Top Chef + Oats

Who watched Top Chef last nite? How awesome that they had a Quaker Oats QuickFire Challenge??

Carla – Oats + Nuts & Grains
Pecan and Oat Crusted Tofu

Jeff – Oats + Poultry
Fried Oat Chicken

Leah – Oats + Seafood
Seared Oat Branzino

Fabio – Oats + Vegetables
Oat Breaded Eggplant

Jamie – Oats + Fruit
Coconut and Oat Crusted Shrimp

Hosea – Oats + Meat
Oat Crusted Veal Scallopini


Stefan – Oats + Fruit
Banana Oatmeal Mousse with Almond Crisp