What Could’ve Been…

I hate food disappointments….

I also always end up holding too high of expectations… the longer I wait to try a new place, the harder the fail – but only if it fails, of course…

And so begins my journey at the Langham Hotel‘s Cafe Fleuri for their Chocolate Bar Buffet…

Now, what should’ve tipped me off first was the price… 38$ for adults on all you can eat desserts? I’ve been to places where the cheapest dessert was 38$ and consisted of two bites.. maybe three, depending on how large your mouth was [hehe]

We were first greeted with coffee and a menu for nothing other than chocolate booze :]

We obviously got the flight..

L-R: Dark, Vanilla, White

After receiving our drink tokens [yes we take the drink tokens to the martini bar and they make them for us there] we hopped skipped, yes I literally did, to get our first round of yumyums…. [btw you might want to check out the menu we were there for their current event “Boston’sChocolate Trail“, cute and clever, no?]

This season explores Boston’s famous neighborhoods with a wonderland of chocolate creations. Some desserts return for the 21st year in a row while others are new to the Chocolate Bar. Indulge plate after plate with gourmet bite-size desserts from Chinatown, the North End, Faneuil Hall, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the South End, and Fenway Park. “Boston’s diverse neighborhoods inspire me on a regular basis,” said pastry chef, Jed Hackney. “There are so many unique areas in Boston and this Chocolate Bar season, we are creating our own versions of the best desserts in our city.”

So many places and so much time to try them all…


Faneuil Hall

North End

South End

Back Bay


Round 1

Oreo Pizza, Cannoli, Pineapple Ginger Pizza, Macarons

5 Spice Chocolate Soup with a bun

Oreos > Ginger/Pineapple

The crust on the ginger/pineapple was too thick and a bit soggy/old tasting…. also I would’ve liked dark chocolate better than milk+white…

We could not, for the life of us, figure out the flavor of this…  it just tasted like sweet…

Chocolate Mint

And best dish of the place….

The chocolate pasta. I have wet dreams about this still… chocolate pasta warmed with chocolate sauce…. topped with your own toppings… of fresh berries, berry sauce and chocolate shavings… oh happy happy happy day….

Round 2

Caramel Apple, Whoopie Pie, Banana Meringue Tart, Chocolate Creme Brulee…

Caramel Apple was cute and tasty.. super fresh and chewy caramel. Perfect balance of chocolate, caramel… just wish the apple was crunchier and tarter…

Creme Brulee was total fail. The topping had no crust/crunch to it… a soft sugar shell [ew] and the creme wasn’t… creamy and flavorful enough. Sigh.

Strawberry Parfait – you could taste that it was made with real strawberries.. we later saved this and smothered it on our biegnets… since we are officially in love with filled biegnets from Butter… but more on those later…

Banana Meringue Tart had a dry bland tart shell :[ And the meringue just wasn’t too tasty. It left me sad. I effing LOVE meringue.

And then came the crepes… Ah crepes… round 3 is it now?

Toppings… we kept it simple with just a drizzle of vanilla sauce… people always go overboard… the star of the show should be the crepe, not everything else…

Caramelized Bananas + Fresh Strawberries…

Our doughy beignet says hello too…

Mixed fresh berries…

Both are in a chocolate crepe… the crepe was very light… I kinda wish it was thinner… and folded twice like a burrito and not a taco. But it was pretty tasty… Def not the best crepe ever tho… I’ve had better crepes at random crepe stands in the middle of nowhere [okay that was mean, but I’m picky about my crepes… even the ones I make myself…] It does remind me of how tasty the ones at the Chicago Green City Market are tho… *misses*

[btw, & thanks to Scott I desperately need to go to Paris, if for anything else, but at least for the crepes…]

Round 4

Apple Crisp, some sort of chocolate bread pudding

Apple Crisp was good, but not enough crisp. The Bread Pudding tho…. *sigh* No bread pudding will ever be as good as Uncommon Ground‘s! *DROOL* Fleuri’s was heavy, bland and thick and just like overly thick and drying up oatmeal. Total Fail.

Round 5?

These were all fail… minus the jelly and the profiterole [omgs! coffee cream inside!!!]

Eclair = ew. Soggy and tasted old. Barely ANY cream inside.
Key Lime…. meh.. needed a crust at least the meringue was decent…
The pumpkin chocolate cake thing was decent but NO pumpkin  flavor…
Panna Cotta.. was confusing… it looked like silicone…

Coconut Custard and a Passionfruit Mousse [I know it looks like tiramisu]

Real coconut meat and delicious coconutty [none of that fake ish] custard.. it wasn’t custardyyy – a lot more softer, but reaaaaaaaaaallly good :] Go Chinatown!

Warm fondue is always good.. chocolate fountains as well….. but they only had pretzel rods, marshmallows, pineapple and strawberries as options. Sad.

You can never go wrong with frozen bananas… a more PG13 youtube version of this will be up soon HAHAHA…

now playing!!!

I’m missing Round 6… or was it 7? We got Mango Pudding from Chinatown, fondues and frozen bananas and etc…

OH, I remember now, we got a pre-made chocolate covered strawberry and the chocolate shell was soft. Ew.

We ended the day feeling like our stomaches were still empty so we had a cotton candy stick, each – and then we took another one to go  –  each :]

Thumbs up:
Chocolate Pasta
Coconut Custard
Mango Pudding
Chocolate Oreo Pizza
Frozen Banana
Cotton Candy

Chocolate Bread Pudding

Conclusion — go for birthdays, big groups, kids etc.. it’s overhyped.. but it’s a fun thing to do, just don’t have high expectations like R+I did for uuber quality desserts… just fun :] Despite not liking most of the desserts there, we had a lot of fun trying everything :]

& we made up the semi-failed brunch with a fun day at Faneuil Hall [the real one hahahaha], Mike’s Pastry [yay REAL cannolis!!!] and Horse Carriage Rides :]

OH and of course by going to O YA for dinner.. which will be tomorrow’s entry :] Stay tuned….


  1. OMGG! that chocolate pasta looks divine! Since I have sucha big sweet tooth I’m extremely tempted to go to Boston JUST to try it….lucky!!!


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