Dim Sum Essentials… Takeout from Hei-La Moon

It’s Boston, what can I say, I miss NYC and it’s insane amount of food variety.. especially in the asian category… cuz when it comes down to it, nothing beats some quality comforting chinese food.  What can I say?! It’s in my blood.. blame my genes :]  Now, I’m a lover of brunch Bloody Marys, Mimosas.. Waffles….. Gooey Eggs, Bacon.. the works, I’m all up on that.. but I’m always down for some Dim Sum aka Chinese Tapas.  There are different varieties… like Taiwanese style… and but Canto [Cantonese] style is my fav…. dumplings and ribs and tripe and chicken feet.

My godfather was sweet enough to get me some of my favorite things the other day for dinner :]  And from my favorite Dim Sum place in the area.. Hei-La Moon.  The place is huge and while it’s not really…. crowded during dinner time – I’ve been and the food is good but nothing that much special compared to all the other places in Chinatown – but the dim sum is INSANEEEEE… you wait a long time to get a table, but the wait is WORTH it.  The best part is, you can get dim sum in chinatown 7 days a week :] WOO!

Take out makes life easier :]

Godfather also got me some yummy Hainan Chicken from Penang. I LOOOVE Malaysian food and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Hainan Chicken.. I basically eat almost a whole chicken at least once a week from there :] #fattie – Read more about what it is here

海南雞 – Hainanese Chicken

It’s just simple, room temperature, steamed chicken with a red spicy sauce and a soy sauce to go with it.  Cucumbers layered underneath and some cilantro on top add to it.  I eat this stuff out of the fridge COLD :] YUM!  Americans got cold pizza, I got cold Hainan Chicken :]…And obviously a side of chicken rice.. basically rice cooked from chicken fat/stock :] NOM!

OK, back to the dealio. DIM SUM TAKEOUT!

乾蒸燒賣 – Pork Shumai

As prepared in Cantonese cuisine, siumai is also referred to as “pork and mushroom dumpling.” Its standard filling consisting primarily of ground pork, small whole or chopped shrimp, Chinese black mushroomgreen onion (also called shallots) and ginger with seasonings of Chinese rice wine e.g. Shaoxingrice wine, soy saucesesame oil and chicken stock. Bamboo shootswater chestnuts and pepper can also be added. The outer covering is made of a thin sheet of lye water dough. The center is usually garnished with an orange dot, made of crab roe or diced carrot, although a green dot made with a pea may be used.  [Source]

For as long as I can remember, when I was a kid these were my favorite dumplings, aside from Xiao Long Bao,  from Dim Sum.  I love 蝦餃 [Hargow, Shrimp Dumplings] and Chive ones and etc… but these will always be the best.  And Hei-La Moon’s are delicious… I still stand by that, in Boston, China Pearl still has the best – dirty place but SOOOO GOOOOOD hahahaha…

牛柏葉 – Steamed Beef Tripe

Tripe (from French tripe which is from Italian trippa) is a type of edible offal from the stomachs of various farm animals…. Beef tripe is usually made from only the first three chambers of a cow‘s stomach: the rumen (blanket/flat/smooth tripe), the reticulum (honeycomb and pocket tripe), and the omasum (book/bible/leaf tripe). Abomasum (reed) tripe is seen much less frequently, owing to its glandular tissue content. [Source]”

YUM Offal <3  I love tripe. Obsessed with tripe, never met a tripe I didn’t like :] The texture, I prefer a bit chew, not too soft, thinner cut… and I’m not AS big of a fan of the honeycomb ones… but nonetheless it’s yummy.  These were perfect – a slight crunch and crispness to them.. nice chew, wonderful flavor… super fresh with a few slices of hot chili in it. OMG YUM!  Dunk in sriracha <3 HAPPINESS.

Love me, want me?! Eat this shizzz :]

排骨 – Pork Ribs with Sweet Potato in Black Bean Sauce

I’m actually not used to eating dim sum pork ribs with sweet potato.. usually it’s black bean with a bit of chili to it, but these delightful sweet soft bites or orange were lovely.  These were thankfully not too fatty.. altho I do adore it when they are hehe – I LOOOOOOVE 排骨 [pai gu / pork ribs] and my favorite kind is the Fen Zheng Pai gu [great recipe from Eating Asia]

豉汁鳳爪 – Chicken Feet

“typically deep fried and steamed first to make them puffy before beingstewed and simmered in a sauce flavoured with black fermented beansbean paste, and sugar;[1] or in abalone sauce.[2]

I’m obsessed with chicken feet, OBSESSED… from Din Tai Fung Chicken Soup, white steamed chicken feet… black chicken feet, fried, steamed, roasted, whichever and however it’s delicious.. AND it’s GOOD for you :]  These are delicious. Tender. Full of flavor and SOOO addictive. I’ve had an ex buy me like 5+ boxes of this from Flushing when I lived in NYC last year.  He was sweet… and I was a fatass :] Still am… HAHAHA… speaking of chicken feet.. had some today…. MMMM black chicken feet in the boozy Sesame/Rice Wine chicken… and now I want DUCK TONGUE

MMM Msg – All of them warmed up in plates for meeee to DEVOUR ASAP.

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