Miss Tiffie’s Quarter Life Crisis

On August 3 I turned 25 :] And as tradition goes, I go to NYC and I party my butt off… I like starting my new years off with a bang… and I tend to celebrate all thru August. So here, finally, I’ve gotten off my lazy butt and blogged about it.. it’s picture heavy but hope you enjoy the ride :]

The Agenda
August 15, NYC
Dinner @ Boqueria (SOHO Location) @ 930
& The Party @ KUSH LOUNGE @ 1130 – close (4)

I arrived in Newark Friday nite and was immediately whisked off to Gimmiok Restaurant in Fort Lee to satisfy my Suh Lung Tang craving.

They cut the kimchi for you at the table

Best kimchi I’m gonna eat in awhile…

Galbi.. we ordered two of these

My beloved Suh Lung Tang

I dropped a chopstick in my excitement (typical Tiff)

Salt & scallions

Suh Lung Tang with all my additions

The morning of my party.. there was a lot of crepe eating, video game playing and napping…

I ordered a side of bananas that came with homemade whipped cream


And then I hit a coma.. napped for 2 hours and then played video games for the rest of the afternoon.. HAHAHAHAHA..

Driving into Soho

The Soho Room

Since people like to run on “Asian time” I told everyone to meet at 9… the people that actually got there on time, we drank @ Soho Room….


White Sangria, Rose Sangria, Red Sangria

Dátiles con Beicon
Dates stuffed with almonds and Valdeón, wrapped in bacon

Super sweet date with cheesy innards and the crunch of almonds… it was a bit too overwhelming for me

Pimientos de Padrón
Blistered Shishito peppers, coarse sea salt

They said one was really spicy in these..

So we were all trying to find it…

….and I found it.. but literally only ONE was spicy and it wasn’t even that spicy. SPICY FAIL :[ BUT THEY WERE STILL FREAKING GOOD!!!!

Patatas Bravas
Crispy potatoes, “salsa brava”, roasted garlic alioli

Trout on corn and squash!!! The funny thing was, when they brought it all, all we heard was PORK CHOP

SOOO TENDER and delicious. The veggies were amazing!!!

Cheeses…. meats… Olives.. I love

The pancetta was awesom… we were sitting right by a leg of it too :]

I think the sausage on the side was:
Salchichón (Spiced pork sausage, cured with garlic and herbs)

I think the cheese on the top was:
Aged Mahón
Tangy and intense, hard, slightly sharp, notes of citrus

And the bottom was a creamy goat cheese…

Espinacas a la Catalana
Sautéed spinach, garbanzos, pine nuts, garlic, raisins

Sugar snap peas, double smoked bacon
Golden Delicious apples, Valdeón cheese

Baby squid a la plancha, arugula, olive, crispy radish, garbanzos

(the garbanzos were fried & crispy!!!!)

Pintxos Morunos
Seared lamb marinated in lemon and cumin, salsa verde

The croutons were soooo crispy and good…

Artichokes and Arugula

Shrimp in garlicky olive oil, delicious.. and bread to dip

Up close :] NOM!

My fav of the nite, this cheesy fondue with chorizo.

This is how much we loved it

When I dip, you dip…

We dip :D

Once again…

He cleaned that cheese bowl…

Bistec de dos Cortes
Natural Black Angus Top Sirloin, market vegetables

Paella Valenciana
Bomba rice, prawns, mussels, clams, cockles, chorizo, chicken

Apparently, I was the only one at the table who wanted the prawns, so I ate them all, completely.. head and all :9 YUM!

Lonely Pea :[

Lonely Pea found Lima & Corn 1 and Corn 2 to be friends with :D :D :D


Creme Brulee

The chocolate was so velvety and rich

We just started drinking it from the cups.. birthday chocolate shots :]

Randy booked the Moroccan room for me :D weeeeeeeee

LOOK AT THAT :] My own sign!!!


Girls… and Chris ;]

This is what happens when you pass out….

And of course after a night of good fun, we need to go get some good eats… since we ALWAYS go to Ktown, we decided to change it up a little.. chicken&rice or Chinatown?!?!.. CHINATOWN!!!

Shortest guy/BFF must carry tallest girl to chinatown! HAHAHAHA

I loved it..

Making love with my duck, pork, wonton noodle soup!!! <3333

There’s a lot to look forward to for you guys this week… I’ve been doing a lot of foodie adventures.. including Indian food 3 dinners in a row (so there will be comparisons)…. boyfriend & I cooked a “surprise” (those who follow my twitter should know) and then of course, earlier today’s 3 Sisters Event @ Red Light :] — that one I’m writing tomorrow.. so look for that!!!!


  1. AnAppleADay says:

    girl, you’re so pretty!
    loving all the pictures<3
    kimchi is my favorite! YUM!


  2. holy cow, that’s AWESOME


    • misstiffie says:

      you so missed out dave!!! :[ too bad, next time!!!! i promise to return to the City soon to throw another one of my bashes :] ain’t no party like a miss tiffie partyyyyy.. lolol


  3. this post totally got my stomach growling


  4. of course i missed out – my schedule is so insane! boo you and your co-organizer for not sticking to the original date haha

    it’s probably a good thing i didn’t make it; that’s more food for you to eat!



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