Happy Belated Halloween….

Life has been crazy. I thought I was gonna finally catch up on posts, but instead I just need catching up on sleep and getting over this stupid cold that has yet to break up with me. Obviously I’m obsessed with Alice in Wonderland….. so as you can see, it was a VVonderland filled Halloween weekend <3

Didi O Lantern

Stitch <3

We actually had Mexican Food Friday night…. so Didi was a taco….

Late Nite Cruise on Harbor Lights

I was the Mad Hatter but people also thought I was Lady Gaga so I was the Gaga Hatter / Lady Hatter / Mad Gaga

Celebrated at Marquee

Alice in Wonderland :]

With the crazy hookahed high catepillar aka DIDI

Haunted Carnival

The White Rabbit

I actually ended up getting a lot of photos taken with random people… and a photographer actually gave me a mini photo shoot. WEEE, excitedly awaiting him to send them to me – hopefully he’s not just a perv with a super expensive camera…


  1. SUCH a fun Halloween!!!

    Hang in there with the busyness!


  2. The Stitch costume for your dog is adorable!!


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