On Top of a Pizza…

All covered with cheese….
I lost my poor meatballs…….
When somebody sneezed…. :[

Ok. I lied. Nobody sneezed and the meatballs weren’t lost… they were reformed :]

Before I show you the meatballs… guess what Z and I saw at Whole Foods when we went shopping for pizza ingredients:

ANYWAYS, back to unlost unsneezed on meatballs….

These were made from six meatballs. “If they’re smaller you can eat more, you don’t feel as guilty”

But BEFORE we talk about the MEATBALL pizza.. here was the test mini margherita pizza Z made for us to test on our new pizza stone!!! [omg I used the “our” word]

Just simple sauce, mozz and basil on regular dough. Tasty tasty.. the pizza stone helped cook it so much more evenly than last time.. yum.

OK now onto Z’s Meatball pizza….

His dough, super super thin, may not be the “prettiest” but it was tasty…. the meatballs, he reformed from 6 big meatballs, into little ones and seared them and then cooked them in some pizza sauce.
Pizza sauce, mozz and meatballs… add basil and sprinkle EVOO on top after baking for ~10min and it’s done.

Nom nom nom nom!!!

And then there was my more complicated pizza

Balsamic Onions

Cutting Pears

Rolling out and stretching out my multi-grain dough

Mine was a white pizza.. I drizzled some EVOO on the dough, added a LOT of mozz, pears and balsamic onions…

I put the prosciutto on but then realized it was gonna burn if I left it in the oven for 10minutes…. so I cooked it with it off.. and added the prosciutto and fresh arugula on AFTER it came out.  Also a sprinkling of EVOO :]

That’s the bottle of Spanish red we drank with the pizzas….

Care for a slice? Sharing is caring :D

FOR DESSERT….Since I adored Joe’s Stone Crabs’ Key Lime Pie so much, Z made me some – delish!!!

SOOOO freaking good.. and such a simple quick recipe. SO FLUFFY!!!!!

Chef’s Tasting for Two at Public

While we did have a…. underwhleming brunch the other day here…and while we have been craving our homemade pizza…. Didn’t matter how brunch was, I had been excited about their dinner menu since I first read it earlier last year. Kangaaaarooooo:] I haven’t had this delicacy since I went to Sydney back in ’04. #old MUST GO before we never do…. :]

As you can see, to our disappointment, NO KANGAROO [altho I have heard the venison was really good here AND we had a great venison burger at brunch before] so we added on the appetizer to our list of yummies. Of course we did, it’s how we roll… :]

sour dough, foccaccia, date/ginger bread

They were okay, the foccaccia was a little too doughy for me and I wish the date/ginger roll was more pronounced. The flavor profile sounded so interesting so I was kind of disappointed… Z said he could taste a bit of ginger, I couldn’t :T

sunchoke and celeriad soup, soy marshmallow and smoked paprika oil

paired: chardonnay, frankland estate “isolation ridge vineyard” 2006 [western australia]

Thick, salty, tasted like asian.. hahaha Z thought it tasted like pig’s feet/trotter fat… the soy marshmallow was sweet and interesting, probably my favorite part of the soup… it was REALLY celery-tasting and I liked the tough of paprika oil.

seafood trio:
marinated white anchovy on quinoa croquette with spicy saffron aioli
fried hama hama oysters with shiso, sansho pepper and wasabi-yuzu dipping sauce
scallop with green plantain crisp [the menu had a trout ceviche but we got this instead]

paired with: semillon, peter lehman, 2006 [harossa valley, australia]

Beautifully plated, I’ll talk about them in detail in the close-ups

In order of consumption, right to left

scallop with green plantain crisp

Like i said, it was the wrong description on the menu so I did my best… I don’t remember specifically the sauce but the scallop was seared perfectly. The sauce was a little too salty but I loved the fried plantain crisp on top.

fried hama hama oysters with shiso, sansho pepper and wasabi-yuzu dipping sauce

Nothing ever wrong with a fried oyster. Unfortunately… we couldn’t taste the oyster inside at all. The breading was way too thick [but yummy – yet heavy] the sauce was kind of heavy as well..but the shiso leaf added lightness to the bite and so, I enjoyed it, but mostly like a ball of fried dough.

marinated white anchovy on quinoa croquette with spicy saffron aioli

The texture and the “blandness” of the quinoa really balanced out the delicious strong, but fishy, taste of the anchovy.  Now when I use bland, don’t get me wrong — it worked perfectly. It was a great crunch with the creamy fish… the sauce on it was a little too much and unnecessary and I loved the bite of the pickled red onion… reminded me of Stash‘s awesome homemade pickled red onions

pork and foie gras terrine with peppered pear, mirin glazed pecans, a salad of frisee and truffle dressing

paired: pinot gris, man o war 2008 [walhoke island, new zealand]

I really liked the fresh salad with the sweet meaty pecans.  The terrine was tender and melted in my mouth.. it went great with the crusty grilled bread, which was crispy and hard and just had an amazing charred taste and crunch to it.

crusty grilled bread to go with the pork and foie gras terrine

now THIS is a sexy piece of bread.

Next up, we were supposed to get our extra appetizer we ordered [the kangaroo] but instead was presented with the entree….. after asking them about it, they told us it was a mistake and that the kangaroo was on the house… as was extra wine for the pairing *score*

new zealand venison loin with cabraiales dumplings, oyster mushrooms and salsa verde

paired: grenache, yangarra, old vine single vineyard, 2006[macaren vale, australia]

The venison was cooked pretty rare…. [which is great] You can’t really see it on mine [above pic] but Z’s was beautiful [below]

FYI it was ONE dumpling, a few pieces of mushroom underneath and three slices of tender venison. I wasn’t too fond of the dumpling… found it to be kind of like a undercooked thick pancake – it was okay. But then again I’m not fond of the whole “chicken & dumplings” when I hear dumpling, I think of it asian style, or at least ravioli style [which is totally jipped from Asia DUH] but dumplings aka balls of dough is NOT a dumpling to me. Sorry Britney Spears…

grilled kangaroo on a coriander falafel with lemon tahini sauce and green pepper relish

we actually had only ordered one, they gave us two [and for freeeeee] but it was the same wine pairing as the venison [just more of the same grenache]

This was really good.  The falafel was a little dry and heavy but the kangaroo was just fine on it’s own. I haven’t had kangaroo since way back when in college when I lived in Sydney for a month so it was good to know that I still really enjoyed the meat [think lean veal] It was a great edition to our chef’s tasting, a MUST HAVE when you come to Public.

AND THEN, the best dish of the night:

sticky toffee pudding with armagnac ice cream and hot caramel sauce

paired: pedro ximenez, gonazalez byass, nectar, nv [jerez, spain]

We wanted to get this when we came here for brunch, but because of bad service and disappointing brunch entrees we just wanted to get out of there [sorry guys but service at the bar sucked, table is SO much better]

The service was pretty good and the food wasn’t bad, I wasn’t too fond of the pairings and found things to be a bit oversalty [pet=peeve of mine, but finding it more and more common in dining out in “nicer” places lately]

We took our free vouchers from the restaurant to get free drinks at their sister bars…. so we got a beer at Double Crown and Gin and Jam at Madam Geneva.. it was this delicious pear/ginger jam <3 swoon*