Daikanyama at Bloomys

I had a few doctor appointments today and had only a banana and coffee all day long.. so by the time my last appointment was done [at 3pm] I was STARVED.  Since I’ve been on so many meds for being sick I’m not allowed to drive myself anywhere.. so mommy was with me all day :] We decided to grab a late lunch and finally try Daikanyama at Bloomingdale’s in Chestnut Hill. I know the owner of this swanky sushi place.. ther’es a Daikanyama in Lexington and she used to manage Fugakyu Cafe in Sudbury.

As soon as we were inside… [coming from the mall side we actually was confused about where the front desk was… haha. It’s on the other side. We were seated immediately.. we saw a kid my mom used to teach in Chinese School [my mom taught 1st grade, this girl is a senior in hs now.. crazy] So we chatted a bit and then, finally, got seated. I felt bad for the hostess just standing there waiting for us, awkwardly.

There were a ton of specials and there was a photographer there taking pictures of some of their signature specials for some article [not sure which] but it was just lunch and we wanted something light and simple.

Lookie, they have fatty pork <3

Soon after we were seated, we were given a complimentary bowl of steaming hot fresh Edamame. NOM.

I was chosing between Hamachi Kama or Grilled Mackerel.. but I couldn’t NOT get the Hamachi Kama.. and it was a great choice because this was SO perfectly cooked and SO tender. Recently the Hamachi Kamas I’ve been eating have been overcooked :T

Perfection. Salty outside, creamy and tender inside. Crispy skin. This is SUCH the ultimate thing to get at a Japanese restaurant [other must gets: uni, monkfish liver, lobster sashimi]

Fresh Oysters shipped directly from Japan

I like local oysters, who doesn’t. And I prefer East over West coast.. but hey it’s always fun eating things from foreign countries… make sme feel special. These were naturally sweet and salty.. but a dash of soy sauce.. a little wasabi and a little bit of spice…they were good going down but kind of had a fishy aftertaste.

Sashimi — Salmon, Tuna, Scallop and Japanese Red Snapper

The sashimi comes in pieces of 3.. I got 3 of my usuals and the special of the day, this Japanese Red Snapper [which they also served as a carpaccio] with the skin off [you had the option of keeping it on, raw]

It took FOREVER for the makis to come out. People had already come and gone while we were there — and we ordered the least amount… booo.. I was already done with the sashimi by the time the rolls came out….

Black Forest Maki

Spider Maki

The crab was cold :[ Boo.. flavors were good and they were big but it felt like the crab was fried and set out too long…

Tofu Cheesecake

Isn’t it gorgeous? I wasn’t that into the flavor tho… the texture is so light [from the tofu] but it was a bit too… tart for me. Tasted kind of limey? But I want to be TOLD that I’m getting something limey before I taste it, especially in sweets like cheesecake. I expected original.

Overall the food was pretty good.. and the presentation is gorgeous. But the price seemed pretty steep…. it doesn’t look like we ate much but it cost over 100$ between the two of us. That’s kind of ridiculous. I still prefer Oishii Too for my sushi. Although I do want to come back here to check out some of their special menu items… :] Like the pork belly..and plus it’s super convinient being in the mall.. I always end up at 40 Carrots to grub but now I have another option [aside from the chinese place and the steak place there – but I don’t eat there]

BTW, of COURSE I went to 40 Carrots for froyo after :D

Plain with Sprinkles and Gummie Bears :D
I ate it at home watching Jersey Shore tonite :] Pauly D <3