Remember her name… you heard it here first :]

I have been SO lucky lately when it comes to good food…

The other night I had the pleasure of being fed by the gorgeous and talented Raechelle Medellin :]  She is competing in a contest for Bon Appétit and I was lucky enough to be invited to accompany the one and only Rick Gresh of PrimeHouse.  After chatting in the lobby at the James Hotel for a bit over a delicious glass of Chardonnay we headed over to a fun night of chatting, fooding, drinking and storytelling with a bunch of awesome foodies :] (btw I was an AWESOME directions girl!!!!)

Quickie about the contest first: It’s an amateur chef competition…The dish has to be completable, from start to finish, in 60 minutes.  & the recipe has to be easily repeatable

Got it? Got it? Alright, let’s go….

After meeting everyone and a quick introductions, we sat around a round table to an assortment of pre-meal treats…

Cherry tomatoes… olives, cheese…. a delicious spread for the…. wait for it wait for it…

This tasty potato pie :]

As we’re all talking the hostess/chef of the night is busy plating the soup as her friend finishes toasting up the sammies…

A blend of tomatoes, onions, carrots, green peppers, fresh garlic, olive oil, chicken broth and some white wine was garnished with a leaf of parsley and some cherry tomato halves.  There were also  fideo/vermicelli noodles cut into bite size strands in this… So yum!

The soup was delicious and very comforting…. I love comfort food with it’s own spin on it.  This made me happy & warm inside (ah the fuzzies) like chicken noodle soup… Creamy and very fresh tasting.. not heavy at all… goes down well… but we all agreed that for the competition she should add a little vava-voom… perhaps some lemon? Some spice? EVOO soaked parsley? Drizzle of chorizo oil?… I’m excited to hear what her final recipe she submits will be :]

Talking and drinking and munching….

And then some….

Thick crusty sandwich with Jamón ibérico (a Spanish cured ham) delicious chorizo, sharp provolone… a spicy sun dried tomato aioli all hot pressed together panini-style :] … It was spicy and cheesy inside and the bread was crispy and chewy. I dipped it in the soup to soften up the sammy (as did most other guests)… SOOO good together!!!

There were a few comments about too much bread… but I liked it :] Just make the innards thicker :] But it was a nice balance of chew, crunch and flavor :] Ahhh the spicy <3

Even tho dinner was over, the night was still young…. simple slices of orange rings sprinkled with cinnamon were brought out… refreshing… and something a bit different :] More wine was poured… and after the fruit…

…drumsticks were brought out.. the ice cream kind. At first I was passing.. but then realized it came in THREE flavors. Regular, Mint & Fudgey Centered… I grabbed a fudgey one and gobbled it up. Oh drumsticks, it’s been way too long.

The night continued with fun stories from a former chef & the star chef.  Advice was given & jokes were said.  Thanks again Raechelle for a delicious meal :] Good luck with the contest!!! :] You’re gonna do great!!!

Great food, great company, great night :]

I love it when that happens.


  1. Raechelle says:

    Thank you so much! We loved having you on Tuesday and – as foodies do – would love to do it again! Your blog is incredible, and I’ll definitely keep you updated on the competition. Happy food-ing! ~Raechelle


  2. the food loooooks soo goooooooooood!!



  1. […] Mag event, tapas & sangria with great people (including the awesome Rick and the gorgeous Raechelle) at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba!… Steven (boyfriend’s brother)’s Birthday dinner at Custom […]


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