almost time for lift off…

The past few days have involved lots of… FOOD :D Especially two nights ago when I went nuts and just ate 3 packs of figs. One in oatmeal, one with yogurt and leftover oatmeal and one with yogurt AND honey :D Here is a mixture of pics to get you in the mood…



(I’ve also been eating guavas and pomelos, one or two a day, like CRAZY!!!)

I didn’t eat her :] But here she is with her cute leg warmers!!!

Lots of Oatmeal

My fav, topped with this:

Oh my yum!

Dior loves it too

Vanilla, Strawberries + Blueberries

Saturday Night Mustard Salmon

It was soooo tender and delicious!!!

The sides were mashed yams (made with some soy egg nog) topped with fried shallots and steamed broccolini!!

Brunch on Sunday @ Met Bar (the one with the cute blonde waiter!!!)

OMELETS: Egg Whites / Lots of Veggies &
FRESH FRUIT PLATE: Organic Yogurt / House Made Granola

ALASKAN KING CRAB CLUB SANDWICH: Crispy Crab Cutlet / Avocado / Pepper Jam/ B.L.T. / Chipotle Mayo on Old Bay Knot Roll

MINI BURGERS: LA – “THE IDOL”: Avocado / Bacon / Lettuce / Tomato / Sprouts / Roasted Garlic Mayo
on Sesame Seed Bun

I loves you!!!

More junk:
Chocolate Panforte

Vosges Honey Truffles

Chocolate RUM Figs!!! With almonds in the center soooo rummy <3

Italian cakey bread (kinda like panettone) w/ liquor in it

Another IV Session Monday!!! My red blood cells are finally going up!!! But the white blood cells have dropped super low :[

Today I started off with… lots of meetings :] And I managed to get some papaya in when they were all over and I was running errands (the last of xmas gifts and cards sent out… bringing Dior to her babysitters…)


I had a grande Americano from Starbucks…
& then a quick YUMMY dinner @ Whole Foods (w/ WHITE CITRUS TEA!!!)

And just now I had 2 packages of blackberries and a delicious pear!!! (Need to eat EVERYTHING up since I’m leaving at 330am to the airport!!!)

I got a gift today :] SURPRISE on my doorstep!!! :D

OKAY, time to wash off my banana facemask (haha) and make sure I’ve packed everything I need!!!

I already miss my baby :[

Until next time I’ll most likely be on a plane or overindulging in TAIWAN!!!! I’ll try to post there :D I brought my cords and everything to DL pics!!! HEHEHE…

xoxo, TIFFIE


I’ve been sooooooooooooooo busyyyy!!! I’ll update tomorrow I SWEAR I promise!!!

I’ve been sending out XMAS CARDS & Gifts (send me your addy by Wednesday, noon and I’ll send you one) And I’m leaving for Taiwan EARLLLLLLLLLLLLY Thursday (I’ll be updating there in my hotel!!!) I have to write up my self assessments and all that EARLY because I’m leaving before the due date (omg my FIRST yearly review EVER!)… I have to fill out my goals sheet.. AND prepare for a meeting on Wednesday I’m SO not ready for @_@ This amongst other things.

Also, I know this may sound poopie but I feel HUGE :[ And going to Taiwan makes me really self conscious since everyone is tiny there and the last time I was there I was basically a fat girl… *cough* Some lady actually said to me “Wow you’re SO “HEALTHY” looking, unlike me all slender and thin and I have such a great figure” AND my UNCLE said to me “Wow you’d be so much prettier if you were skinnier” YES, the FIRST thing he said to me. OK, I wasn’t even FAT. I was like… 125 or something… and I’m 5’7″… I mean it’s not like I wanna be 98lbs again…. but Taiwan makes me so self conscious :[ LAME-O I hate feeling this way.

OK enough whining. I’m eating chocolate covered rum-soaked figs, panforte & larabars while working my butt off and spending spending spending :] HEHEHEHE… I love buying ppl gifts and writing cards. I personalize everything so no boring “merry xmas happy new years” and generic gifts in bulk from me :]

BTW…My FAVORITE Larabar is now Peanut Butter Cookie!!!!!!… I’ve had them all before but now since I’m retasting them ALL instead of just buying my favs I’m gonna re-review them and re-rate them :]

Rating so far:

1. Peanut Butter Cookie: MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! It TASTES and feels just LIKE a pb cookie!!!
2. Pecan Pie: This WAS my favorite :] So it’s #2 now cuz PB climbed to the top!!!
3. TIE: Ginger Snap & Banana Bread: MMM, I looove gingersnap cookies and banana bread, I can’t choose which one I loved more. I used to not like the gingersnap but this time around *drool* I was in heaven. Esp since I was CRAVING gingersnap cookies at the time.
4. Coconut Creme Pie: Delicioussssly coconutty and creamy :D I think I wish there was something more crunchy, chewy in it, it’s missing a bit of that texture for me to balance it out.
5. Cinnamon Roll: It’s good but not SUPER cinnamon rolly.

I’ll be moving things arouund and adding more comments as I eat more :D I had FOUR just TONITE!!!! :D

OK, now I’m just rambling. TALK TO YOU GUYS TMW!!!


ps. I’m a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher now!! :D YAY!

pps. I got ANOTHER Iron IV Session today :[ To give me extra booooost for my trip. I’m improving.. still not normal but getting there.. but now my WHITE BLOOD cell count has dropped @_@ Oy.

It snowed Larabars!!!!!

Woohoo!!!!! Guess what I got in the mail yesterday???

I already ate THREE!!!!!


Dinner was a nice big hot steaming overflowing bowl of figgy pear blackberry oats (I’m boring)

Always makes me happy :D

Dior loves oatmeal & soyogurt

For dessert I had some chocolate covered peaches and pears :]

There was some swedish fish action going…. but unpictured so… *cough* it doesn’t count.

I had no appetite yesterday and I MADE myself eat dinner. But I did have a cup of HOMEMADE coffee for lunch.

After I told him my dinner my daddy laughed at me. “You like oatmeal so much”
Yes daddy, I do :]

Turkey Oatmeal w/ Chinese Chives & Tofu Ru

I had another huge bowl of the rest of my chives :]

Turkey Oatmeal made with a cup of turkey broth (I have them made from the Thanksgiving turkey and frozen in 1c baggies), tons of shredded turkey breast, a dash of black pepper and hot pepper flakes :] Wheatberries, flax, wheatgerm (the usual)

Dessert was 28 DELICIOUS candy like cherries!!!!

[more picture coming soon, I’m too lazy to get them off my phone right now]

And then I had tons of work to catch up on… I had a sudden craving for gingerbread cookies… so I had a gingersnap Larabar… and then PB Cookie… and then a Banana Bread *blush* OH but it doesn’t end there. I found a hidden bag of Gummy Tummies (demolished it all) and 2 freshly baked chocolate chip cookies from Sel De La Terre (now in belly)

One day I’m gonna wake up 400 lbs :D Until then thank goodness for metabolism!!!

BTW, don’t forget to stop by ZestyCook to enter to win a 100$ gift card!!! :] And happy 100 posts!!!!

Pie I have not yet eaten

Strangely I’m not craving anything. That means Tiffie isn’t feeling well. I’ll update tonite with yesterday’s weak eats and today’s…. I haven’t eaten anything yet, don’t yell at me, I don’t feel well. One of my good friends, Chr (his name is Chris but Chr is how he always went by online and since I’m a nerd, woot!), sent this to me yesterday and said it reminded me of him :] Hehehe…

It’s gray and rainy here in Boston today. Boo! I’m planning on making savory Turkey oats today!!!! (as opposed to my usual Turkey congee) so hopefully I’ll have an appetite by then to fully enjoy it.

On another note I still haven’t cooked the special bday dinner for someone… and still have to watch WALL-E with said person. Oops. But I’m trying to figure out what to make. What to make to impress but not overly so?! I wish the weather would get better….

Giant Gummy Snakes…. and FOOD OVERLOAD today!!!

Quickie!!!! I’m watching Food Network and trying to get tired to sleep… I ate SOOO much today and I’m kinda craving some swedish fish or something right now…

Last nite I had four of these:

Insomnia sucks :[ So snakes kept me company





Tea + Steamed Brussel Sprouts + Kale 

Spicy Bean Paste Fish w/ Tofu (I basically ate the whole thing!!!)

SPICY Beans + Stirfry Asian Greens

Takoyaki <3 

Dessert #1

1 cup Chocolate Hemp milk

[picture lost *pout*]
2 Oatmeal Raisin Cookies….

And lots of Product 19 cereal with my remaining milk… 

Dessert #2

2 Caramel Apples with Chocolate and Nuts (this is the peanut bomb one, the other monster isn’t shown)

I watched Batman Begins tonite so I can buy & watch DARK KNIGHT ♥ tomorrow!!!!

It snowed and then stopped…

Weather looks crappy all week… rain, snow, sleet. :[

People know I’m sick when I have sweets/candy put in front of me and I don’t even think about being tempted to eat something. Yeah… it’s that bad today :[ I saw Role Models tho and it was SOOO funny (not to mention MCLOVIN’ aka FOGELL is in it!!!), but I felt nauseous @ the movies… :[ So no popcorn for me.

Tonight’s post’ll be quick

Figgy & Red Anjou pear – Oatmeal

It’s official. Figs + Oatmeal are my fav!!!

Loquat Chicken Thighs w/ Cabbage, Carrot, Tofu Stirfry 
Gorgeous plate of yummie food

Up close

(we bought too many loquats yesterday and since they go bad super fast, I decided to whip this up for dinner… lemongrass chicken w/ papaya salad another day!!! I’m also in the mood for salmon this week as well!!! & some sushi :] I made the sauce out of loquats, a touch of brown sugar + honey, some red onion and black pepper!!!)

A beautiful shot of loquats from last nite

(58!!!) Longans –  They were so tiny this time around but SUPER tasty nonetheless!!!

I’m gonna watch more HOUSE & Food Network and try to get to sleep early. I hope my tummieache goes away…

ANYWAYS we got a NEW blu-ray player since stupid kids @ Thanksgiving messed up our old one (lame) so tomorrow I’m gonna watch BATMAN BEGINS so I can go get DARK KNIGHT Tuesday and watch that :] ALTHO I already got an invitation to watch it with my friend (who I stilllllllll owe him a Birthday dinner hahaha along with WALL-E so we’ll see. Hopefully I’ll feel better this week so I can finally start DOING stuff again…)

Anyways. Expect MORE recipes this week :] And lots of yummie homecooked meals!!! I’m full of ideas!!!

Nitttttte lovies!!!!

Is it snowing yet?!

Hiiiii!!! I love feathers in my hair :D

I whipped up a quick soyogurt, Blackberries, Figs parfait :D

I added tons of cinnamon, wheat germ, flaxseed and wheatberries and headed off to eat it at Starbucks!!!

I enjoyed my usual, Venti Americano!!!

I found some 枇杷 (Pipa)/Loquats at Russo’s today :D OMG, delicious!!! The ones in Rome were better tho…

For dinner I made some Apricot Ginger Pork Loins and Roasted Veggies (zucchini, red pepper, carrots, radishes, sage & asparagus!) I was going to make a Lemongrass Chicken and Papaya Salad, but ended up not cuz I wanted to make something quicker cuz I was feeling nauseous… 

I also finished off a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge bowl of the rest of my butternut squash + Kale soup with shredded turkey breast!!

Lots of hot pepper flakes… I ended the night full but still eating 5 loquats & 38 Longans :D And 2 HUUUUGE glasses of shiraz!!! I REALLLLLLY want a caramel apple right now, but I shouldn’t.. it’s late…

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow…. yay!!! I got WANTED today and ANNE OF GREEN GABLES… but no Britney yet, tomorrow :D

Apricot Ginger Pork Tenderloin

This week’s BSI post!!!

4 1/2″ slices of pork loin (make sure they’re all the same)
6 Apricots

1 4″ chunk of ginger root (adjust to how gingery you want it) – half of it sliced, half grated… I used extra
1c Water
2 tbs Maple Syrup
1.5 tbs Brown Sugar
10 Cloves of Garlic (use as much or as little as you want)

1. a.In a pot start boiling one cup of water with the sliced ginger and the maple syrup.
    b. Once fragrant (15-20 min) take out sliced ginger and add in the sliced apricots.
    c. Add in brown sugar, s+p and cook down until the apricots are mush and the sauce has thickened. Simmer and keep warm.

2. Pound down the four pieces of pork tenderloin, s+p each side.

3. Heat up EVOO in a skillet and add in 2 cloves of sliced garlic. Once the garlic starts cooking throw in two pieces of pork loin and brown both sides. Repeat.

4. Foil a sheet pan and throw in 6 cloves of sliced garlic on the bottom.
5. Place browned pork loins in pan over the garlic. I grated extra ginger over them for more of a gingery spicy burst of flavor!!!

 6. Pour all but about 2 ladels of sauce over the pork loins and place in oven on 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

7. Take out the pork and plate (I did with roasted veggies), add the sauce from the drippings in the sheet pan and then add the rest of the apricot sauce on the pork.

The result:


Seafood and Chocolate Covered Caramel Apples

My eats were kinda lame today. I haven’t been feeling well so haven’t really been eating much…

I had a guava between my two doctor appointments. I was planning on going to Porter Sq. for some yummie Japanese eats (well mainly takoyaki aka octopus balls!!!!!) but my appointments ran late and later so I ended up at Legal Seafood’s.. which was near my last doctor appointment…

Steamers. I only had about out 7 or 8 and even spit a couple out cuz they were SOOO sandy… our waitress was soooooo nice :D She took them off the bill and was just super nice to us in general from start to finish. IN FACT, ALL of the ppl today were nice. From when I went to get seats, even the host was talking to me and making conversation the whole time. 

My cioppino on the other hand was outstanding!!! Huge clams and mussels, large chunks of fish… really really delicious and fresh!!! A lot more seafood than the last time I got it :D I put lots of tabasco in, too, to make it spicy!!! I wish there was more calamari tho, and another lobster claw or a lobster tail would’ve been fanTASMIC!!!

As a treat/dessert late tonite (since I was hungry) and since my mommy surprised me with some of my favorite Caramel Apples (from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory) I had a Monster Apple :D It took me FOREVER to eat it tho… watched Day of the Dead while I did. It was a pretty fun movie, the zombies in it are like smart, retain some of their old human characteristics and super fast :D Plus Nick Cannon’s hot :D HAHA…

Small chunks = easier eating and takes me longer to finish it. This lasted me almost a good hour during the movie!!!

Dior loves my blankie!!! I think more than she loves hers.. (altho she can’t sleep at night without her pink ballet blankie!!! hehehe)

Tomorrow I’m off to get groceries… Russo’s <3 a quick trip to Costco for WANTED & the new Britney cd (I know I’m behind!) and I owe a friend of mine a special Tiffie-cooked Birthday (well LATE Birthday) dinner and WALL-E :D Hopefully all the plans will go thru, woot!

Leapin’ Lemurs

First off, this cereal is soooo addictively amazing!!! It’s like dessert :D

I eat it with Chocolate Hempmilk!!!! It’s BETTER than some desserts :D

I stopped eating pomelos for awhile but then randomly it’s all I crave…

And for dinner I wanted to make Kath‘s Squash Kale soup again :] Once again I made some variations….

 THIS THING WAS HUGE!!! I was gonna originally make it with butternut, pumpkin, carrots & celery but this thing was so big I nixed the pumpkin. Pumpkin soup next time :] I used Pacific Low Sodium Veggie Broth!!!

I also added a Gala apple (skinless)

After I mashed it all up with my  little mixer upper, I added in a chopped Honeycrisp and TONS of Kale (two bunnches!!!) cut into bitesized pieces!!!

I tore up some turkey breast from Thanksgiving in the fridge and topped off my soup with it (and extra hot pepper flakes sprinkles of course)

It was so good I went for bowl #2

The last YUMMMMMY bite, SOO full!!! Mommy + Daddy were proud I had so much meat :]

I watched this Taiwan movie (I’ve tried watching like 10 in the past few months thru Netflix and I only made it thru ONE that I could stand.. no offense, but I think the movies are dumb) but this one was decent. It was a scary movie…. The Heirloom… Watch it! The main actor is kinda lame tho and bad and def. not from Taiwan with that accent.

I ate 7, yes SEVEN dried persimmons… SOOO GOOD!!! But I wanted more, but *control* I really wanna munch on some strawberries (the fruit snack like ones) or kiwis… GAHHHH*