Ai Fiori’s Chef’s Tasting – Oh Michael White…

Back in February I won the auction for SOBE Wine&Food Festival for a Chef Tasting for 2 with wine pairings at Michael White’s baby Ai Fiori.  You guys should know by now that I rarely go to the same restaurants again… so when I do, it really means that the restaurant [and Michael White] made a huge impact on me.. my stomach… which basically is where my heart lievs.

Delicious soft gooey butter with black pepper to go with my olive bread!!!

And then began the Chef’s Tasting… I marked all the add-ons we really wanted to try/eat that ended up being complimentary with a “*” :] Seriously, Ai Fiori has some of the BEST service and staff and everything everrrrr *ALL SMILES*

Amuse Bouche…
Steak Tartare, Tuna Tartare and Salted Cod Croquette
The tartare was super tender, very very clean tasting with a nice crunchy buttery crostini on the bottom… er, crouton?  The tuna tartare was just as clear, light and refreshing as the tartare.. and the croquette, which I had last, wasn’t overly salty, or fishy… definitely heavy on the potatoes… all three were an excellent start to the meal.

Chilled Asparagus Soup Shooter

Tasted like my favorite, BPC Green Juice :] Very very refreshing, clean and healthy tasting.. not very much on the asparagus taste but definitely full of fresh veggies…

amber jack tartare, cara cara oranges, cucumber, uova di trot

The cleanest tasing amberjack… SOOOO fresh… the caviar was SO delicious – popped in my mouth but wasn’t overly fishy or salty… perfectly complimented the raw fish. NOM!

The sexy version…

Uovo *
slow poached egg, lobster knuckles, crispy veal sweetbreads, nuage layon

Delicious and foamy… delicious chunks of lobster and sweetbreads with the most amazing cheesy tasting foam… all which complimented the ever rich, smooth and creamy perfectly poached egg… gooey amazingness.

Wait wait, what is this?

lobster velouté, périgord black truffles, chervil

Definitely the most TENDER lobster I have EVER eaten. SUPER SWEET… sooooooooooooo perfectly cooked.. and I’ve eaten a LOT of lobster… raw, cooked right, cooked wrong, overcooked and undercooked, but this was perfection. To be honest, better than the last time we had lobster here.

braised veal parcels, fava beans, black truffle sugo

I LOOOOOOOOVE Michael White’s Agnolotti.. I literally daydream about these things everytime I crave pasta… SO tender, perfect dough….. MMM creammmmy veal center… I also adore fava beans, tastes like spring – and this whole dish was completed and complimented with delicious black truffle sauce… all of the elements, while perfection all on they’re own, just totally brought the dish together as whole

amish veal chop “au four”, asparagus, peas, spring onion blanquette
They gave me the “man” dish…

And they gave Z the girl dish.. hahaha

YESSSS… I gots the bone :D

I’m a sexy bitch when I eat aren’t I? NOT!!! But it was SOOO tender and delicious…. YUM! Ever since my Resto Veal dinner I’ve been in love ever since.. OKAY, to be honest I never would fully seek out veal.. I do now… hahah thanks to Resto… and YUM YUM YUM was this good.  The bone was soooo fatty, delicious and FULL of amazing flavor.  Once you go veal, you never want regular again.. OKAY, that’s a lie.. just wanted to think of something clever to say.. hahaha

Gnocchetti *
semolina saffron gnocchi, blue crab, sea urchin, tomato, fresh herbs

Yeah, okay, we had this before, but we were still hungry so we decided to add to our order… we EACH got our own dish – YUM! The portions were so much larger too.. amazing, delicious, licked the bowls clean. YUM! YUM! YUM!… Michael White and his PERFECT pasta and sauces.. so balanced… chewy tender, perfectly al dente, creamy uni, melt in your mouth crab… OH FREAKING MAN… and then the crunch of the buttery breadcrumbs on top – so heavenly its like a dirty dirty secret.

And because we were super curious about the lamb dish that was usually on the Chef’s Tasting….. Chef gave us some to try :D

Agnello *
rack of lamb en crepinette, swiss chard crochetta, sariette

Yep, Chef got me to eat lamb. Lots of lamb, this was delicious.  SUPER SUPER tender and PERFECTLY cooked.. it wasn’t too gamey or “lamb”-y in my words, at all. Just plain deliciousness.  The swiss chard was cooked down and also super tender… the sauce was soooo flavorful.. yum yum yum.

Panna Cotta ♥

This definitely had a light light goaty or sheep flavor but I found it absolutely amazing.. DEVOURED… Super creamy and delicious – not too sweet definitely to die for.  I ate it up SO fast… crunchy, creamy, cold, amazing.

Okay, I honestly don’t really remember what was in this.. I remember there were SO many layers of tart textures and flavors…. there were candied walnuts and it was SO interesting.. so refreshing and new. Delicious nonetheless…

Thanks Chef Chris Jaeckle.. He was SO nice and charasmatic… we got to chat with him for awhile and I couldn’t stop praising the food… nom nom nom. Ai Fiori, my favorite place for pasta in NYC :] And probably ever… When you have time PLEASE try the Chef’s Tasting and definitely go with the Wine Pairings as well.. absolutely BRILLIANT!!!


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