Dim Sum & Disco Brunch – Food & Wine Festival 2010 NYC

As soon as I walked in I got some delicious Tori Dango [chicken meatballs] by Chef Kazu Hashimoto of Tanuki Tavern that were being passed around. They were SO delicious and I was SO starved I forgot to take a picture of them. But YUM!


Island Creek Oysters on the Half Shell with Ty Ku Sake – Fresh Wasabi Mignonette
Chef Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger

Island Creek Oysters Flashed with Curry Oil and Yuzu-Shallot-Apple Confit

Chef Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger

I rarely eat cooked oysters but these were perfectly done.. not overly chewy like a lot of cooked ones…

Yummy crispity spiced chips while we wait…

Yukiguni Maitake – Foie Gras Shumai with Three Vinegar EmulsionChef Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger

One of my must-eats at Blue Ginger when I’m back home and at his restaurant :] SO glad to see it on the menu…

Hot & Sour Soup with Lobster

Chef Susur Lee of Shang Restaurant

This was the best hot+sour soup I’ve ever had. SO delicate, spicy, just sour enough and oh so tasty… I could swim in a pool of this


Lobster Pancakes, Stir Fried with Wild Mushrooms, Red Chili, Scallions & Coconut MilkChef Bradley Day of China Grill

This was delicious. The pancake was delicate, some of them came with too much sauce but I asked for the one least sauced [you know me and my issues with sauce]

Surf & Turf Spring Roll (Beef & Shrimp)

Chef Susur Lee of Shang Restaurant

Steamed Lamb Dumpling with Black Pepper Sauce
Chef Susur Lee of Shang Restaurant

Lamb Spareribs, Plum & Sesame Glazed
Chef Bradley Day of China Grill

I’ve had these before…. at Meatopia… and while I love ribs, I’m not too big on super lamby stuff. Sigh.

Corny outside, and lamb meatball on the inside. Looks like a little corn poop haha

Giddy as a school girl meeting Susar Lee.. :D Super nice guy!!! LOVE his food!!! *squeal*

Ming doing an interview


Green Curry Chanterelle Mushroom and Latin Pepper Tart

Chef Joe Ng of RedFarm

Spicy Lamb Dumpling with Chinese Broccoli and Bamboo Shoot
Chef Joe Ng of RedFarm

Shrimp and Watercress and Applewood Bacon Shumai

Chef Joe Ng of RedFarm

Yummy and delicate. Such a great take on shumai

Shrimp and Crab Paste and Asparagus Dumpling

Chef Joe Ng of RedFarm

Don’t these look like little bunnies??? They were delicious too….


Vegetable Noodle Box / Mushroom Chili Broth

Chef Robert Tobin of Asia de Cuba

I had two of these, they were SO FREAKING GOOD. Not at ALL what I expected and just deliciousness. The outside is the “noodle” which is the box that holds the filling – pure genius.

Boiled Wonton / Fried Wonton

Chef Zak Pelaccio of Fatty Crab & Fatty ‘Cue

I didn’t get any fried wontons.. but this wonton in the soup was tender and great.

Pork Soup Dumplings

Chef Jijie Hong of Shanghai Cuisine

You can never go wrong with xiao long baos <3

Ming talked a bit about this party and the ones he holds every year in Miami….

Introduced all the awesome chefs today…

Gave out a prize of a tropical trip to somewhere warm and fancy

And then called me in on a group photo with the chefs – WOOT [btw did I mention that he loved my gold pants? WOOT!]

Feeling fabulous… and then a quick costume change and off to see Adam Richman’s demo at Comix – yes the Man V Food guy can actually cook – he’s a trained Sushi Chef too [I actually did NOT know that until the demo]

He was hilarious, made chicken soup, had his mommy there and made fun of his PR for looking like Bobby Flay [which he did.. wait, I think it was his PR *forgetful*]

Ahh, twitter buddies unite.



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