…the Morning After

As important as the last meal of the year is… don’t you think the first meal is just as much so? My first meal of 2010 was spectacular, unbeatable… and I’m so glad I enoyed it hangover free :]

We decided a few days beforehand that we wanted Momofuku Noodle Bar to be our first meal of the new year. So Momo it would be…

Do you see how excited I am for my Momo?

On our way I spotted Buttercup Bake Shop – my favorite cupcakes in NYC aside from SSS and being the most awesome guy that he is, he insisted we go in and get some…

We ended up with cupcakes and warm coffee to go….

So many pretty cupcakes to choose from… we got half a dozen…

Golden Vanilla w/ Pink Frosting, Hummingbird (Bananas, Walnuts, Pineapple) w/ Cream Cheese Frosting, Lady Baltimore (Almond, Coconut, Cherries, Cookie Crumble) w/ Meringue Frosting, Red Velvet w/ Cream Cheese Frosting, German Chocolate and Lemon with super Lemony Zesty Frosting


Now onto the good stuffs….

We woke up with no hangovers and got there a little after  noon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen New York so empty… everyone was curing their hangovers… so we easily got seats [just in time too since it got super full right after….]

One complaint, soy sauce egg for 2 bucks? I’ll make you a dozen for 2 :] Hahaha…

Momofuku Soju Slushie – Dark & Stormy / Apple Cider

It was very gingery and delicious… we ended up ordering a large to split after… if you go, get a large order.. they’re un-effing-believable.

[unfortunately none of their famous fried chicken on the menu today…sniff]

The jar of kimchi pickles really comes in a jar, a big jar!!! Makes me want to start making my own…. (their cookbook gives recipes!!!… buy it NOW!!!)

Perfect balance of pulled pork and kimchi… the masa itself was tender and delicious. Considering I’m so obsessed with Rick Bayless’ tamales.. these were realllllly amazing.

Sliced Hamachi – Beets, Blood Orange, Olives

Adored the zest with the hamachi… and even the blood orange but the olives were a bit too overpowering for me… I like my raw fish fresh & simple… these were fresh but a bit too complex…

Sauteed Tuscan Kale – Fennel, Pickled Crosnes, Pork Broth

My new favorite root veggie… Crosnes *swoons*

“Chinese artichoke = crosne = Japanese artichoke = chorogi   Notes: These look a bit like caterpillars, and they taste like Jerusalem artichokes.  They’re popular in France but hard to find in the U.S.  Your best bet would be an Asian market.   Substitutes: Jerusalem artichoke OR salsify”

Roasted Foie Gras – Celery Root & Miso Puree, Brown Butter, Pineapple [foam]

It was sprinkled with grey sea salt, the crunch added to the flavors and it was so delicious.

Momofuku Ramen – Pork Belly, Pork Shoulder and Poached Egg

The egg, btw, was sooo silky like tofu… mm perfectly poached egg!!!

I got hot sauce happy with my ramen ;]

I got a new piercing for the new year… I got the snug I’ve been wanting for awhile….. piercing #14 *hearts*

We walked all over the place.. St Marks.. SoHo, etc…

We stopped by think coffee for some yummy french press and the bathroom :]

So what do you want to do for dinner tonite?
Duno.. Don’t really want asian tonite… Tapas?
How about Butter?


For those of you who arent into celeb hot spots this was one of them. Ashley Olsen used to date the co-owner, Scott, and even Gossip Girl has mentioned it and filmed a scene or two here… the place is gorgeous and food isn’t too shabby :] Celebs love it… and I approve :D hahahaha…


Delicious garlic pesto butter and regular butter with yummie cheesy bread and corn bread

seared foie with persimmon jam, kumquat and szechuan pepper

It was really sweet from the persimmon jam. Not the best foie I’ve had.. but seared fresh foie is always delicious. We’ve been on foie overload all week…. so nevertheless… foie makes me happy.

special app: tuna tartare with grapes & white asparagus

It was alright.. I didn’t feel like everything went that well together. Grapes and tuna was decent.. but the asparagus was…. not the best pairing. Ended up eating that separately (I LOOOVE white asparagus!)

crispy pig trotters w/ cognac mustard… celery leaf, escarole and parsley salad..

SOOO GOOD… crispy on the outside.. but you could taste the piggie foot on the inside.. the soft pillowy skin, chewy tendon and flavorful meat. NOM!

Onto entrees:

butter poached maine lobster with rutabaga, crosnes and fresh ginger

Each bite was buttery heaven… the lobster was super tender… I’m not usually a buttery lobster gal but the creamy sauce with this totally sold me. I’m glad BUTTER knows how to use butter well [har. har.] ANNNND it had CROSNES… oh Momo…. :] You’ve got me hooked…

duck breast with braised trevisano, shaved foie and cranberries… and potatoes

roasted brussel sprouts w/ duck rillettes

Whoever doesn’t like brussel sprouts are so missing out. I LOOOOVE brussel sprouts… and these were roasted so it was tender on the inside and it had a nice crust on the outside. The tender rilletes added so much flavor.. soooo good!!!! What a winning sidedish. I could’ve eaten a whole pot of these…

raspberry beignets with vanilla cream to dip

BEST BEIGNETS EVER!!!!!!….. oh happy day…. I was in heaven with these hot sugary fluffy yumminesses…

warm bread pudding with caramelized pears
…. = fail :[

it was too hard, sweet and solid. we each had a bite and passed… :[

dark chocolate torte w/ dulce de leche and honey chestnut ice cream

Happy 2010 sillies… ;]


  1. stainboy says:

    i’m in the mood for everything in the pictures……mmmmmmm


    • misstiffie says:

      more tamales plz… and cupcakes… and ramen… omg perfect poached eggies <3

      "you dumb egg" hahahaha

      i want more food :[ minus the awful bread pudding


  2. Oh mylanta. I love. Kimchi. Glorious.
    But I’d take a massive cupcake binge over the pork products any day.
    Happy new year :)


  3. PS I saw your phone cover on fb! We havE the same one (or almost the same)! SISSTERSSSSS


  4. So jealous! The malted peanut butter and stout soft serve blew my mind last spring when I was there. So good.



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