sauce was spicy and delicious!!!! Also the villain that gave me super stinky garlic breath :]

ANNNNNND when we got back… TAAA-DAAAAA

I am officially the best girlfriend in the world – according to ME! Case of Sriracha



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