ohmi, ohmy, O YA

I’m sorry Morimoto, I loved your omakase, but it wasn’t as life changing and unique as o ya.

Let me start from the beginning… I’ve been daydreaming about o ya since it opened but never had the proper company to come with me. It’s not everyday you find people agreeing to get 16/17 course omakases…. well I found the right person and we got the 17 course omakase, added 4 more, 4 bottles of sake [their limit there] and then a dessert…

Words can’t really express….

Yuki no Bosha [Junmai Ginjo Sake]

Delicious, fruit, so smooth.. probably my favorite sake of the night, and it went fast!!!

1. Kumamoto Oyster
Watermelon Pearls, Cucumber Mignonette

All oysters need watermelon pearls.. so light but perfect accompaniment to the fresh, delicious oysters…

2. Hamachi
Spicy Banana Pepper Mousse

*FAVORITE NIGIRI OF THE NIGHT [and quite possibly ever]!!! Spicy, bursting with flavor… the hamachi was sooooo tender even tho it has been flash torched…

3. Salmon Tataki
Torched Tomato, Smoked Salt, Onion Aioli

4. Warm Eel
Thai Basil, Kabayaki, Fresh Kyoto Sansho

It was so good we forgot to take a before picture… The eel literally MELTED in your mouth before it blasted you with the flavor of the thai basil…

Mukune [Junmai Ginjo Sake]

5. Homemade La Ratte Potato Chip
Summer Truffle

I never thought I’d ever try, let alone fall in love with, a potato chip nigiri…. [I eat chips like maybe once a year] But this was light, delicate [potato chips can be delicate? lol…] and full of truffle flavor. Oh how I love thee…

6. Wild Santa Barbara Spot Prawn
Garlic Butter, White Soy, Preserved Yuzu

7. Fried Kumamoto Oyster
Yuzu Kosho Aioli, Squid Ink Bubbles

Yep, that mound that looks like truffle is SQUID INK FOAM. DEEEEEEElicious. I’m not a fan of fried sushi but this was OMFG! :]

8. Shima Aji & Santa Barbara Sea Urchin
Ceviche Vinaigrette, Cilantro

Uni ♥ That is all…

Kasumi Tsuru Kimoto Extra Dry [Junmai Sake]

*** MIA ***
9. Wild Bluefin Maguro Tuna
Soy Braised Garlic, Micro Greens

The garlic did wonders for this.

10. Kyoto Style Enoki Mushrooms
Garlic, Soy

THIS WAS SOOOOOOOO GOOD.. you guys should know by now how much I love enoki…. ahhh who would’ve thunk an enoki nigiri YAY Love love love love love love enoki!!!

11. Scottish Salmon
Spicy Sesame Ponzu, Yuzu Kosho, Scallion Oil, Garlic Chips

12. Hamachi
Viet Mignonette, Thai Basil, Shallot

Shichi Hon Yari [Junmai Sake]

[ADDED ON] 13.Seared Diver Scallop & Foie Gras
Shiso Grapes, Vin Cotto

Cuz obviously how could I, Miss Tiffie, let something with scallop and foie go by?!?!?!

[ADDED ON] 14. House Smoked Moullard Duck Tataki
Foie Gras Kabayaki, Arima Sansho

*** MIA ***
15. Wild Bluefin Tataki
Smoky Pickled Onion, Truffle Oil

[ADDED ON] 16. Hokkai Sea Scallop
Burgandy Truffle, Sake Sea Urchin Jus, Chervil

Absolutely effing AMAZING!!!!

17. Chilled Maine Lobster Salad
Avocado, Creamy Yuzu Dressing, Peppercress, Cucumber Gelee

[ADDED ON] 18. “Fabergé” Onsen Egg
Black River Ossetra Caviar, Dashi Sauce, Green Onion

Need I say more? Ever since Momofuku I’ve been obsessed with perfectly poached eggs… this was perfectly cooked.. the yolk was fantastic!!! The caviar was flavorful and salty – perfect compliment.

19. Grilled Sashimi of Chanterelle & Shiitake Mushrooms
Rosemary Garlic Oil, Sesame Groth, Homemade Soy

20. Seared Petit Strip Loin – 2oz
Tiny Smoked Potato, Grilled Onion, Fresh Wasabi

and LAST but definitely not least.. the best finale of the omakase [we asked for it to be our final dish too — but we were gonna order it anyways even if it wasn’t in our omakase lol]

21. Foie Gras
Balsamic Chocolate Kabayai, Raisin Cocoa Pulp, Sip of Aged Sake

Fucking. Amazing.

Black Sesame Soy Milk Pudding
Hojicha Syrup, Tofu Whip, Sesame Tuille

Best sushi meal of my life.


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