Going Public, Brunch Style

We were all set for a brunch day at Public with my lovie, Sarina and her hubby Bri, but Sarina ended up being really sick so she had to bail :[ Z and I were still down for some bloody marys [he said they were super good at Public] so we ended up going anyways… the wait was ridiculous so we just got a seat at the bar….

Fig & Vanilla Bellini

Sounds great but it was just okay to me. TOO vanillay not figgy enough.. would have LOVED it if there was fresh fig puree or something in it to thicken it up… or see some vanilla bean specks floating around…. the dried fig was a nice touch but Z drank it all for me cuz I had pout sad face.

Public Mary

As soon as you walk in you see a table with a choose what you want scones/pastries station along with jams/jellys/spreads :D

Lamington stuffed with strawberries and cream

Delicious and fluffy <3

Literally the best part of the meal [aside from the Public Mary] I loved it by itself but I thought the jams were really tasty. Loved the toasted coconut ginger jelly <3

Irish Breakfast…. Poached Eggs on Sourdough Toast, Caramel Apple, Boudin Noir and Tomatoes

I love blood sausage [aka boudin noir] it was pretty tasty but the texture was a lot more mealy but creamy… I like more of a solid sort of boudin noir…. I’ve never had the irish brekky with the apple but it was good.. tasted like a sweet baked apple [haha] and the toast with perfectly poached eggs were NUMMMMIE <3

Grilled Venison Burger, Rare – On Miso Bun with Tomato Chili Jam and Cassava Chips

Look at that beautiful burger..

The bread was perfect and squishy.. great meat to bun ratio, cooked beautifully…. and I love the sweet tartness of the sauce…. I thought it worked really well together and fully enjoyed this.

Side of Bacon

They needed to be crisper but good fat:meat ratio… I love extra crispy, melt-in-your-mouth-fatty bacon so these were a bit too limp and chewy for me. Good flavors tho….

Bloody Maria

Tequila tequila… didn’t feel spicier to me… but tasted boozier…. not a fan of Marias so this was meh.. I ate the pepper tho :D SPICCCCYYYY!!!

Thai Teaser

Bloody Mary with FISH SAUCE in it… actually pretty tasty.. still preferred the classic Public Mary tho.. so we ordered two more of those after this round….

Tropical fruit salad with rosewater and sweet tahini yogurt

When I asked about the fruit the bartender/waiter said there was a lot of citrus in it… I’m like “anything TROPICAL?” said maybe some kiwis, mangos etc… sadly I got NONE of that just lots of citrus [at least there was blood orange] and some grapes.. lame.  I couldn’t taste rosewater and the tahini yogurt just tasted like plain greek yogurt…. nothing sesame-ish about it at all [which is sad cuz I LOOOOOOVE tahini]

Ginger spiced lychee French toast with lemongrass dark palm caramel and pomegranate mascarpone

French toast wasn’t bad… the lychee and the sauce didn’t really go too well together [Z prefered it without the fruit, I liked it better with but thought the caramel was too sweet] Def needs a bigger portion, but then again, I couldn’t eat too much of it.

Afterwards, feeling full but not fully satisfied we grabbed a quick “Grilled Corn Mexican Style” across the street at Cafe Habana – not bad but it’s no Toro corn ;D

Then went to Whole Foods so I could make it our taco night…. :D


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