Dolce Brunch at the Delano Hotel with Michael White and Gail Simmons

Two tickets to the Dolce Brunch with Michael White & Gail Simmons at the Delano Hotel!!! Woot!!!

After all those shots of Henney last nite at the Let Them Eat Cake party, I’m surprised me and Z were perfectly fine in the morning….. when we got there, a bit late, there was a long line still to get seated… a little disorganized but still… :] We finally got seated with a nice couple from DC with a great view of the whole room… it was FREEZZZZING tho, next time I’m so bringing a shawl or hoodie with me…

But yeah. Michael White remembered us and said HI as we walked in *faints*

Here’s a pic since I haven’t blogged about the Cake event yet.

Yep, Chef White is SO badass even Z wanted in on the chef-photo=whoring with me :]


And my beautiful setting….

Beautiful centerpiece covered in Godiva truffles.. the purple ones were the yummy dark chocolate ones <3 NOM! Maybe have had a few… or more of those before the meal started :] And inbetween courses….

The pretty menu…. [I stole one]

They describe it as “Liquid Gold” HOTTT….

Crudo di Pesce

Paired with 2004 Dolce, Napa Valley
Super freshhhhhhh cured Mackerel/Amberjack with smoked yogurt, caviar, cucumber and this delicious dehydrated pepper smokey pepper of some sort. Still can’t figure it out… this was refreshing and delicious. Perfect light smokey flavor, great smooth texture in mouth and a great combination of textures/flavors in the mouth.

Poached Organic Egg, Blue Crab, Wild Sturgeon Caviar & Sea Urchin Zabilglione
Paired with 2005 Dolce, Napa Valley
I decided to just keep the broken yolk one because I can’t stop staring at how sexy it is. This may have been my favorite dish of the brunch – I’m biased when it comes to eggs – but it had UNI AND CRAB@!!!! And, um, goopy yolky egg <3 It was also paired with my favorite Dolce of the brunch… it was a lighter, less sweet version of the 2004..

Back to the egg. This was SO creamy.. the brioche was so light and airy and went SO well with the different layers of flavors.  Even the small arugula salad went perfectly [crunch crunch] I love arugula and crab together tho.. And Z isn’t even a huge fan of brioche and adored this dish :]

Tortellini, Panna Fresca, Black Truffle and Parmigiano

Paired with 2001 Dolce, Napa Valley
This was absolutely delicious. One gripe, the truffles weren’t truffley enough. OK, I was sick but still – wafts of truffles usually come out with truffled food.. NONETHELESS… I got a TON of truffle shavings and it was DELICIOUS. They reminded me of the russian dumplings Z and I had the other week – Pelmeni – except not pan fried. MMMM I love a good tortellini – and of course, it’s FREKAING MICHAEL WHITE, so his pasta did NOT disappoint [I don’t think it ever could!]

Z and I had JUST had Ai Fiori two days ago and couldn’t stop raving about White’s pasta.. and this time he was actually cooking in the kitchen :] WOOT! I love it when a chef is there at his restaurant… so much awesomer. Seriously, he’s SUCH a cool guy.

Brioche, Passion Fruit, Coffee and Banana

Paired with 2006 Dolce, Napa Valley
The brioche was crunchy on the outside and squishy and yum on the inside.  The coffee gelato was delicious with it… and I loved the banana.. but it was atop some stinky blue cheese… hahaha and on some passionfruit sauce… I gave Z my blue cheese [stanky] and ate the rest :] Had so much trouble eating it with a spoon tho.. especially trying to cut thru the “french toast”

Z actually got a free bottle of the 2006 from the table, cuz his Dolce card had a “D” on the back of it *score* We’re just so lucky ;D

They were also giving out tons of Godvia chocolates but we still had like 4 boxes from the night before so we left ours at the table and just ate a lot of the truffles on the decor/centerpiece [which they encouraged – I bet they had too much chocolate they didn’t know what to do with it hahaha]

My only complaint of the brunch would be that they were reaallllyyyy not-friendly with the pours.. tiny pours and rarely re-filled.. I quickly smartened up and drank slowly, but that left the other 3 at my table with empty glasses most of the time. I’m not used to going to these booze events with so little booze… either way delish. Kinda missed having coffee and a bloody tho with my brunch…. I’m such a #brunchwhore :]

Gail Simmons & I…

Hahaha I have such a big fat face LOL… esp from all the booze and good food.. MMM brunch = yummy carbs <3  She actually looks like she lost a lot of weight since filming Top Chef All Stars [also cuz I saw her the night before at the Let Them Eat Cake, and because of her huge weight loss I barely recognized her…]

It was funny, I think our neighbors at the brunch didn’t know who Gail was… Z heard them looking her up on their iPhones, srsly? NO WAY!!!….#toofunny…to be honest I always forget she’s from Food & Wine Magazine and NOT just Top Chef fame…

BTW: did you know that it’s called the WINE&FOOD festival or else the magazine will bitch?!?!?! :D Har har har.. I ALWAYS call it the food&wine festival !!!!

After brunch we headed back to the hotel to lounge by the pool and get our tan on… I’m behind….

Can you spot the Z in the pool?

I’m all greased up because Z poured tanning oil spray all over me.. hahahaha – that or all the fat I’ve been eating is oozing out of me.. like pork lardo hahahahahahaha :D EWWWW… which makes me now wonder…. I wonder what would happen if I went tanning with duck fat or pork lardo.. gross I know, but I’m gross and now I’m curious… JK.. [maybe]