My first AA trip…

Z loves to fly. Z loves airplanes. Z loves airplane food. Z loves miles from AA and he loves American Airlines. But this is my blog, not his, so this is about MY first trip on AA :]  I have a feeling I’ll be having more airplane food posts now…

We woke up super early… I woke up at 4 to shower and get ready for our driver to come bring us to the airport at 5am. Exhausted.. but so excited. I was SO awake even though I hadn’t really slept much the night before. We had a delicious dinner at Ai Fiori and went straight home afterwards…. but we still didn’t go to bed that early….

Complimentary snacks and coffee [and bagels] at the AA lounge… we wanted bloody marys but they didn’t serve alcohol til 730..!!! And it wasn’t even 7am yet :[ BOO!!

Finally on the plane.. see how excited I am? I look like a teenager getting ready for spring break.. I dressed accordingly in a bright yellow tank top :D


Bye bye Rainy NYC

OMG first time I’ve had a chair go all the way back!!!… exciting….

Bloody Marys

My first one ended up all over me and the seat thanks to an affectionate hand holding [thanks a lot babe] hahahaha :D Sucks to be the next person to sit in my seat….

Hers: Oatmeal with Fresh Berries

His: Egg & Cheese Omelette and Bean/Corn Side

Somehow we ended up eating 3 of these hot buttery biscuits between the three of us :D

Conclusion: OK. I have to admit, while I always make fun of Z, the food WAS pretty good on the plane. I always fly united and usually economy [altho premier]  so the food is pretty MEH.. I’ve had good food on Swiss Air and EVA but they’re so much more pricier.. and Swiss Air was going to Europe… hahaha I even signed up for AA membership cuz I know I’ll only be flying AA [unless unavailable] with Z.. and we have many may trips planned…

Two thumbs way up!!! I’m a fan!!!


I love a good welcome :D

HELLOOOOOOOO MIAMI!!!!………We immediately set off to our hotel… and then to Joe’s


  1. Love this! :D


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