Head towards the red flame for good food…

This sunday boyfriend & I headed to Red Light to participate in the 3 Sisters Event… it was a delicious brunch with a lot of chefs from some amazing restaurants around Chicago.

Owned by the talented Jackie Shen… who was absolutely ADORABLE in person :]

As soon as we signed in, we headed straight to the Primehouse table.  I already found out ahead of time thru twitter and me and the boy were uuber excited to try some Bloody Mary’s and some eggs & bacon…

Bloody Mary… it was cooked tomatoes.. soooo thick and spicy and delicious!!! And the deviled egg… with bacon… OMG.. THICK JUICY BACON.. I don’t even like deviled eggs and I LOOOOOOOVED these!!!

Look at that SEXY PORK!!!!

Me & the awesome Rick Gresh :]

Giuseppi Tentori from Boka

Look at this… mozzerella.. tomato… PORK BELLY… arugula.. DELICIOUS!

The cute short haired asian lady is Jackie :]

Jackie Shen [Red Light] & Steve Dolinsky [ABC TV’s Hungry Hound] roasted a pig… and they wrapped it like Peking Duck

Skin bowl.. SOOO GOOOD :]

Look at that giannnnt steamer from Frontera…

Brian Enyart [Frontera Grill] & Richard James [Topolobampo] made the best Tamales!!!!

Brian was awesome he even gave me a wink when I was taking pictures of the food.. hahahaha

Seriously.. BEST tamales ever!!!

Roger Herring from Socca

Foie BLT… on a crispy wonton… BRILLIANT

I had two in a row :]

Dessert… it’s white chocolate.. so light and delicate

Sarah Stegner and George Bumbaris [Prairie Grass Cafe]  – crispy Mint Creek Farm
lamb rolls with yogurt dipping sauce & fresh bloody Mary’sfrom Three Sisters Garden tomatoes.

BLOOOOOODY MARY!!! So fresh… :]

Jolene Worthington [Eli’s] Goat Cheese Cheesecake w/ Blackberry sauce..
So subtle…. and so light and delicious!!!!

Look!!!! It’s Bill Kim!!!!

Urban Belly Chicken+Mushroom Dumpling ♥

Fresh watermelon with smoked salt

Tracey Vowell [Three Sisters Garden] roasted sweet corn with herbed (including thyme) sour cream, aged cheese, and red chili.

Big Jone’s

Peach cobbler with toasted sesame ice cream.

SO FREAKING GOOD…. juicy peaches.. and the ice cream… is … to.. DIE FOR!!!

& that’s why I had two of these :]

Silent Auction

It was such an enjoyable and tasty time.. I loved how there was a lot less people than the Chef’s BBQ.. the food was a lot more refined since they didn’t have a gazillion ppl eating there… and it was more laid back and relaxing.. we didn’t feel like we had to gorge ourselves again to the point of exploding just to try one of everything…. we got to talk with the chefs… and just have a great time :] Even enjoyed a bellini sometime after the food.. maybe another tamale.. and some more ice cream ;]



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