the ultimate iron chef…

Who’s your favorite Iron Chef? I just met mine a few days ago…

haha so HOTTTT…


Still don’t know who he is? Shame on you…. he’s the OG of old school Iron hef (I miss badly dubbed Japanese Iron Chef) Chef Morimoto. [duh!]

So after coming into the city, checking into our hotel we grabbed a quick snack at a local Deli and headed to MOMA for the Tim Burton exhibit. Exceptional. It’s a must-see but block off a good chunk of time and get your tickets early. It’s SUPER packed and even MORE amazing. Go Stainboy <3 And I love the Hansel and Gretal stuff… want to know more, go go go now! We ended up with smiles on our faces and bags of new toys :]

Off to Morimoto’s… I’m so excited…

Toro Tartare

You scrape it off and add in your mixin’s… fresh wasabi, avocado, rice crackers, chives, crème fraîche, etc.

Fluke Sashimi — lightly seared in Yuzu Sauce

I’m uuber excited :D

Seared Bonito — mixed greens and garlic aioli

Altogether now, nums!

Tasted like.. BONITO FLAKES!!! hahahahaha… I love the flavor of bonito so this was a treat.

Oyster Foie Gras — seared foie gras,  steamed oyster & uni on teriyaki reduction

Delicious. This bite should be illegal. Oyster. Foie AND Uni?!?!?! To die for….

Assorted Sushi – I haven’t been able to eat sushi since…. so fresh and perfection

Housemade ginger-ale to cleanse our palettes.. super deliciousy ginger

Garam Marsala Lobster and Wagyu Strip w/ Japanese Mountain Yams

Tender, succulent.. anything and everything you can ask for in moo.

I can still smell the garam marsala from this.. the spices were so intense, but not overpowering. My mouth is watering up just thinking about this.

Lobster glow :]


I haven’t had a dessert in ages that made me swoon as much as this did. This entire meal was the equivalent of amazing sex. Yep. Right down to me licking the plate clean. Built up anticipation, foreplay with the tuna tartare… nice and easyyy and ending it with a bang :]

TMI? Hahaha…


  1. Morimoto has a restaurant in NYC now? I’ve only been to the one in Philly…

    Also I saw that Tim Burton exhibit – it’s super awesome!!


    • misstiffie says:

      Tim Burton was sooooo excellent ;D he is such a freaking genius.

      Haha I had no idea he had a restaurant in Philly.. I think the one in NYC has been there for awhile now.. it’s sooooo gooood… gogogogogogo now! :D


  2. i did the same exact omakase. but seriously go to O Ya in boston. amazing sex x4000 in each bite.


  3. Wow! What an amazing meal! I ate at Morimoto back in 2006 when I was on a tighter budget, and although it was simply amazing, I did not have nearly the life changing experience it seems you had. I definitely have to go back, and spend my whole paycheck! So worth it!



  1. […] ohmy, O YA I’m sorry Morimoto, I loved your omakase, but it wasn’t as life changing and unique as o […]


  2. […] the Rock & Roll Sushi/Karaoke Soirée hosted by Chef Morimoto himself. It was SO awesome to meet him again […]


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