Guy Fieri’s Big Beach Bar & Grill Closing Party

The weekend was coming to a close… like, literally… but we still had  one more party to go to.  The NY Guy Fieri closing party was insane and to be honest I don’t remember much of it…. I remember VIP room and pictures of me dancing on stage with the band…. *blush* but definitely wanted a repeat of the FUN not the blackout.

After the Grand Tasting we were so full and a little tipssssyyyyy… to be honest I can’t even really remember if we went tanning after or not.. but either way we slept til super late and decided that we’d eat dinner at the Closing Party.  Z and I tried to take a taxi to the party but there was so much traffic we were better off walking the 33 blocks to the Gansenvoort Hotel… It was hot and humid outside and I was sweaty in my Gabbana dress. [But at least I looked good sweating haha]

We finally got there a little after 830 – fashionably late yo <3

First up was some grilled cheezus…

There was a regular grilled cheezus and one with a fatty pork…. [i think.. bad memory] but I DO remember that the regular one with just cheeses in it was amazing.

Cute mini STK burgers :D

Still waiting in line for pizza….

We took a couple of tequila shots until we got to order our pizza ;D

Guy talking…

The longest line at the party was for freshly made pizza :D Nom nom nom… we waited a good 20-30 min but it was worth it. We danced in line and drank tequila and ate those STK burgers

Making the pizza…


Delicious delicious pizza…

Ming Tsai

Saw him earlier at the bar and got to say hi to him.. since I see him so much I didn’t wanna bother him and take him away from all the other fans…

The same situation with Anne Burrell

I heard Nadia G. from Bitchin’ Kitchen was there. Waaaa, I wish I could’ve met her. And I didn’t meet Guy again.. met him in the NY one and he wasn’t.. the most responsive? But then he was, obviously, quite THE intoxicated…

Me and cutie NFNS winner Aarti Sequeira

I love Vodka


Cheesesteak with Marinara…

I prefer my cheesesteaks.. with CHEEEEESE and mushrooms, onions and peppers :] Marinara was kinda odd for me.. but it wasn’t bad, wasn’t amazing though…

These Misha’s Cupcakes were AMAAAAAAAZING. The peanut butter chocolate one was literally ORGASMIC. I was DYING over it.. in a really good way…. I’m a fan, must stay away from the cupcakes or else I’ll get #fatter :D

Everyone was getting sandals and books signed by the Food Network stars… Z yelled to Robert Irvine “She just wants a picture” *awkward silence* Hahahaha… jk.. :] No awkwardness… He was smaller than I thought he would be in person.. I expected bigger and more musk-cles… but he was super smilie and super nice :]

Not that may pictures because I spent most of the time dancing around, taking tequila shots, eating pizza and … more dancing. Lots of dancing. Bounce bounce bouncing around the sandy beach… sucks cuz people were throwing mad trash and I got cuts on my bare feet… but fun nonetheless…. dancing/bouncing = more sweat.

A few more slices before we left the party :]

I was a sweaty little dancing animal :D

We were some of the last ppl to leave so ALL the swag bags were gone :[ No big loss tho.. we had SO much stuff already back at the hotel to try to squeeze back home to NYC :D


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