Brunch Take One… @ Harry’s Cafe

A huge group of his met up, extremely hungover, at Harry’s Cafe [early] at 1:30 [haha] on a Saturday morning. For me & Z it was the morning after the Patricia Field’s Valentine’s Day Costume Ball at Capitale… I literally woke up still… intoxicated… it was an uggs and sunglasses sort of day :] As miserable as everyone was, we couldn’t pass up champagne brunch at Harry’s!!!!

The 8 of us scooted into our round table in the corner and proceeded to order.. after a round of chingchinging to champagne of course :]

My Duck Hash with Poached Eggs.. nom nom nom…. yolky but I wish there was more duck and less potatoes… :D

Z’s Eggs Benedict with their thick Canadian Bacon which was basically pork chops [with bone]

We had a plethora of different champagne cocktail drinks [all you can drink!!!]… but I was aching for a bloody.. so we ordered one… Z asked for extra horseradish on the side after so we could get it nice and spicy and chunky. It was alright, a little on the thin side.. but still tasty :]

After heading back to the apt, a couple of us popped some champagne and craft beer and headed to the roof to drink and chillax…. it started getting cold so we headed back down….. soon after I decided to nap, we decided to nap.. and nap we did til 9pm… hahaha where Z&I had a late late dinner of RUSSIAN FOOD :D