feels good eating well…

The other day, bf and I went to…. *cue music* uncommon ground. (land of “the best chai latte ever” :] according to bf… i must agree, they are tasty!!!)

• Uncommon Ground is committed to purchasing seasonal, locally produced food for our menu whenever possible. Over the years we have developed many relationships with the farmers that we buy from. We make an effort to visit farms on a regular basis and we bring staff along to educate them as well.
• We consciously prefer to spend our food dollars with the families who are committed to growing produce and raising livestock in a humane, sustainable, environmentally responsible manner.

• Management and staff at uncommon ground are encouraged to find ways to reduce consumption and waste, and find products that are environmentally friendly.
• All of our paper towels and toilet paper come from recycled paper.
• We use unbleached paper products and items that are biodegradable from Natureworks, LLC and Bio-Pak.
• We have switched all of our cleaning supplies to be more Eco-friendly, using products from Eco-Lab and Schultz Supply Company.

I’ve talked about eating brunch here before :] But boyfriend had never eaten dinner here and we wanted to check out the little farmer’s market they have there on Fridays :] Read more facts about their garden and how green they are here

Watermelon Agua Fresca *YUM* Tastes like candy….

uncommon blt

isn’t it gorgeous? you can never go wrong with pork belly ♥


mediterranean trio
uncommon hummus, roast eggplant salad, mint tzatziki,
citrus marinated olives, herbed pita

a shot from the other angle.. so you get to see all the stuff it came with… 

FIRST, i have to say that these are like the BEST pita chips EVER… I wouldn’t even call them chips.. they were pillowy heavens :] They LOOK crispy, but they weren’t. OMG, soooo tasty!!! we cleaned this plate off good… licking fingers and lips and all. Even off each other.. haha JK, maybe… ;] LOL…

the best sauce yum

yummy eggplant

We ordered a large salad as our pre-meal, post-appetizers… & they were sweet enough to split it into two bowls for us :D
sunshine salad
organic greens, seasonal farmer’s market vegetables,
avocado, sunflower seeds & sprouts,
apple cider vinaigrette, seeded flatbread crisp


Boyfriend & I were both feeling fish tonite… so he got this:
chili dusted grilled rushing waters trout
bulgur & herb salad, seasonal vegetables, cucumber & sorrel tzatziki, toasted almonds

(OMG, the bulgar salad was sooooo gooood.. it was cold and full of fresh veggies!!! LOVES)

attack of the giant greens

This is what I got:

it was a special of the day: black cod on quinoa salad and a beet salad with a grain mustard dressing on the side!!!

The fish was cooked PERFECTLY. I LOVE cod.. but the quinoa was super salty :[ so it was the only thing left on my plate. And of course, you know me, I love beets & I love mustard, so they were quite the yums together…  :] lick lick lick.

dessert time!!!

we had the special

chocolate bread puding with grilled peaches and honey gelato!!!!!

lickkkk*** I seem to be in a licky mood…. probably because I’m writing this and hungry. I’m feeling 40 Carrots tonite so I can lick some froyo… hehehe… my parents want to take me out for a bday dinner since i haven’t had a proper one.. but maybe I’ll just go with a brunch or an early dinner on Sunday instead. i REALLLLLLLY want 40 Carrots :] YAY!!!

OH, and Rockport tomorrow for some lobster festival, YAYYYY!!!


  1. […] but not enough crisp. The Bread Pudding tho…. *sigh* No bread pudding will ever be as good as Uncommon Ground’s! *DROOL* Fleuri’s was heavy, bland and thick and just like overly thick and drying up […]


  2. […] Bread Pudding.. this could possibly – actually I think it did – have beaten Uncommon Ground’s Chocolate Bread Pudding. It wasn’t too sweet, but just super creamy, but not falling apart… tender and […]


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