Food & Wine Festival NYC 2010 – Grand Tasting Session 1

Calling it grand is an understatement. If you could only go to ONE thing for Food & Wine Festival, this was what you should get tickets to. There are two sessions on Saturday and on Sunday. I went to the first one early Saturday at 11. Anyways… here it is.. in few words, cuz like many of my posts lately… pictures speak louder than words :] There’ll be a few captions here and there…

We picked up swag bags [filled with TONS of goodies] and then got our first drink of the day.. a mini-tini of Rum :] NOM!

How FREAKING awesome that they gave us wine cups…. on a necklace for us… just in case… good for me :D

And after entering the tent, I basically turned into this:

This made me sooo happy. First of all, I was starvvvvving.. and this was just such good comfort food.. big pot of this and I’m a happy girl.

Stab stab.. these skewers were good but made for poking you in the throat

Best vodka ever…. later I got so trashed at the Guy Fieri closing party off of this vodka and tonic ALL NITE.

One of my favorite dishes of the day. Surprisingly AWESOME. Usually I hate asian fusion.. but I’m a fan :D Me and Chef talked about the Dim Sum brunch going on the next day. He’s super nice.

Cheers….. :D I actually got some of the pourers to pour me a nice full cup ;D

GET IT?!?!?!?!? saLAMBi :D hahahahahaha….

Got to see Fabio again [and more time at Guy’s closing party the next day] and HE REMEMBERED ME!!!!!!… from the “famous” hot & spicy panini comment on fb ;D

I adore shiso leaf, it’s got such a unique taste and a lot of people don’t eat when they’re placed on sushi. Some people think the taste is really strong, but I like it. My mom loves it too – she says it’s really good for you too…


For each 100g it contains:
-Energy: 37 kcal
-Water: 86.7 g
-Ash: 7.5 g
-Potassium: 500 mg
-Calcium: 230 mg
-Iron: 1.7 mg
-Manganese: 2.01 mg
-Vitamin A Beta Carotene: 11000 micrograms
-Vitamin K: 690 micrograms
-Vitamin B1: 0.13 mg
-Vitamin B2: 0.34 mg
-Folic Acid: 110 micrograms
-Vitamin C: 26 mg
-Dietary (roughage) fibre: 7.3 g


-Combined with milk, or with wkame seaweed, or with Jew’s Ear mushroom, or with komatsuna/Jpanese mustard spinach, helps recover from anxiety and short temper, helps prevent blood vessel hardening.

-Combined with oysters, or with liver, or with spinach, or with basket clams/shijimi/シジミ helps preventing anemia and cancer

-Combined with ginger, or with rice vinegar, or with japanese pickled plums/umeboshi/梅干, or with wakame seaweed acts as a sterelizer, helps blood circulation and helps prevent obesity.

-Combined with osmunda japonica/zenmai/ぜんまい, or with kiwi fruit, or with shimeji mushroom/シメジ, or with seaweed, helps prevent cancer, helps skin rejuvenation and helps prevents professional diseases (stress, etc.)



I can’t resist taking pictures of hot girls…

This was one of the few things I didn’t eat here… it just looked unappealing… I don’t like communal tasting dishes… which is why I fail at trying the fruits samples Whole Foods all the time…

Isn’t Chef Amanda Cohen from Dirt Candy adorable? She actually remembered me from way back when… “You guys are the ones that ate everything…” We’re waiting on the seasonal menu changes so we can go back again asap :]

Tasty tasty vegetarian yumminess

OMG!!! It’s Chef Psilakis — bad ass!!! He always reminds me of Michael Symon lolol RIGHT?!?!?! They look so alike…

Delicious Greek flavors.. and tender octopus :] NOM!


That’s chorizo on pesto…

& YES that’s CHUCK HUGHES from Cooking Channel’s Chuck’s Day Off and the Montreal restaurant Garde-Manger… Oh Canadia…. haha I tweeted him to remember me when I visit his restaurant the next trip up north – WOO!!! :D Check out  his hand on hip action going… lolol…


Anything you make out of pork butt is good… [pst, pork butt = pork shoulder]

R loves pickles. All jokes aside… he really does LOL

And I finally got to see Chef Angerer again from Klee brilliant chef. Need to go to his new wienie store: Brats–Dogs & Wieners :D hahahah we chatted a bit about it…

Nom nom nom!!! Cutest little wienie… NOM! AWESOME mustard… sigh* I love mustard…

Me eating mine more ladylike….

I could eat oysters for forever…. doubt I could do 15 dozen a la MvF but….. I can put down a lot ;D — see: future blog post of Aquagrill

Look at that stringy cheese… tasty….

This was amazing. The meatball was so flavorful…. but the bun was just bleh. Why ruin a perfect sandwich with bleh bread?!?!?!?….

It’s ELLIE Krieger :D Yes Ms. Healthy Appetite

I was SOOOOO excited to meet Chef Angelo Sosa that I FORGOT TO EAT HIS DISH!!!! ;[ Omg he’s SOOO nice and super super hot [even hotter] in person.. and really tall  tooo ;D Oo la la *heart flutter* RMy friend calls this our “couple pic” hahahah…

There you have it in a nutshell.. well MOST of it.. there were more drinking and tastings that weren’t recorded…. just because… I get too excited/too busy to eat and meet peoples….. ANYWAYS, afterwards we were off  to the Foie Gras/Wine Tasting… where I was passing out from all the alcohol from the Grand Tasting.. I do remember eating really good foie gras tho….


  1. Wow, I’m speechless. Incredible!


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  1. […] So it wasn’t as tasty and huge as the NY Grand Tasting last fall…. but it was GREAT company…!!! :] Everything is better with great company!!! […]


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