Our Sundays have a lot to live up to…

Where did you spend your Sunday night yesterday? Boyfriend and I spent it here…

The gorgeous Mettawa Manor for the Green City Market Annual Harvest Celebration

So, before I begin, Sundays are slowly becoming traditionally delicious food times for me and boyfriend.  We can’t help it… we’re food event addicts… our bank accounts aren’t too happy about it, but our tummies sure are… Most recently, there was the 3 Sisters Event that I had written about and then the Goose Island Pork BBQ (which Boyfriend‘s awesome brother Steven actually got us tickets too!!! AH! I love fellow foodies!!!)…

[and before I forget, BEST. BEER. EVER. is IMPERIAL from GOOSE ISLAND!!!.. I think Steven and I had like at least 10 cups between the both of us HAHAHAHA]

… which I still need to blog about :] And this Sunday was no different. I promised not to be too spendy on us but when I found out about the Green City Market Annual Harvest Celebration I *HAD* to get me and boyfriend in on it :]

We started off the night with a nice glass of a Fox Valley Winery, Inc. 2008 Riesling and then headed (obviously) straight for the delicious food…

Carnivale Restaurant
Chef Mark Mendez

Pisto Manchego (Spanish style Ratatouille) . Toasted Bread . Fried Egg
This was SO good.. especially since this morning we had HORRIBLE breakfast experience at the Bananas Foster Cafe (do NOT go there!)

Big Jones
Chef Paul Fehribach

Cajun Debris Gumbo w/ Cornmeal Dumplings . Okra & Wax Bean Pickles
The okra pickles were to DIE for… they were red and delicious!!!! AND THE GUMBO!!!.. it was a tad bit salty for me, but it was SOOOO FREAKING YUM!  I was a little sad that they didn’t bring ice cream this time ;] HEHEHE… their sesame ice cream at the 3 Sisters event was the BEST!

Boyfriend comment: It’s a burgundy okra, it’s an heirloom seed.

Chef Gale Gand

Haha Gale even made a comment about my self pic :] Saying that she sees that on Facebook all the time *blush*

Gale told us to try these wild strawberries.. it was like a POW of tart strawberry flavor. AMAZING!

Raspberry Cream Pie
She was SO sweet, and SUPER tiny & adorable :] I was scared to accidently trip on my heel and fall on her :] AH awesome :] MUST visit TRU ASAP!

Chef Paul Virant

Yukon Gold Potato Gnocchi . Peppers . Chevre
Boyfriend & I are picky about your gnocchi, and this was tasty gnocchi :] EVEN THE GOAT CHEESE wasn’t overly goat cheesy :] AH JOY!

Chef Randy Zweiban

Market Taquitos
I swear these tasted like delicious creamy (goat cheese) doritos… no lie :] I could pop these all night long… so dangerous ;] In the best way possible… Boyfriend adored these and even told them that he could eat these in front of the TV watching football all night long!!!

Chef Andrew Zimmerman

Cotechino Sausage w/ a warm salad of fresh Cranberry Beans & Arugula… finished with Salsa Verde
I love beans, and these were SO tasty. The sausage was surprisingly light and delicious!

Limelight… food illuminated
Chef Liz Tokarczyk

Homemade Lamb Jerky . Pickled Cucumber, Sweet Pepper, Carrot & Baby Fennel
It wasn’t lamby at all… and the pickles were amazing.. I really need to get into pickling my own vegetables.. I know Boyfriend is really interested in doing that.. we should get to it before winter comes :]

Frontera Grill
Chef Rick Bayless

Caldo de Carnitas [Slow-cooked Pork Carnitas, Potato-Masa Dumplings, Chayote, Roasted Serrano Chile, Spinach, Arugula, Avocado]
This was absolutely delicious. One of my favorites of the night. It was hot soup but it was perfect for a warm fall night. I’ve never had avocado “cooked” or warm even and it was SO delicious. The flavors, just enough spice… light and filling… but not SO filling that I wouldn’t go back for seconds and thirds ;]

I was SO shy in meeting Rick :] I was so excited… and was like a giddy little 2 year old at a candy store!!!

Prairie Grass Café
Chef Sarah Stegner and Chef George Bumbaris

“Tallgrass Beef” Hanger Steak w/ Corn Salad

I bet they thought I was such a lush here.. I had a few plates of the beef and def. more than one of these pear vodka martinis *wink* DELICIOUS!

Chef Carrie Nahabedian

Braised Lamb Shank, Wheatberries, Lebanese Eggplant, “Sungold” Tomatoes, “Goldbar” Squash
Can you see the textures and layers of flavor? The tomatoes popped juicily in your mouth and the delicious CHEW of wheatberries (you know how I LOOOOVE wheatberries!!!) and the lamb was soooo tender and flavorful. DROOL!

North Pond
Chef Bruce Sherman

Smoked Rainbow Trout . Cucumber/Mint/Semolina . Melon . Herbs
Light and summery… I’m always a fan when people can work fruits into their dishes (and have it work) Smoked fish is usually really salty to me but this was really light smoked trout.. and not fishy at all :]

Higgins Restaurant & Bar [from Portland, OR]
Chef Greg Higgins

Higgins Iberico-style jamon w/ Mick Klug’s Barlet Pears, Fredonia Grapes and Arugula

I ate three plates of these, no shame. Chef Higgins even noticed and talked to boyfriend & I about the ham. This was FREAKING DELICIOUS. FAVORITE. OF. THE. EVENT! I could eat this forever… all the components just balanced off each other PERFECTLY. And the grapes were sooo grapey and amazing!

I ended up trying a few drinks.. a glass of Lynfred Winery V2007 Pinot Grigio, a Fox Valley Winery Inc. 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon (which I didn’t like, I think it was out in the sun too long, it was too alcoholy… and had a strange flavor to it.. ], a Raspberry Gin Cobbler Drink… and, the fav of the night, a Peach/Mint/Lemon/Templeton Rye Drink :]

Have you guys seen Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Isn’t that SOOOOO almost his shirt?!?!?!?

The Beautiful Garden

V is for Vanity

Inside the House

All the Chefs/Participants of the Celebration:

The LIVE Auction

Rick Bayless’ Dinner getting auctioned off:

We ended up winning Item #7 for:
Whole Hog Experience with Vie: A collaborative effort on selecting, planning and processing a large pig from a local farm with Paul Virant. WE GET TO KEEP ALLLLL OF THE FINISHED CHARCUTERIE & MORE!!!!!….

Love this guy :]

I’m so glad to have him as my boyfriend, friend, fellow foodie… <3 I’m a lucky girl to have him in my life.

Get ready for a really good post tomorrow because I’m headed to Primehouse’s Birthday Dinner TONITE!!!! :D


[edit 9/16] Boyfriend reminded me to talk about how if you recognize the MC :] Remember these commercials??



  1. Ugh. Wish I could have been there. The food looks amazing!



  1. […] such a sucker for their ice cream… and their gumbo, but their pork belly [also had in GCM BBQ last year] is just as yummy yummy too :D As was […]


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