Constantly Craving Bone Marrow aka Meat Butter

This is going to be a crazy long Food Memory post – I already know it.. I tried to think of ways of narrowing it down but there really isn’t any way to go about it. I love bone marrow – I was eating Bone Marrow long before I even REALIZED it was bone marrow… sucking on bones that people usually tossed away – being asian, I ate a lot of amazing body parts before it was “popular” to do so. PLUS there are so many ways OF eating it.

Example A: Spicy Beef Noodle Soup [Niu Rou Mian, 牛肉麵]a la Mommy

She’s been making this for me as far as I can remember and I’m sure before that as well. It’s pure comfort food.. silky slowly cooked beef broth.. like a stronger beefier Pho broth, tons of scallions, my favorite flat chinese noodles.. some sort of veg – I love Bok Choy and Spinach the most with it – and of course, the star of the show, the BEEF. Not JUST chunks of beef, but tendon, fatty beef and oh yes… Bone Marrow.

SO, after my mom takes… — blank blank — long to make her special beef broth and cooked down oh so tender tendons and beef chunks… she scoops out the bones and the ones with bone marrow and actually SCOOPS OUT the bone marrow INTO the soup.. OMG brilliance!  Now what I didn’t know was that she usually ate about half the bone marrows >_<;; hahahahah… This was before I knew and SHE knew how obsessed I was with this meat butter decadence so now she lets me suck them out ;]


Now that you’ve had a slight taste for what this post is gonna be about… I’m guessing if you love Bone Marrow even HALF as much as I do you’re drooling and have a boner.. yes if you’re a girl you probably have a female food boner… this post is gonna make you hungry. Real hungry.. for Bone Marrow.

From the pure.. roasted and scooped from the bone to in pastas, sauces, etc…. Freaking A I bet it’d be amazing in desserts, skip the lard and use bone marrow instead *HMMM* may try that soon.

How it all began….

The real obsession started here —

Chef’s Table at L’Espalier

Beef bone marrow with baguette crostini and whole grain mustard

Yep. One of the most amazing meals of my life… one of my favorite restaurants… def my favorite French resto…. this was when I realized. Yes. I need more whole bones to suck the marrow out of in my life.  This dinner made me realize, this HAD to be apart of my last meal.

The Basics

The sexiest way, and messiest to eat bone marrow

No bone goes unlicked and sucked. After scooping it all out and putting it on my crostinis… EVERY bone gets a good suck and lick. TMI? PG13? Wait.. do I need to child-proof this blog post now?! OOPS. Tough cookies!

My lovey, Chef Rick Gresh of Chicago’s Prime House’s Roasted Bone Marrow

Toasted baquette, roasted garlic cloves & green city market cherry mostarda

How FREAKING sexy is that?!

Have you seen the blog post title I wrote for this next one? It’s the THING TO GET here… [other than their AMAYYYYYYYYY-ZINGZINGZING Frites]

Eastern Standard

Roasted Bone Marrow w/ Germolata and Sea Salt

Look at that sexiness. Beautiful herbs… Four beautiful hunky chunks of bone marrow and delicious toasted crostini… what can get better than that?!… Such a delicious perfect simple dinner.. obviously that wasn’t my whole dinner, I’m a fatass remember?!… but on simple nights I like just a few self-roasted bone marrows on toast with a great sea salt sprinkle and a big bottle of red.  Ah the single life.

There had been a short break of getting bone marrow every other day… and one of the more recent adventures was on my latest Birthday dinner.. #1? #2? with my parents :] at AKA Bistro
Os à moelle, fleur de sel aromatique,pain de campagne grillé

Bone Marrow, aromatic sea salt and toasted country bread

While most of the dishes were… argueably.. okay NOT arguably, less than subpar… you can’t really eff up Bone Marrow!  Unless undercooked? Frozen in the middle? – ew – but you can’t. This was good. Small. But good.

Craigie on Main

What I love about this is that it’s completely off the menu and you have to be in the know and order it on your own.  It’s delicious, plentiful, and just *lip-smackingly* delicious. Simplicity at it’s best.

Home Cooked

Yep. I miss the days where I’d go to Whole Foods or my nearest neighborhood friendly butcher shop and buy some Bone Marrows… I’d sear both sides and then pop it into the oven til they got gooey in the middle.

PS. As I warned him beforehand, and Z was taught a lesson when he made them, I suggest NOT telling the butcher to cut them horizontally – see Toro pic below – for some reason when homecooked they just… melt awayyy.. and YES you can cook steaks and toast bread int he butter.. but I love the chunkkkkkkkkkkkk – PLUS I love scooping it out of the circle :]  I save the cut ones for going out.  Unless you’re a super skilled chef…/cook/master of Bone Marrow – I’m not, just keep it simple and scoop it with a spoon :]

So now… Things get more Complicated

Okay maybe not yet… this is bone marrow.. but it comes with OXTAIL. And.. all I can say is.. FUCK YEAH OXTAIL – Oxtail is up there [and on my todo list of food memory blog posts] of being a super heavenly decadent food.  So pair the two together?! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY – btw, ever try Oxtail Curry?! YES. DO IT. It’s AMAZING.

Toro Asado de Huesos

Roasted bone marrow with radish citrus salad and oxtail marmalade

It never gets old here… I keep coming, I keep ordering.. and this and the corn… and the uni sandwich are my must haves. MUST HAVES. Like, I get freaking CRAVINGS for Toro because of these three heavenly divine things.  It’s so simple. Tender stewed meat on crostini – add roasted bone marrow – put a nice refreshing salad on side. GENIUS.

Kin Shop’s Roasted Bone Marrow

Crisp Taro Root, Radish Sprouts, Roti & Yellow Bean Sauce

Z and I came here BECAUSE of their bone marrow.  He had found an article about them and they were soooooo good….. props to Top Chef OG Harold D. :] OG yo. OG.  SOOOOOOO much going on – thought I’d hate it, was curious, but it was AMAZING.  Creammmmmmmmy sauce with crispy fried taro root and then a refreshing crunch of the sprouts. We had Roti Canai on the side but I ate it as is. HAPPINESS in a bone :] XOXO

Custom House’s Prime New York Strip

Bone Marrow / Oyster Mushroom

Such a simple dish with simple ingredients, but one of them SUPER BOMB ASS amazing!  While the steak was perfectly cooked and I ADORE Oyster Mushrooms, I do, the sauce, subtle but oh so delectable and decadent, made the dish… gave it that extra oomph and pushed it to a whole new level.


I love Chef Michael White. I need to make a food memory post just on HIS food. LOVE LOVE LOVE. And I LOVE his bone marrow dishes. This man can do NO wrong and is my absolute favorite go to guy for Italian food XOXO

First up, my FAVORITE Italian Resto, Ai Fiori…..

Ai Fiori’s Mare e Monte

Diver scallops, celery root, black truffles, bone marrow, thyme

How. Freaking. GENIUS.  Silkyyyyyyyy scallops… subtle celery root.. thinnn but flavorful truffles.. and BONE MARROW – freaking BONE MARROW. Just LOOK at the dish. FREAKING-TABULOUSIOUS <3 Is this even LEGAL? OH.. but it gets crazier

His biggest baby is Marea… and oh is it his baby…. upscale Italianoooooo by Central Park… OHHH MAN.

Marea’s Uovo

Poached Egg, Spring Garlic, Bone Marrow, Baby Eel, Passatelli, Barley Brodo

Nothing in that description makes me not want it. Boner-licious. POACHED egg?! Perfectly poached!… – looking at it right now makes me want Momo Ramen. BONE MARROW?! Freaking BONE MARROW?!.. I know the egg is the star of this show but it’s the bone marrow that makes it that much more popping..


Marea’s famous Fusilli

Red Wine Braised Octopus, Bone Marrow

This is what this place is KNOWNNNNNNNNNNNN FOR! BOMB ASS Bone Marrow in the sauce.. cooked just perfect but not overly so.  DELICIOUS strands of homemade fusilli and PERFECTLY cooked tender Octopus totally enhanced byyyyyyyyy yes yes yes BONE MARROW YO!

And two of the top notch food guys I ADORE approve. Yep

Tony Bourdain approves

As does Zimmern

SEE?!?!?! PROOF! I back up what I say. Not that you guys wouldn’t believe me. *sticks fists up*

And most recently, although most unpure form…

Roasted Garlic Bone Marrow Butter from Mooo…

Here’s another shot of Bone Marrow Butter from my first time at Mooo…

And I’ll leave you with my famously silly NFNS Audition Video when I make my delicious French Onion Short Rib Soup with 3 Cheese Puff Croutons – WHICH WAS SO MUCH more delicious than Breslin’s…. but inspired by Fruition – freaking Breslin trying to steaaaal my steeeeeeeze ;]

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