Taiwan – Dec 19 + 20

Dec 19
The first thing I did when I got out of the plane was crave fruit! My cousin picked us up from the airport with a bag of fruity treats (cherimoya, wax apples & fresh dates) and I immediately dug in as soon as I got to the hotel!

Dec 20
The next morning I dug into the cherimoya, some dates and headed out for a niiiice 1.5 hr long massage and got my hair washed!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE getting my hair washed in Taiwan. It’s cheap, convenient and stays soooo clean!!!!

Before we headed to my daddy’s side of the family to eat dinner that night, we stopped by AMO bakery (which has bomb cakes and cheesecakes!!!) to buy two to take over!

Dinner was an amazing spread

Homemade plum wine was fab!!! My aunt made this.. all of this.. soup, veggies, stinky tofu, shrimps, etc…. delish!!!

Afterwards when we got back I headed over to Sogo to shop for a bit.

& bought some yummies from Berry Milk downstairs

The most amazing mochis EVER!!!

(I’ll be sharing my mochi experience in a later post!!!)

My kind of Xmas tree :]

btw, our hotel was awesome, we had FREE breakfast buffet with different dishes, congee, cakes, etc… and a wide variety of fruits and other yummies (I forgot to take a photo of the spread)

Fruit round: Grapefruit, Kiwis, Guava

& there was a Koi pond inside!!

Forgive me, I’ve been sleeping…

Taiwan withdrawal has also made my eats incredibly boring. Except for a sudden Taiwan craving last nite… but we’ll get to that. I’m about to make my first HUGE Taiwan post later today. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this. I think I’ll go by days instead of groups of things (groceries, dinners, night markets, etc…) since I tended to group specific big things into each day. :D

I left Taiwan Sunday at around 11am there and got back to Boston (after about a day or so of plane time) at 8-9ish here. So forgive my temporary insanity from jetlag.

All we had was oranges (most were bad) left so I had 2 oranges…

I went grocery shopping and made the cheapest salad bar salad ever, only 10$ (a big deal for me)

I bought mushrooms and placed them on it.
I SWEAR I bought beets but they got lost :[

I nibbled on a HUUUUGE bowl of grapes ALL night :]

Caught up on some reading… :]

I also had a big tub of pineapple for dessert… picture is lost in space.

Grapefruit + Blackberries

HUUUUGE Honeycrisp

Raspberries + Banana + Soyogurt

I made some simple, but bombass, garlic chicken and mushrooms with broccoli… and some white rice. Buttttt, I didn’t take a pic, so just imagine and drool.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries + Apples (Xmas gift from Coworker from Edible Arrangements)

PineNut Cakes (3)
Pineapple Cake (1)

Japanese Jelly

Japanese Hello Kitty bean-filled cakes ♥



BTW, Oh how I’ve missed this furry little thing.

I’ve been catching up to everyone’s blogs, over a thousand of entries… @_@ I’m surprised my google reader didn’t selfcombust :D

BTW, how exciting!!! I came back to the States and Gossip Girl, Secrets of an American Teenager AND Nip/Tuck started. I am the happiest girlie alive!