高雄五福扁食專賣店 Wu Fu Wontons

Mama and I were headed to Taichung to play and eat with my aunts and cousin but beforehand I was soooo hungry, even after breakfast – even though we were going there to eat lunch/afternoon tea and to help my aunt pick out a dress for her daughter’s wedding, we stopped by a famous small stall for some delicious small eats.

Spicy Seaweed Cold Dish

Braised Tofu [they usually give me this for free when I buy late night – in fact I think they gave it to me for free again even though I ate there :] Such sweethearts ]

Spicy Wontons, 红油抄手 [my favorite go to dish from this place]

We also got some greens….. yum to Asian veggies.. always more tender than the stuff you get in the States. Sigh.  I usually just get late night eats from here and eat it back at my room but it was nice to sit down and just experience the cute little store in person.  Cheap, quick and delicious – they offer TONS of small eats and offal.. I’m also a huge fan of their wonton soup.

Being Vegetarian, Whiskey coffee a Reindeer Dog and a Carnivore meal at 老友記

Vegetarian Buffet at the Elite Bookstore

I want this clock

Tea Time at Cafe Kitchen in Sogo

…. and my favorite, espresso with shots of Whiskey… lots of it.. and I had many cups of it :]

After resting for the night after tea time and a little bit tipsy.. we headed out to dinner

at 老友記 of course….. cuz I love my meats…

It was late so only a few items were left on the menu…

scallion salty chicken

wonton soup

black chinese sausage [all I came here for]

And we actually got another plate of the black sausage. SOOOO FRIGGGGGGIN GOOD…

My new boyfriend <3

Tigers vs Angels … Baseball Food … and last meal at the MGM Detroit food court takeout AKA … Tiffie poops for days…

One last Tigers game before I head out.  The elevators were out the in the hotel, and we were on the 16th floor so we just walked upstairs for a snack at the concierge after coming back from the pool earlier that morning.

Orange + Blue eyeshadow for the Tigers game.  And a red bull.  Gave me wings which is why I so FLYYYYYYYY ;D


We got to the game 2 hours early so we could watch the batting practice and for their warm-ups.  It was STIFLING hot.

Hot dogs first. I had one, W had two – I WISH I Had two.

I love mustard. What can I say? These were tasty. W liked them better than last time’s… I liked last time’s better..

These were skinnier but longer, the last time they were thicker and a bit shorter. BOTH tasty though. YUM.

Beer #?!?!?!?!

Nachos, Boozey lemonade/tea, peanuts, cheesy sausage… and more…

Caramel Corn, Candy…

And more beer…

We ate so much crap at the game.. and it was such a good game.  We took a limo back to the hotel and while W washed up I went down to the food court for my final dinner in Detroit.  I finally tried the Chinese food at Bamboo and got W his favorite, Bacon Cheeseburger with Onion Rings.. I also got us some chili cheese fries.

I wanted to try this wonton soup forevzzz… they gave me freaking saltines to go with it.  It was actually really good.  Light, fresh crisp bok choy and the wontons were okay.  The filling was a bit on the bland side but doable. Pretty sure there was mega-MSG though since I bloated up like a mofo and had a headache after.

Also got some aloe juice and green tea at the chinese place.. and the green bean stirfry.. which was green beans in a black bean sauce – it was a bit on the salty saucy side but weren’t overcooked, still had a nice crunch and I ended up eating most of it.  Chili cheese fries were probably the killer though and I spent half the night in the bathroom and the other half tossing and turning. WOMP.  But fun times.

Baseball food + Chinese food DON’T mix.

Gyro, Pho, Chinese Food, Monopoly and Wine… Good to be back in DC

Last minute planning led us back to DC. And first thing’s first…. we headed straight to Astor Mediterranean for a Gyro.  W got the regular lamb one, and I got the chicken, wish these things were bigger, I could probably eat three in a row just to get full. Delish!  It was HOT HOT HOT out.  The walk there was grueling.. but SO worth it.

Then we headed over to visit the new Bar/Restaurant Brixton pre-Grand Opening.  Hey, guess what?!  It’s a long fence! Hahaha…

After chilling for a bit we headed back to W’s apt and we were still hungry.  So me and W ordered some Pho and took a nap.  Yay for hiding out with AC indoors on a hot hot steamy day.

Iced Vietnamese Coffee and Young Coconut Water w/ Coconut meat in it YUM from Pho 14.

My everything pho with tendon, tripe, rawwww meatttt, NOM, basil, jalapenos, sprouts.. and tons of Sriracha.  Strangely I haven’t had that much heat in awhile and this made me go on FIIIYAHH.. I’m getting weaksauce, but I inhaled it anyways and sweated a storm.  Sexy, I know.

#5. Tai, Chin, Name, Gan, Sach — Slices of eye-of-round steak, well-done brisket, well-done flank, soft tendon, bible tripe.

I got these at the Detroit airport before we left…. they were okay, the banana ones were weird.. sour banana? Ick.

The night ended with a few bottles of white wine, Boys vs Girls Monopoly… and chinese takeout from North Sea – we got Hunan Chicken, General Tso’s… some fried dumplings, fried rice and wonton soups :] Haha….

Best times!

More than just half a dozen oysters… @ Saltwater

Yayyy.. the Detroit blogs continue. Yes I know you’re excited.. that I’m still alive ;D TEEHEE

ANYWAYS — at this point, I’m pretty sure the MGM Hotel Room Service knows me by now and shudders when I call for food. I also usually just pay for it by card so it probably annoys them to death walking up and down, to and fro, but aside from that, I’ve made friends with the food senders hehe.

Lunch was a chopped vegetable salad [capers, tomatoes, celery, greens, feta, pinenuts, etc the WORKS] and this:

Spicy Tuna Tartare with avocado, pickled ginger and sesame wonton crisps. Delish!  Definitely helped with my sushi craving as well…  I can never get enough of raw fish!

The crisps were SO freaking good, DEEE-VOURED. I think I was supposed to eat them WITH the tuna but I inhaled all the creamy tuna first, put the avocado on my salad and then crunched on the greasy wontons.

BTW. I had the truffle chips with blue cheese the other day. SO GOOD, but SO BAD. I got SOOOO sick from them :[ Guess they were too rich and greasy for my stomach to handle. WTF is going on with me and being sick lately? It’s like I got a bug that’ll never leave. That or my tapeworm is the one getting sick hahaha. BTW, see how it says “Seasonal Soup of the Day”? Just for kicks I called them to ask what their soup of the day was… EVERY DAY and it’s always asparagus soup. HAHA. Just say no to stinky pee.

Ok onwards. Workity workity but I had oysters on my brain. CONSTANTLY. So I decided to throw on some clothes and visit the boyfriend at work.

It was pretty empty when I first walked in and plopped myself at the bar. After too much booze the last time I was here, sober dinner it was. Well, snack rather… I ordered a half a dozen oysters… and got so so much more :]

And look, W came out just to shuck some oysters for me personally :]

I’m a spoiled little princess!

I ended up with a dozen GORGEOUS, perfectly shucked, delicious oysters.. and a few raw clams as well :] YUM!

I thought that was it, but W texted me from the kitchen saying that there was another dish….

And then out came these:

If you can’t enjoy fresh radishes with butter & salt, I duno if we can be friends anymore.

Crunchy. Beautiful. Fresh. Crisp. OHHHHH JOY.  I was SOOO HAPPY!!!! My neighbors got radish envy so they got some too :] Compliments of Chef W <3 HEHE. BUT THAT WASN’T THE DISH!!!!! There was another surprise in store for me….

Fresh gorgeous raw tuna on cubes of cheese.. tasted like a mild feta and some crushed/crumbled croutons and EVOO – AMMMMAZE BALLS!

Damn. Now I’m craving radishes….

LA LA LA. Joy!

Brunch at Elephant Walk

Mom has found Jesus… again. No lie. She’s back to going to church and wanted me and daddy to join along… she was really picky about what I wore too… so nice appropriate lady dress. Very mod.

But I had to wear my 6″ hooker shoes :] #stayingclassy

We were late cuz parking sucks BALLS in Boston…. and daddy had to sit down in front of column. OH the giggles….

All I could think about was how hungry I was. I inhaled some eggs before heading out but man, church makes me hungry…. and plus, eggs are never enough!  We were deciding on Mexican food, Sushi or….. Elephant Walk [It’s Cambodian/French fusion]- guess which one won?!  It was late but they still had brunch WOO!!!  Haven’t been here since like…. 6.5 years ago for my mom’s bday when I still lived in the city….

Just choosing which drink to get made me excited

Mediterranean Mimosa

Champagne, Mango Puree and Peach Schnapps

Obviously I love my bubbly…. but it wasn’t that bubbly.. or cold… and it was TINY :[ WAA

We got spring roll envy from our neighbors so we had to order some too…


Spring rolls filled with ground pork, peanuts, carrots, onion and beanthread. Served with fresh greens and herbs and tuk trey for dipping

You can get this vegetarian with tofu too.. but our family loves the pig so OBVIOUSLY we got the pork. SILLY waiter asking us if you wanted pork tsk.

Wrap the roll in lettuce, sprouts and basil

Without the sauce the roll was kind of bland.  Still, it was refreshing despite being deep fried.

Mommy’s Croustillants aux Poires et Crevettes Flambées

Crispy wontons layered with warm Bartlett pear and scallion, topped with natural shrimp flambéed with white wine, leeks and garlic

6 Shrimps which were perfectly cooked.  Crispy wontons.. MMMM loved the subtle flavors of the pear and the leeks. NOM.  The sauce was slightly buttery, rich but without feeling heavy.  I’d eat this on a bed of fluffy white rice. MMM…

Daddy’s Loc Lac

Sautéed, cubed beef tenderloin, lightly caramelized in black pepper, garlic and  mushroom soy; served over a bed of shredded lettuce with a lime and black pepper dipping sauce

The beef was SOOOOOOO tender – slightly sweet and delicious. Daddy LOOOOVED it.

And mine….

Crêpes Gourmandes
French crêpes

Au Saumon Fumé: Smoked salmon, crème fraîche and lemon

The crepes were on the thick side… and only half the crepe was filled :[ I like thin thin paper thin crepes but it was still super tasty.  Salmon was on the salty side, much water was consumed.

And obviously I had a side of bacon

THE BACON WAS SO GOOD!!!! Perfectly crisp!!!

Still hungry so we got dessert… the dessert TRIO of course since I’m a greedy fat kid.

Pot K’tis – Sweet Corn with Tapioca and Coconut Milk

It was on the sweet side and really rich – LOOOOVE corn in desserts!!!!

T’peh – Sweet Fermented Black Rice with Fresh Coconut, Coconut Cream and Rum-Soaked Pineapple

Reminded us of  酒酿 but with black rice. SOOO GOOD. Slightly tart with delicious shaved coconut… MMMM and the chew of the black rice… they tasted almost hollow.. chew chew chew – this was also the least sweet of the trio.

Sangkhia – Cambodian Coconut Milk Custard

I. LOVE. CUSTARD. This was my favorite. TEEHEE.

Happy. Full. Fat.  We walked over to Japonaise Bakery, bought some snacks and cheesecake… and headed home….

Small Bites at Blue Stove

I had to go to the eye doctor’s today… After finding out I had spots in my right eye, I’m stuck with glasses for a few days and hopefully it’ll clear up…

Along the way to dinner I managed to goof around a bit…

And then off to Nordstroms for dinner at Blue Stove.  It’s sort of an Americanized Tapas place.  Or more like, all sorts of tastes from around the world… the menu is constantly changing, but they do have amazing constants.. we’ll get into that once the pictures start rolling…

Since it’s restaurant week I decided to order one set of 3 courses w/ wine pairings along with other dishes.  I’ll write “RW Course #” by the dishes that were in the set.  That’s a REALLY good price for 30.12$, app, entree, dessert, ALL with delicious wine pairings. Winner winner chicken dinner.. and yes I had chicken tonight too

As soon as you sit down they give you water, take your drink order and give you some yummy bread to nibble on while you look over the small, but still extensive menu.

bread with olives and evoo

The must have? Their sweet potato fries.. no seriously.

sweet potato fries with cilantro lime aioli

For some strange reason I feel like the portion is a lot smaller than what it used to be?! Or maybe I’m just fatter.. or actually, I think I used to order two servings at a time…. anyways, DELICIOUS.  The fries themselves are seasoned so well you don’t even need to dip it in anything.  I’m not a huge sauce person so I loveeeee them without the dippity – which is also good.

salt & pepper calamari with lemon zest

Not greasy at all… a good amount of tentacles – my fav – nicely breaded, and not heavy. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, not overly fried, and like I said, not drippingly greasy like some places. YUM!  The squeeze of the lemon just adds more pop to the zest.

RW Course 1: mango & apple salad, red belgium endive, great hill blue cheese

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this.  I’m iffy about blue cheese, some I love some I don’t.  But I had some recent GOOD times with blue cheese.. I wanted something light and refreshing to nibble on, crunchy, fruity, sweet and salty… I LOVE SALADS, good salads, so why not?!  Fresh chunks of mango, thin slices of apple…. endives around the plate and chopped up in the salad, tossed in a light dressing and tons of delicious creamy blue cheese…

paired with: pacific rim riesling, columbia valley, washington 2009

The wine went SO well with the salad, and really cut thru the light stinkiness of the blue cheese. IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD, and went SOOO well together. I LOOOOOVE endive, crunchity. Slightly bitter and supppper pretty and fresh MMMM, all the textures, creamy, cheesy, salty, sweet, crisp.. juicy MMMMMMMM I could eat a TUB of this.

And then one of my favs..

cilantro lime chicken tacos

SOOOOO delicious. These are tiny little things, but FULL of amazingness.

And then one of the first things that jumped out from the menu when I looked at it – new additions!!! And the most intriguing one?

bahn mi vietnamese chicken sandwiches


It had a nice slice of hot pepper on top.. the bread was fluffy and had a delicious daikon carrot slaw with cilantro and a perfectly cooked chicken… SOOO GOOD

Confession, I ONLY eat the classic super fatty bad-for-you but OH OH SO GOOD Banh Mi. I think the grilled meats and all that other stuff is “fake” HAHAHA…

“The classic version bánh mì thịt nguội, sometimes known as bánh mì đặc biệt or “special combo”, is made with various Vietnamese cold cuts such as sliced pork or pork bellies, chả lụa, and head cheese, along with the liver pâté and vegetables.” – Source

It’s ALL about the headcheese.. okay, so this didn’t have headcheese but it was DELICIOUS, PLUS the delicious lotus root chips on the side. NOM!  I wish there was more filling cuz I ate it all up but even inhaled the bread by itself, the sauces were THAT amazing!

roasted garlic chicken with grilled corn & arugula

This is a classic and I’ve had this dish here since… well it was considered a salad… hahaha now it’s a dish… but still oh so good.. get the dressing on the side cuz they tend to overdress the arugula… but yummy kernals of corn sprinkled thru-out it and delicious tender, slighty fatty chicken with a nice crisp skin.

RW Course 2: pan seared red snapper filets, early spring vegetables, meyer lemon emulsion

paired with: acacia pinot noir, carneros, california 2008

This was tender, with a nice crispy skin…. two small pieces on top of a creamy succotash of asparagus, corn, peas and potatoes…. it was a bit on the salty side but delicious nonetheless.. kinda wish they were meatier.. or bigger pieces, but for some weird reason I was already getting full.. [been having stomachaches] so it ended up being the right size.

And then spur of the moment we added on some tuna.

ahi tuna stack with ponzu & crisp wontons

MMMM nothing like a delicious fresh raw tuna, roughly chopped and stacked up with mangos and lightly dressed greens…  scoop it on top of a perfectly crunchy wonton chip and you’ve got a great asian alternative to nachos…. and dairy free ;]

RW Course 3: butterscotch pot de creme

paired with: ceretto muscato d’asti 2009

I LOOOOVE butterscotch… and I looooove pot de cremes… and while this was no foie gras this was nice, rich, airy but also light… SOOOOO freaking good with the muscato… which wasn’t as sweet – or the dessert was more sweet, but either way they enhanced each other’s flavors incredibly!

And of course, ended the meal with their complimentary mint chocolate sticks.


For some strange reason I was super full after this meal… and a bit tipsy… so OBVIOUSLY I’d go shopping in Nordstroms for jeans #fattie – hahahaha DON’T try on clothes after eating makes you feel pudgey.. BUT I still managed to get a new top and two new jeans…. woohooo.. I bought these AWESOME neon sky blue kiddie jeans that turn into capris on me.. for only 44$ YAYYYYYYYY so happy!

A DimSum dinner at 圓苑 [Yuan-Yuan] at 圓山大飯店 [The Grand Hotel]

After a long day two of Flora Expo.. [TONS of walking] I was starving for some good eats [and a nice seat] First we were going to go to a Night Market for munchies…

They had one savory one [a spicy vegetarian radish SOOO good], red bean ones and cream ones <3 We, of course, got a few of each to munch on…

They were delicious!!!! Creamy, melt-in-your-mouth and just PERFECT.. especially after the fail from the other day XP I think the savory ones were the bestest and cream ones are good fresh and piping hot [it was oozing like crazy and burned my mouth – HURTS SO GOOD!!!!] but red bean is classic :D This place we found is a hidden gem and superrrrr famous – there was SO many ppl there and they just stand there making them all day… we waited for FOREVER for them, SO worth the wait – and SUPER cheap too :] Only like 10$NT for one…

But after munching on these and walking around we decided to head over to the Grand Hotel for some eats :] We originally were going there for their spicy beef noodle soup [Nio Ro Mien] but found out that the cafe closed at 5pm everyday [LAME] so we decided to get some small eats [the only other restaurant was banquet style and Cantonese food – lame]

My Castle is Bigger than Yours <3

So Yuan Yuan it was… which specializes in Northern Chinese Delicacies

Yuan Yuan, located on the attic floor, is able to serve up to 100 guests at a time. In the form of a traditional Chinese attic, this dining place is adorned with an altar and a painting of “Guan Gong Reading ‘Spring and Autumn Annals’ at Night.” The small square tables and stools allow guests and their friends to enjoy meals and conversations in an intimate setting.

Fried Pork Chop

If you’ve never had Taiwanese fried pork chop you’re missing out…

Won Ton Soup <3 My fav comfort food

I can always use a little more xiao long baos in my belly…. <3

I think these were crystal shrimp dumplings…. with pork and this fuzzy squash

These were really really good… I loved the squash

Flakey buns

More Flakey [Savory] Buns

The hotel is SO gorgeous……

Afterwards I headed down to Khaki Lounge for some late nite grubbing and drinks :]

Delicious Meats at 老友紀 [Lao Yo Ji]

Want a quick delicious meal? Head over to 老友紀 … hidden but still always packed.. they’re known for their delicious meats, congee and noodles… NOM!

Gai Lan, sauce on side

Taiwanese Sausage, Scallion Chicken and Roast Duck

Yummy Lettuce

Delicious huge bowl of Wonton soup

Still hungry so ordered anothe plate of 3 different sausages [including BLACK taiwan sausage, SO good] and “LA RO” NOM! Cured and then Steamed Pork Belly… 

Happy and excited…. satisfied, FULLY….

Check out a post on them from my fav Taiwanese blog: A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taiwan <3

16, Ln 232, Dunhua S. Rd, Sec 1
Number: (02) 2731-2269

Hours: 11:30am to 9:30pm

Dim Sum & Disco Brunch – Food & Wine Festival 2010 NYC

As soon as I walked in I got some delicious Tori Dango [chicken meatballs] by Chef Kazu Hashimoto of Tanuki Tavern that were being passed around. They were SO delicious and I was SO starved I forgot to take a picture of them. But YUM!


Island Creek Oysters on the Half Shell with Ty Ku Sake – Fresh Wasabi Mignonette
Chef Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger

Island Creek Oysters Flashed with Curry Oil and Yuzu-Shallot-Apple Confit

Chef Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger

I rarely eat cooked oysters but these were perfectly done.. not overly chewy like a lot of cooked ones…

Yummy crispity spiced chips while we wait…

Yukiguni Maitake – Foie Gras Shumai with Three Vinegar EmulsionChef Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger

One of my must-eats at Blue Ginger when I’m back home and at his restaurant :] SO glad to see it on the menu…

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