L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

A few months ago, I  had the pleasure of dining at the famously romantic. and delicious, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon at the Four Seasons Hotel here in NYC. May I say, the Four Seasons is GORGEOUS…. funniest part was when I was asking for my table at the lounge area instead of the actual FOOD/DINNER area… I’m such a smart one ;D

Delicious breads and then x4

This was a Foie Mousse Amuse Bouche… delicious

L’OURSIN dans une delicate delee et recouverte d’une onctueuse creme de chou-fleur
Sea urchin in a lobster gelee, topped with a cauliflower cream

Delicious. The uni was quite perfection and it was SUCH beautifully presented. Amazing. You MUST get this if you come to the restaurant. So wowed. It was super creamy… and you couldn’t even tell that there was cauliflower in it. The lobster just added to the delicious seafoodieness of the uni. Salty, sweet and oh so succulent…. while, the whole time, being super super creamy.

LES HUITRES de Kyusu pochees en coquilles  au beurre sale
Poached baby Kyusu oysters with salted butter

I’m usually not into cooked oysters, but after having some of Ming Tsai’s the other time at his Dim Sum Disco Brunch, I knew I had to get these…. They were amazing…. Lightly seasoned… cooked to perfection [not overcooked and not still raw] and with a creamy butteryness…

LE SAUMON au caviar en symphonie gourmande
Organic Loche Duarte Farm salmon tartare with caviar

Gorgeous much?

Me posing with the gorgeous dry ice mist…

The most amazing salmon tartare…. SO SO fresh… melt in your mouth… I love salmon [sake] it’s fatty, creamy and just so full of flavor…. this paired with the salty and fishy pop pop of the caviar was like a happy dance in my mouth. HAPPY DANCE. Like, HARDCORE Jersey Shore fist pumping happy dance :]

LE CALAMAR et les artichauts violets a la plancha au piment d’Espelette

Sauteed squid with violet artichokes and chorizo in tomato water

This was a tiny portion but cooked to perfection. Squid and octopus tend to get overcooked a lot so it gets tough and way too chewy…. but this was amazing… the subtle touch of chorizo really added a lot to the flavors in this dish. Like I’ve said before, chorizo can be such a copout or a cheat ingredient… but this worked amazingly.

L’ŒUF DE POULE mollet et friand au caviar et au saumon fume
Caviar over a crisp poached egg and smoked salmon

SO WORTH THE 91$ Yep this dish by itself cost 91 freaking dollars…. but def worth it. SOOOOOO GOOD

L’ŒUF coque sans coque a la compotee d’aubergine releve de cumin
Soft boiled eggs on a spicy eggplant stew

YUM!!! Anything with eggs is good.. and I adore eggplant and I don’t think they put it enough on the menu :]

LE FOIE GRAS chaud de canard et celeri rave braise au jus de truffe
Seared duck foie gras served with braised celeriac and truffle

Look at that gorgggggeous truffle <3 I love seeing the flavors I eat…. nom nom nom… the foie was seared perfectly and it was one of the hugest pieces of foie I’ve ever seen… DELICIOUS!

LE RIS DE VEAU cloute de laurier frais a la feuille de romaine farcie
Sweetbreads with a sprig of fresh laurel and stuffed romaine lettuce

Perfectly cooked sweetbread, could we expect anything else? Creamy, milky and oh-so delicious… huge and succulent. SUCCCCKKK-YU-LENT!!! Doesn’t even need anything else… ohhh.. why do you make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside?!…

LE HOMARD roti avec perles de carottes, courgette et celeri rave, emulsion de vin jaune du Jura

Roasted lobster with yellow wine emulsion and pearls of carrot, celeriac and zucchini

Lobster is lobster, and while this was great, I’m a purist at heart. Best lobster is just steamed and eaten  fresh out of the ocean. If you’re around I’ll take you to my fav place in Rockport, MA where you get to pick your lobster and they cook it for you…. you eat it on crates and wobbly tables in the back… ghetto FABBBBBBBULOUS <3 xoxo

LE BŒUF en tartare et ses frites a l’ancienne
Steak Tartar with hand cut french fries

I actually split the tartare with someone and they brought it out on two seperate plates… [just in case you are freaking out about portion size] … it was AMAZING.. as were the delicious fries…. I tend to NOT like thick crinkle fries or wedge but these were spectacular [altho favorite crinkle fries are still Shake Shack… sniff.. I miss living a few block away from one…]

LES SPAGHETTIS a notre facon

Spaghetti carbonara, poached egg and parmesan cheese

Most. Favorite [simple] Pasta. Dish. EVER. My go-to comfort pasta… to make, to eat [aside from squid ink uni pasta.. hehehe but that’s a given on how fabulous it is] No but seriously, this was amazing… SO SO simple and yet an orgasm in the mouth…. how many times can you say that? For me it’d be this.. and possibly bone marrow…

LE CANARD roti servi avec un millefeutille de daikon caramelise et foie gras

Roasted duck breast served with daikon “millefeuille” and foie gras

What every Taiwanese girl would love… well at least this Taiwanese/splash of Dutch girl loves….  think it’s the DAIKON <3… but foie foie foie and A-FREAKING-MAZING DUCK BREAST…. you know a lot of people think duck is super fatty and high in cholesterol but it’s actually really healthy [minus skin] – but then of course, back to the Taiwanese girl part…. SKIN IS THE BEST PART OF DUCK!!!! PEKING DUCK FTW!!!

Palate Cleanser: Lychee Sorbet with Poppy Seeds
Sooooo delicious.. I could’ve eaten a bowl of this as my dessert :D

LE SUCRE en bulle, garnie d’une creme legere a la violette, compote et sorbet aux myrtilles, citron confit
Purple sugar bubble filled with violet cream, blueberry sherbet and compote, lemon jam

This was absolutely beautiful. As soon as I read the description I KNEW I had to get it…. sugar bubble? Um, HELLO, is my name NOT Tiffie? How could I NOT get it? I’d never forgive myself.

This is a go-to at least ONCE in your life :] Even if you just go to the lounge for a drink and a snack.. the hotel is gorgeous and the atmosphere of the restaurant is glamourous.  Our waitress was super sweet and gave me high fives the whole time thinking I was badass and could eat/drink a lot :] Good times…


  1. looks so amazing!! can you believe i haven’t tried it yet.. it’s definitely top on my to-do list for 2011.



  1. […] The sauce overpowered the oyster… I wish it was either hot or cold but it was lukewarm… kind of weird… the caviar made it too fishy tasting so it just tasted like a goopy butter fishy thing. :T But I didn’t choose it and neither did Z sooooooooo we had no one to blame but the waitress hahaha jk :D She was a sweetheart and took it off the bill for us. I like my oysters raw or cooked in Taiwanese food… [oyster pancakes FTW]… the only time I ever liked poached oysters was last year at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon…. […]


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