And so it begins… with AKA Bistro

It’s that time of the year, again, when I turn 21.. AGAIN.

No wait, I think last year I turned a sweet 16 with a party at Momofuku, Carnival, Maze and Blue Ginger. And while Family birthday dinner is ALWAYS at Blue Ginger… every single year… we thought we’d change it up a bit this year and go try out a new suggestion from my mommy… AKA Bistro – “boast[ing] the best of two distinct and sophisticated cuisines.  Half the menu offers French fare; authentic recipes derived from the owner’s mother, a native of Marseilles.  The flip side of the menu features a creative roster of Japanese dishes, with an emphasis on elegant sashimi.  Ingredients are sourced from a handful of small farms [within] a few miles of the bistro, and pristine (often sustainable) fish is sourced from around New England and the world.”

AKA Bistro [pronounced “ah-kah” not “A KAY A” like the abbreviation hahaha] is definitely something fresh and new and not what I’d expect in Lincoln, MA.. especially next to a train station….

I was excited – we had reservations for 7:30… but by 5 I was STARVING.. it didn’t help that my mom was making some of her famous spicy beef noodle soup to freeze for later… [yes after dinner I had a bowl back at home… and some marrow.. #fattie]

Me getting ready :]

The weather was kinda gloomy and wet but inside it was popping.. the atmosphere was loud and it was a little.. not hot.. but it felt stuffy and humid inside – slightly – decor was really nice tho :] Happy chipper place.

AKA Bistro
145 Lincoln Rd.
Lincoln, MA 01773 


Cold. Chewy. A bit hard. But COLD :[ Sad. I want French CRUSTYYYY bread… fluffy inside… alas, no.


But let’s get to the fun part. Or in the case of my daddy “at least the champagne was really good tonight…” yeah that’s kinda a preview of what’s to come.

We popped a bottle of bubbly :] I got ID’d :[ The hostess also treated me like a little kid. BOO!

Escalope de foie gras poelée et compote de fruits secs
Seared foie gras and dried fruit compote

Not my favorite Foie Gras…  definitely not the worst.. but it was okay.. I thought it tasted slightly off… but mommy liked it. Daddy didn’t like it so mommy got most of it :] The fruit compote was plums and was pretty tasty.. loved the wilted spinach underneath the foie.. the tart on the bottom was kind of madeline like…

So pretty tho…

Hamachi Collar

This was a special of the day – AND cooked to medium rare – altho definitely more rare than cooked… the outside was slightly burnt…. MEH.

Scallop Ceviche

Banuyls vinaigrette and fresh winter black truffle

This was my favorite dish of the night. But it was SOOO SMALL… thinly sliced fresh scallop sashimi.. a very light vinaigrette and delicious truffle..OMG.. the truffle.. subtle and not overpowering – a little goes a long way – LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. I wanted MORE!

This was SUPPOSED to be a Kumomoto Oyster with Uni and Caviar.. but they didn’t have the oysters and had another West Coast Oyster… and no Uni so they said they’d give me extra caviar. They didn’t but it was still good – wayyyy tiny tho :T

Os à moelle, fleur de sel aromatique,pain de campagne grillé

Bone Marrow, aromatic sea salt and toasted country bread

Delicious. Wish the Bone Marrows were bigger tho… I miss big fat delicious bones filled with marrow… MMMMM. This marrow was fatty, drippy, creamy… SOO GOOD and came with a little dish of a salt/pepper concoction to sprinkle over. This is the first time my parents have had Bone Marrow like this and they really enjoyed it :] Altho daddy thought it wasn’t that flavorful – which is why I said sprinkle more salt teehee.. but they both LOOOVED it…

Mommy’s Confit de canard et pommes Salardaises

Duck Confit, potato roasted in duck fat

The duck was cooked perfectly.. the skin was a bit TOO fatty and not crispy but still delicious.. a bit soggy tho.. the crispy bits of the sliced potatoes were delicious but even with the salad everything was WAY too greasy from all the duck fat from the potatoes and the confit.  The salad was DRENCHED in duck fat…. but I ended up eating all of the potatoes and the rest of my mommy’s salad and duck for her :] #tummyache

Daddy’s Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

I can’t find the exact dish on their old menu on the website but the stuff on the bottom was very herbby and gnocchi like… Even if you didn’t get a bacon piece the pork was cooked sooo tenderly and the bacon flavor totally infused itself into it. DELICIOUS.  The “gnocchi” like pasta or “dumplings” I suppose weren’t too bad either.. a little too mushy for my liking.. but probably the lightest dish out of the three we ordered.

My Saumon poche, beurre fines herbes, courgettes, fenouil et rattes

Poached Salmon with “beurre fines herbes”zucchini, fenneland fingerling potatoes

I… hated it.

But they were nice enough to take it off the bill. It was.. ick. Too buttery.. I hated the consistancy of the salmon.. which was bland… the fennel and zucchini I liked but the sauce it was in and the butter it was cooked in was just TOO MUCH…. :T I wanted to like it, I wanted to love it – I love salmon but I just hated it. Which is why I went to eat my mom’s duck fat drenched leftovers… if

Creme Brulee

Perfect.  Just wish maybe a little warm inside of cold custard on the inside.  BUT. Nice thick, but not TOO thick, perfectly burnt sugar crust.  Delicious innards… beautifully speckled with fresh vanilla bean. MMMMMM

FUNNY story. My mom and her friends had come here before when it JUST opened… the got the Lunch tasting menu and each had their own creme brulees for dessert. They had NO idea that it was vanilla bean and all took a bite, saw the black specks and freaked out – thought it was bugs or mold or dirty.. hahahahaha my mom JUST told me this story a few days ago and then AGAIN tonight…  Silly ladies :]

Complimentary Guava Jellies

They gave these at the end of the meal – SOOO good.. methinks there was grapefruit in it too?!… But can’t really remember… a little sweet but sooooo guava-y :D JOY! Made me miss Taiwan…

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

SOOOOO FLUFFY!! The cheesecake part was SO light and delicious… like whipped cream consistancy… the chocolate crust was flakey and cookie like – delicious.  The cherries were SOOOOOO GOOOOD and juicy!!!!

I wanted to have some family photos but part way thru the dinner my parents, especially my dad got super reminiscent and I got all emotional and teary and burst out crying and ended up being blotchy and sniffly for the rest of the meal – until I got a funny phone call from my sis Kate ;D but yeah… so no pix… I was splotchy in the above pic but it was far away enough that you can’t tell TEEHEE.. BUTTTTTT. PROPS to my makeup.. NOOOO gross masacara lines!!! :D Not ONE bit of makeup out of place.. I’m like halfsobbing and giggling with my mom about how my makeup wasn’t drippy.. LOL

OKAY so this wasn’t exactly a good meal – the desserts were great… the food was subpar :T The salmon was horrendous, the texture the flavor.. bland and fishy… overly buttery.. mommy’s greasy overly soaked with duck fat – even daddy’s delicious pork looked a little sketch and on the pink side… so far no food poisoning though, all three of us had some… but it seems like the Japanese food seems to be going more towards my liking… if I ever come back here, slim to none chance, I’ll get sushi.  I’ll stick to L’Espalier and Sel de la Terre and others for my French choice. Speaking of which.. I miss Chef Ed Cotton’s food at Plein Sud. NYC Trip ASAP! Sorry AKA Bistro. Good concept, poor execution. At least tonight… for my table :T Servers were nice, altho as soon as our waiter got the check he BOUNCED… how rude. At least the other servers said bye.

Happy – Almost – Birthday to Me :D

I’m SUPER excited about the coming week…s…. :] Vegas. Friends. Special Birthday Day :] Super psyched about it all….. Life has been so good to me lately. I’m glad to be pushing out all the negativity in my life and just focusing on the positive and the good people.. the good things… :] I may be “young at heart” forever, but some people are just freaking immature, childish and I don’t need them in my life. So good riddance. The past year and a half I’ve been dealing with a lot of negativity… settling for things even though I wasn’t happy – with where I was, who I was with.. what I was doing.. where I was going… with age comes wisdom… for most people – I’m blessed that I’m one of those people.

Thank you to all the amazing people in my life. Friends, family…. DIOR <3 This is gonna be a good good year – “21” is a good age ;D

Simple & Sweet

I love starting out the day with fresh yogurt and fruits :] I feel like I needed some pineapple and fresh coconut as well to complete it but it was oh-so-pretty anyways :D

His & Her’s :D

Up close and personal

Guava, Kiwi, Raspberries, Mango & Fig :] YUM!!!! Alllll on my fav 0% Fage *licks bowl clean*

Last nite was a pb&j and a delicious coffee milkshake :] I’m like 5 again. It’s the simple things in life that make me so happy.


I’ll catch up on posting my latest recipes, but life has been a blur or business @_@

I still owe you guys the rest of my Taiwan posts, Chinese New Years posts… and pictures off of my regular digicam. That’s my problem, getting them off… so much easier when I just take photos on my iphone… haha

I’ll (RE)start off with yesterday’s eats.

Brunch of Fruits
1/2 Pomelo, Blackberries, Pear

[Read more…]

Taiwan – Dec 19 + 20

Dec 19
The first thing I did when I got out of the plane was crave fruit! My cousin picked us up from the airport with a bag of fruity treats (cherimoya, wax apples & fresh dates) and I immediately dug in as soon as I got to the hotel!

Dec 20
The next morning I dug into the cherimoya, some dates and headed out for a niiiice 1.5 hr long massage and got my hair washed!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE getting my hair washed in Taiwan. It’s cheap, convenient and stays soooo clean!!!!

Before we headed to my daddy’s side of the family to eat dinner that night, we stopped by AMO bakery (which has bomb cakes and cheesecakes!!!) to buy two to take over!

Dinner was an amazing spread

Homemade plum wine was fab!!! My aunt made this.. all of this.. soup, veggies, stinky tofu, shrimps, etc…. delish!!!

Afterwards when we got back I headed over to Sogo to shop for a bit.

& bought some yummies from Berry Milk downstairs

The most amazing mochis EVER!!!

(I’ll be sharing my mochi experience in a later post!!!)

My kind of Xmas tree :]

btw, our hotel was awesome, we had FREE breakfast buffet with different dishes, congee, cakes, etc… and a wide variety of fruits and other yummies (I forgot to take a photo of the spread)

Fruit round: Grapefruit, Kiwis, Guava

& there was a Koi pond inside!!

It snowed Larabars!!!!!

Woohoo!!!!! Guess what I got in the mail yesterday???

I already ate THREE!!!!!


Dinner was a nice big hot steaming overflowing bowl of figgy pear blackberry oats (I’m boring)

Always makes me happy :D

Dior loves oatmeal & soyogurt

For dessert I had some chocolate covered peaches and pears :]

There was some swedish fish action going…. but unpictured so… *cough* it doesn’t count.

I had no appetite yesterday and I MADE myself eat dinner. But I did have a cup of HOMEMADE coffee for lunch.

After I told him my dinner my daddy laughed at me. “You like oatmeal so much”
Yes daddy, I do :]

Turkey Oatmeal w/ Chinese Chives & Tofu Ru

I had another huge bowl of the rest of my chives :]

Turkey Oatmeal made with a cup of turkey broth (I have them made from the Thanksgiving turkey and frozen in 1c baggies), tons of shredded turkey breast, a dash of black pepper and hot pepper flakes :] Wheatberries, flax, wheatgerm (the usual)

Dessert was 28 DELICIOUS candy like cherries!!!!

[more picture coming soon, I’m too lazy to get them off my phone right now]

And then I had tons of work to catch up on… I had a sudden craving for gingerbread cookies… so I had a gingersnap Larabar… and then PB Cookie… and then a Banana Bread *blush* OH but it doesn’t end there. I found a hidden bag of Gummy Tummies (demolished it all) and 2 freshly baked chocolate chip cookies from Sel De La Terre (now in belly)

One day I’m gonna wake up 400 lbs :D Until then thank goodness for metabolism!!!

BTW, don’t forget to stop by ZestyCook to enter to win a 100$ gift card!!! :] And happy 100 posts!!!!

Giant Gummy Snakes…. and FOOD OVERLOAD today!!!

Quickie!!!! I’m watching Food Network and trying to get tired to sleep… I ate SOOO much today and I’m kinda craving some swedish fish or something right now…

Last nite I had four of these:

Insomnia sucks :[ So snakes kept me company





Tea + Steamed Brussel Sprouts + Kale 

Spicy Bean Paste Fish w/ Tofu (I basically ate the whole thing!!!)

SPICY Beans + Stirfry Asian Greens

Takoyaki <3 

Dessert #1

1 cup Chocolate Hemp milk

[picture lost *pout*]
2 Oatmeal Raisin Cookies….

And lots of Product 19 cereal with my remaining milk… 

Dessert #2

2 Caramel Apples with Chocolate and Nuts (this is the peanut bomb one, the other monster isn’t shown)

I watched Batman Begins tonite so I can buy & watch DARK KNIGHT ♥ tomorrow!!!!

Catching up and Biting Heads

SORRY I’VE BEEN MIA.. this week has been hectic!!!! But I need to announce THREE things first.

FIRST of all :] Don’t forget to go to GroundedFitness’ giveaway!!!! It’s an awesome mixed goodies package from Nature’s Path!! EEEE *crosses fingers*

SECOND of all…. I got the package from GroundedFitness’ LAST giveaway and got my YOGA COOKIES from Patti Page today :D I seriously couldn’t believe that I won cuz I NEVER win these things.. I was UUUUBER excited and took sooo many pictures hahahah.

It was so hard to pick which one to eat first but I couldn’t just let them go to waste…

You should SOOOOOOOOOOO go buy some, they’re SOOOO GOOD and SUPPPPPPPPPPPPER cute!!!

THIRD, I got an award from my lovable Coco!!!! :D I’m so excited!!! :] I looooooooove the foodie community and this makes me feel like I’m slowly becoming apart of it now :]

The Super Scribbler Award:


Here are the rules that come along with this great award:
1. Post the award on your blog
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I would like to pass this award to these amaaaaaaaaaazing chickies :D OMG it was so hard to choose I’m addicted to so many amazing blogs!!!
– Front Studio Ladies of LUNCH
– Madison of Follow My Weigh
– Erica of Sweet Eats
– Erin & Andrea of Care To Eat
Gliding Calm

Monday, 11/17 —

So after my Soulmate Oatmeal I wanted something refreshing and I waited awhile for dinner so I had a guava!!!

I chugged as much water as possible the whole day… I’ve been feeling UUBER bloated lately :[ & constantly dehydrated…

Dinner was very GREEN!!!

Beef w/ Leeks

Chinese Chives!!! (my FAV!! I ate ALL of this myself!!)

The other two dishes were tofu basil & white asparagus and just sauteed garlic spinach!!!

My lovely chinese chives:

(see I love everything with hot pepper flakes and/or cayenne!!!)

I had a few bowls of carrot & super healthy aka Chinese Yam

I looooooooooooooooooooooove carrots & :D

MY daddy brought back THREE cookies for me from his seminar today :] Lucky little me!!! They were super fresh and deliciously yummie and chewy!!! MMM I love fresh baked goodness. I also watched Kung Fu Panda!!! :] I’m like PO!!! MMM Dumplings!!!

I still felt munchy so I had a super old Rice Krispy Treat, it was a little stale :[ But I’m a fatty and ate it anyways…

And then I finished up my two jars……. yea… scraped them clean @_@ Remember, I’m a fatty ;]

Tuesday, 11/18 —

I was SOO excited about this GREEN POMELO cuz at Russo’s they called it a RUBY POMELO. It was the same inside as my regular ones except it was SMALLER and less sweet.. WTF!! BOOOO!!!

I was sad but the guava made me happy again :]

For dinner I HADDDDDDDDDDDD to make my Fig Oatmeal again….

My Lavender Honey before I melt it…

This SOOOOOOOOOOO is food p0rn ;]

Oooey gooey yumminess…

My mom even stole a few spoonfuls!!

See my big big deep bowl!!!

At night I had…

More diced Pomelo…

And 2 Dates!!!

I also ended up eating fat neon brite crawlers in bed watching Food Network hahahah…

Wednesday, 11/19 —

I had some freshly made barley, chinese green beans & jujubes for breakfast

It was super yummy, as usual, so I had another bowl!!!

I had my SECOND Iron IV session. They took a few tubes of blood first and then told me that I was improving. My blood volume went from 24% to 27%. The doctor also asked me if I ate. I thought that was funny.

My drip bag!!!

Tube in….

My fat arm…

This called for a YUMMIE nutritious and super filling (fiberific) salad from WF!!

It was brimming and super heavy. The WF here is SO much better than the one near me. PLUS I love their salad bar more.
Corn, Hericots Verts, Beets, Cucumbers, Celery, Cherry Tomatoes, Edamame, Green Peas, Mixed Greens, Spinach!!!

I ate there (I love their little tables) and had some yummie green/black/white tea blened.


I came home to surprise cookies from mommy from Sel De La Terre!!
Chocolate Chip and two Coconut Sables…

And I finished off my gingerlicious Indigo Rabbit cookies…

They were sold to me expired :[ LAME. I didn’t realize this til after… But they were still soft and fluffy!!!

Later I had a bowl of cherries :]

Some dried pomelo…

And some dried DICED pomelo…

And then it got messy. I had a pack of dried mango.. two little boxes of chocolate and vanilla animal crackers, some taro chips and then like a WHOLE tub of lightly salted peanuts. @_@ OMG. Binge much?!?! I duno what came over me.

Thursday, 11/20 —

I woke up this morning terrified to get on the scale… but phew, I lost some bloat from the past week, back down to 106… I still feel uuber pudgey tho. I haven’t been under 105/106 in like two months :[

I had a mango for… “brunch” cuz my stomach was upset from all the junk last nite.

And later after work I took some fresh air :] Got a nice big venti Americano from Starbucks (w/ cinnamon and nutmeg)

Got some free fudge – PB/Choc and a Praline at a quick stop @ Costco (and I got some books and WALL-E!!!)

All I wanted for dinner was OATMEAL!!!

1/2c Oats
1 1/4c Water
1 Package of Blueberries
1 Honeycrisp Apple
2 tbs WheatGerm
1 tbs Flax
1/4c Wheatberries
Tahitian Vanilla
TONS of cinnamon
Dash of nutmeg

And the remaining HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE amount of my Soyogurt, it’s okay tho because yesterday when I went to the only WF that carries my fav brand of soy yogurt (Wildwood) to get dinner I bought another tub!!!

Look at those chunks of apple and blueberries, SOO freaking good!!!


My last Sel De La Terre Cookie that my mommy surprised me with yesterday :D

Doesn’t he look SUPER ZEN?!?!

So happy, blissfully awaiting his sacrification :D (yes I just made that word up)

I like to eat my cookies head first :]

I love bunny cookies!!!!

Don’t forget to join the “Cookies Make Yoga Fun!” Giveaway from the awesome Grounded Fitness :] They’re soooo super cute!!!!

I’m having one of those nites that Coco had awhile back…. starving and can’t sleep. I’m doing work and browsing blogs (currently reading backlogs of Eat, Live, Run) I KNOW I should be doing work or sleeping but I’m distracted and SO SO hungry.

Let’s start with the morning. I woke up and right away I had to get to meetings. I was flustered and finally at 2 I had a break so I took a quick shower and grabbed some fruit….

Guava + Chia :]

But mid 2nd or 3rd piece I was already in my 230 meeting >_<;

My tummie was starting to grumble so I had my Gummy vites for the day (yay for them NOT counting as candy TEEHEE)

By 4ish after my last meeting I was hungry, but I decided to take a nap. Around 630 my mommy woke me up and said she was gonna make me dinner. Usually I make dinners because I LOOOOVE to cook but I’ve been super stressed lately >_<; She’s really been trying to make me eat more too.. so she was happy and I was… still half asleep haha…

Hericots Verts & Broccolini (it was OLD tho so they were bad.. see they were yellowed… I totally forgot about these in the back of my fridge for forever…)

Two bowls of delicious tomato/sprouts soup!!!

空心菜 w/ Garlic

I sprinkle hot pepper flakes & cayenne on like EVERYTHING

Garlic Chive Flowers w/ Fish Cakes and Pork and THREE bowls of white rice

Lily Bulbs & Mushrooms

I love how my mom cooks with less oil and is a bit more adventurous now (esp with food combos and asking me about tips) hehe…she’s an awesome cook but so stuck on traditional chinese foods :] It’s hard to get her to change her ways.

I watched August (Josh Hartnett is SOOOO hot in it!! Not that he’s ever NOT!!) tonite while eating my last 2 cherimoyas (need to go stock up again!!!)

Now onwards to my hunger… INTENSE hunger.. it all started around midnite…

1c of Kashi GoLean

A tub of organic dried mango

Ok, this is embarressing but I ate this ENTIRE new box of Chocolate Decadence with Almond milk tonite. @_@ It was one of the free things I got at TJ’s during their BINGO games.. it was SOO good and it was a good two heaping bowls in my BIG bowl. Scarily enough I’m still hungry :[ I think my DOG GOT ME PREGNANT, that sneaky pup ;]

BTW, I’m newly obsessed with Indigo Rabbit cookies (they’re from MA!!! YAYYY!!!) They’re LO-CAL and super healthy and really yummy!!!

I also tried the Lemon one and a Chocolate one… I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the peanut butter ones (which, if you look at the ingredients are only pb, squash+sweetpotato, cane juice & egg, seriously, that’s IT!!!!)… next are the ginger ones… then the chocolate one… which was puffy but slightly dry. But… I wasn’t a fan of the Lemon ones >_<; It just tasted kinda off and it wasn’t as soft and chewy as the rest. I didn’t buy the Cinnamon Almond ones.. but I will when I grocery shop this wkend (and I’m buying another box of the PB kind)

ANYHOO. I’m excited about this week’s BSI which is SWEET POTATO!!! Need to stock up on more :]

Grapes & Fiji

I have a bad habit of NOT drinking water. I know I know you’re thinking WTF?!?!… But yes… I get MOST of my liquids from fruits and tea and coffee and wine. The last three being very dehydrating, so often I find myself dehydrated and bloated. This happens mostly when I’m w@h…. which is often lately. I didn’t drink ONE glass of water this weekend. I woke up today craving water and grapes. So after going back and forth between oats, peppy kernals, yogurt or anything else for breakfast. I went with what my body craved…

So grapes and water is what I had…

Followed by a ton of guava dipped with my tbs of Chia Seeds :]

Also took a break from work and played with some scratch tickets…

These grapes were huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge :] And sweet and juicy!!! I’m having a HUUUUUUUUGE fruit/water coma this afternoon @_@

*chug chug chug* Munching on my vitamins!!! They all taste so different and have different chews to them :] HEHE, yay!

See you guys at dinner!!!

Art, Baklava, Clams & 3D glasses

I am swearing off CANDY (gummies, lollipops, etc…) til Thanksgiving!!!! An occasional piece of DARK CHOCOLATE is okay but nothing else. NO cookies, cakes, desserts, etc… UNLESS it’s the weekend and when I EAT OUT, I’m not allowed to buy it home. I’m getting pudgey and totally unhealthy. All the stress from work is really upping my sugar intake and since diabetes runs in my family, I really need to be more careful. PLUS, I need to detox, especially since I feel so crummy lately, due to other health reasons >_<; BUT if I eat candy, you can e-punch/kick/nunchuck my booty :D

It was SO gorgeous out I NEEDED to get out of the house despite feeling really down in the dumps. So I went to the MFA!!! I haven’t been there since summer and there were some new exhibits I wanted to check out.

I LOOOOVE it here, I can spend hours and hours drawing and writing in this museum since I started coming here in the 5th grade!!!!! What can I say, I love FOOD, FASHION & ART!!!… hmm, MUSIC too… I guess I’m just an all around artsy girl :]

OHOHOH BEFORE I FORGET *can’t contain excitement!!!* Guess which GUMMY VITAMIN is the newwwwwwwwwwww one….???? :D Hehehe *giggle giggle fart fart*


It was the ONLY way for my parents to get me to start taking vitamins again… so EVERY MORNING after I shower and get ready and start popping them :] Even tho now I also take vitamins with my herbal drink (iron… multi… C, this and that.. so many >_<;) I STILL LOVE THESE!!!

Does anyone ELSE eat these other than the super duper cool Gliding Calm & Moi?

(btw, if you guessed the IMMUNE C ones you win an e-cookie!!!)

Guava on the drive there…

I needed a snack tho before I began my wondering around the hallways…. I also needed a pick me up caffeine boost… I wasn’t really hungry and was content with my coffee… but then I had a slight chew craving… plus my partner in crime wanted some munchies… (Note: I was KINDA curious about their Roasted Pumpkin Salad…. but then opted out of it…. I don’t like getting prepared squash outside cuz they always overdo it on the butter, oil, sugar, etc… and most of the time I never like the way it comes out as opposed to making it myself… hehehe, I’m so picky!!!)

Coffee Break @ the Courtyard Café!!!

What should I get???

Spiced Walnut Baklava w/ Orange-Honey Syrup
While this was on the sweet side it was SOOOOOOOO delicious and you could really taste the orange (you could even see the orange zest!!!) I ate.. most of it :] HAHA.. 

+ Turkish Coffee Pudding Tart w/ Cardamom Cream
I wasn’t impressed :[ Especially next to the Baklava… this looked like a cheap defrosted tart with some mildly flavored coffee pudding plopped sloppily in it. Baklava was worth the 7.95$ this was SOOO not! At least I KINDA got my coffee’s worth getting over 3 refills :] Hahaha…

I had a great time at the museum… :] It closed at 445 since it was a Sunday :[ Boo! I stopped by Starbucks…

& Walgreens (for some bandaids + more cooking mags + the chinese paper for my parents) on the way home….

I’ve had a HORRIBLE stomachache all day :[ I got some niiiice herbal tea!!!! It didn’t really help tho :[ 

Super Dinner for my Anemia!!!! (well, according to Health Castle)

Steamed Brussel Sprouts (Iron Absorption Enhancer) & Steamed Clams (Execellent source of Heme Iron) !!! (I’ll explain what that sauce/other dish is in a sec)

I LOOOOVE steamed brussel sprouts.. so sweet!!!
I sprinkle it with TONS of hot pepper flakes :] 

Steamed Clams + Tabasco = LOVE!!!

I had some of the soup too, MMM so good!!!
I had like 34 of these babies!!! I need more more more…. 

& then my mommy made Taiwanese 炸酱面 (Zha Jiang Mien) – since there are different versions slightly varied by where you go…. Koreans make 자장면 really good too :]

SOOOO thick and chunky with lots of veggies and pork :]  Nice + Spicy too!!! NOM!!! This was on Shirataki Noodles :]

I’m off to watch JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH with the 3-d glasses the movie comes with :D

I have meetings startng at 8:30 tomorrow morning, my back is super sore and I feel so horrible and lightheaded so I think I’m gonna work at home again.. which means, I’m SO making myself a HUGE piping bowl of PUMPKIN OATS in the morning :] Well, I’m between that and carrot cake oatmeal (inspired by Erica)…. we’ll see how much time I have between meetings/work to do it.

(btw, I thought I’d share my PB stash…)
They’re all almost empty, except the Heat is On which I haven’t opened yet…

I STILL CAN’T FIND MIGHTY MAPLE!!!! *freaks out* I only saw it ONCE at my local WF and then NEVER again, ANYWHERE :[ My favorites so far are…. Bee’s Knees, White Chocolate Wonderful & Cinnamon Raisin Swirl…. ok, I love them all, but the Dk. Chocolate Dreams actually doesn’t appeal to me – strangely enough… 

I bought lots of AWESOME HUUUUUUGE MUGS from Starbucks today that I can eat my OATS in :D I’m SO excited.. hahaha… I also bought Dora the Explorer band-aids, YAY!


edit @ 1102pm
Journey to the Center of the Earth was AWESOME!!! The 3d glasses made me dizzy tho so after a little bit I switched back to the 2d version.

I’ve been in a thriller/drama/horror movie craze lately so a nice fun kid action movie was AWESOME!!! I think I’m gonna watch ALL kiddie movies this week :]

I had a piece of dragonfruit

& 2 Cherimoyas!!! ♥

My new love, my new crack!!! Crackity cracky crack :]

NIIIIIIIIIITE!!! I’m gonna try to go to bed early, but I might fail cuz I really wanna read some cookbooks and cooking mags :]