Taiwan – Dec 19 + 20

Dec 19
The first thing I did when I got out of the plane was crave fruit! My cousin picked us up from the airport with a bag of fruity treats (cherimoya, wax apples & fresh dates) and I immediately dug in as soon as I got to the hotel!

Dec 20
The next morning I dug into the cherimoya, some dates and headed out for a niiiice 1.5 hr long massage and got my hair washed!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE getting my hair washed in Taiwan. It’s cheap, convenient and stays soooo clean!!!!

Before we headed to my daddy’s side of the family to eat dinner that night, we stopped by AMO bakery (which has bomb cakes and cheesecakes!!!) to buy two to take over!

Dinner was an amazing spread

Homemade plum wine was fab!!! My aunt made this.. all of this.. soup, veggies, stinky tofu, shrimps, etc…. delish!!!

Afterwards when we got back I headed over to Sogo to shop for a bit.

& bought some yummies from Berry Milk downstairs

The most amazing mochis EVER!!!

(I’ll be sharing my mochi experience in a later post!!!)

My kind of Xmas tree :]

btw, our hotel was awesome, we had FREE breakfast buffet with different dishes, congee, cakes, etc… and a wide variety of fruits and other yummies (I forgot to take a photo of the spread)

Fruit round: Grapefruit, Kiwis, Guava

& there was a Koi pond inside!!


  1. cute blog!! omg taiwan looks amazing!! definitely on my list of places to go!! i’m glad you like sweets too– a girl after my own heart! lol! i have the worlds biggest sweet tooth!!! cant wait to read more!


  2. Everything looks amazing. I would so get a massage and have my hair washed everyday if I could – 2 of my favorite things!


  3. FollowMyWeigh says:

    i just heard about someone who went to taiwan and getting their hair washed! you didn’t talk about that in an earlier post did u?? lol it sounds so cool though!! i wanna go to taiwan!


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