Cuban at De Rodriguez Ocean

After a delicious lunch at Joe’s Stone Crabs, can’t believe it’s still day one in South Beach….. we decided to head back and relax…. hot tub? Helllllzz yeah!!! Craving some good Cuban food, Z and I set on an adventure to get some good Cuban… we found a few places to go to while we were enjoying the hot tub and a bottle of champagne upstairs…

Herro Kitty

Still in my bikini, we headed down to Mojito Happy Hour [Fridays from 5-6 at the Hilton Bentley]

Horrible Shirt – Just had to share :D Cuz I’m a creeper like that….

They had some snacks… cheese, salumis, puffs, tacos, etc…. nothing too amazing but just some salty nibbles to go with the mojitos [which were extra strong…] We ended up talking to the manager of the hotel and got reservations for the Cuban restaurant in the hotel for 830 [recently re-located De Rodriguez Ocean]… we had an event at 10 [Let Them Eat Cake[ for SOBEWFF we our schedule was tight.

After mojitos we both took a nap. We overslept so didn’t make it downstairs til about 9 or so…. we were in a rush and had to finish dinner in 45-50 minutes or less and the staff was really good with helping us out with that….. we had to wait a few minutes but still got seated pretty quickly [despite how late we were to our resos] We got seated by the music performer of the night [good stuff] and decided to just order a few appetizers since we’d be eating cake all nite and I was mainly craving light ceviches…

Cheesy Cuban Sweet Bread

Yep SWEET bread… not sweetbreads – a common mistake, the other way around, when I was younger ;D The first round of bread they weren’t warm… so we asked for fresh ones…. but they weren’t gooier when fresh… need more gooey cheese when you crack it open.. reminds me of a mantou but thinner, harder and with some cheese in the middle.

Instead of Tortillas.. they gave us Plantain Chips with Salsa – cleverrrrr :D

Rainbow Ceviche

Salmon/Tuna/Hamachi/Citrus Soy/Jalapeno/Sesame Seed
This was super asiany – Tasted straight out of a Japanese or a Fusion restaurant… which in a way was unappealing but it was one of the better dishes we got…

Big Eye Tuna Watermelon

Kumquat/Yuzu/Thai Basil/Tarragon/Compressed Watermelon
The waiter actually recommended this but I wasn’t a fan… it was too… watermelon-y/sweet? I duno something was off about it…. I had been opting more towards the Thai Lobster Ceviche, but ultimately we ended up with this.. and mehhh… Z was a trooper tho and ate it all…

Smoked Marlin Tacos

Rum Cured Marlin/.Crispy Malanga Shell
Definietely the best dish of the night [even tho we only got appetizers] I added a bit of their hot sauce on them [even though they come with a jalapeno slice or two on them] The taro shell was delicious, crunchy and a great concept!!!! Great execution.. I could’ve eaten SO many of them….

Craving some now… you could order these for room service and I kept trying to, but it was always past room service times :[ Boo….

Oxtail Empanada

Braised Oxtail/Pineapple Marmalade/Black Olive Mayo
I did NOT like these at all, I only took a nibble of one piece and bleh. It just didn’t taste right to me, PLUS the filing fell right out when I picked up a piece… lame.

See the innards all fell out.. Z wasn’t too into them either but the preggo lady next to me seemed to love their empanadas cuz she ordered like both kinds [there was some chicken one] and was eating MAD fried food.. hahahah – her bf/hubby got some salmon dish that smelled like Indian curry hahaha…. wait, isnt’ this Cuban food?!?!!…

Conch & Snapper

Estiradito Snapper/Sour Orange/Diced Conch/Red Pepper/Roasted Grape Tomato/Crispy Onions/Garlic
Not bad, pretty good :] I think the crispy onions COVERING the sapper/conch may have been a little overpowering and masking the fresh flavors OF the seafood itself [which I usually don’t like] but it had a great variation of textures…. and compared to the tuna it was yummy…

It was getting late so we decided to wrap it up and grab some dessert and head out to Lincoln Rd for the party…. SO glad we stayed for dessert….

Cuatro Leches

I think this may be one of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten…. can this be my wedding cake?! FOUR milks… omg <3 It was soooo gooood… the only weird part was that they put some sprouts on the top. It wasn’t too sweet and had raspberries and this caramel-y frosting on top. SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD…

After a quick touch  up in the bathroom we were off to Lincoln Rd to the “Let Them Eat Cake” Moet party in a parking garage [badass]

Mental Note: I think our first meal ever without booze hahahaha….

My first AA trip…

Z loves to fly. Z loves airplanes. Z loves airplane food. Z loves miles from AA and he loves American Airlines. But this is my blog, not his, so this is about MY first trip on AA :]  I have a feeling I’ll be having more airplane food posts now…

We woke up super early… I woke up at 4 to shower and get ready for our driver to come bring us to the airport at 5am. Exhausted.. but so excited. I was SO awake even though I hadn’t really slept much the night before. We had a delicious dinner at Ai Fiori and went straight home afterwards…. but we still didn’t go to bed that early….

Complimentary snacks and coffee [and bagels] at the AA lounge… we wanted bloody marys but they didn’t serve alcohol til 730..!!! And it wasn’t even 7am yet :[ BOO!!

Finally on the plane.. see how excited I am? I look like a teenager getting ready for spring break.. I dressed accordingly in a bright yellow tank top :D


Bye bye Rainy NYC

OMG first time I’ve had a chair go all the way back!!!… exciting….

Bloody Marys

My first one ended up all over me and the seat thanks to an affectionate hand holding [thanks a lot babe] hahahaha :D Sucks to be the next person to sit in my seat….

Hers: Oatmeal with Fresh Berries

His: Egg & Cheese Omelette and Bean/Corn Side

Somehow we ended up eating 3 of these hot buttery biscuits between the three of us :D

Conclusion: OK. I have to admit, while I always make fun of Z, the food WAS pretty good on the plane. I always fly united and usually economy [altho premier]  so the food is pretty MEH.. I’ve had good food on Swiss Air and EVA but they’re so much more pricier.. and Swiss Air was going to Europe… hahaha I even signed up for AA membership cuz I know I’ll only be flying AA [unless unavailable] with Z.. and we have many may trips planned…

Two thumbs way up!!! I’m a fan!!!


I love a good welcome :D

HELLOOOOOOOO MIAMI!!!!………We immediately set off to our hotel… and then to Joe’s

In the Mood for Joe’s Stone Crabs

Z and I got to Miami a bit before 11am and was able to check right into our hotel on Ocean Dr…. we unpacked and settled in… changed into warm weather clothes and tummies were a-gurgling. We already knew exactly where we were eating tho…. Stone Crabs… Joe’s Stone Crabs to be exact.

Can you believe it? I got DENIED sitting inside because I was too underdressed… who thought short shorts and a tube top would be underdressed in freaking MIAMI… and of all places, to eat STONE CRABS… time to get messy yo… it’s okay, the weather outside was FABULOUS…

Joe’s Stone Crabs
Joe’s Stone Crabs


We found a nice spot outside in the corner with an umbrella and started looking over the menu… our waiter came by with some bread….. they were all super garlicky and oniony. A bit too damp tho from the humid weather…. even the crisp bread was too chewy :T But they’re not called Joe’s BREAD, it’s STONE CRABS…

After taking out beer orders… we already knew what we wanted… so we ordered lunch immediately.

Thinking of getting the Bailout

But we wanted so much food our waiter said that ordering a la carte was more worth it…..

Baker’s 1/2 Dozen of Raw Oysters

They originally got the order wrong and brought out a Baker’s Dozen…..

They’re large and beautiful but not much flavor…. and the horseradish was grated too finely for our liking… I just smothered them in horseradish and tabasco and slurped them down. Oysters and oysters. Fresh oysters are always good – even tho bland.

Waiter TOTALLY forgot about our beer orders and came by again to ask if we wanted drinks.

Um. We ordered already.


I got a Stella

And Z got a Presidente

MMMMM Ice Cold Beers with Raw Oysters… the Aftermath:

After another short wait and admiring our neighbor’s Conch Fritters and Coconut Shrimp [we almost got some] we finally got our sides…. It kinda irked me out that they served, ALL of it, for us.

Hashbrowns and Grilled Tomatoes

SO not what I expected. The Hashbrowns tasted like Chow Mein from a chinese takeout place.. old grease.. soooo greasy and burnt [altho I love burnt] and the Grilled Tomatoes I didn’t expect mashed broccoli and cheddar all over them.. they were good but after a bite I saw orange grease oozing everywhere and it turned me off…. I barely touched our sides.. Z helped me eat mine tho :]

Plate 1: Stone Crabs Large

That’s it?

We tore thru it sooooo fast…..

So we had a Plate 2 : Stone Crabs Select

Bigger order, and just as tasty :D Maybe even sweeter, Z claims they had more crab flavor… I just thought everything was delicious…. love love love crabs…

AND THEN, the moment that Z had been waiting for since we got to Miami/SOBE….

Key Lime Pie

The crust was delicious and crunchy… not perfectly molded and store bought [less butter?] And the goop was sooo custardy and not as jello-like as usual. Perfectly sweet and tart… adore adore adore. Now I wanna go to Key West and eat the chocolate covered Key Lime Pie on a stick <3

Joe’s is TOTALLY a go-to place when you hit up South Beach!!!