Plein Sud with Top Chef Ed Cotton

So the night before my trip back to NYC… I planned out the next three nights of dinners… there was Ai Fiori… then LTO.. and Thursday night was going to be Plein Sud [OBVIOUSLY, #topchefwhore].  To my surprise, as soon as I get into the City I get a tweet from the awesome Chef Ed Cotton to stop by his place. Thinking one step ahead chef, already booked!!! This just made me MORE excited for Thursday night to come :]

Now, to be honest, while I knew Chef was super talented, it wasn’t til I re-watched the whole season 7 again the other week that I knew, FO SHO that I had to eat at his place. Pretty EFFING talented dude yo. Not to mention, Boston pride yo! He went to HS in the same time I lived in. Prettttyyy badass.

I mean he STARTED working in HS… with freaking Todd English.. his resume is pretty impressive including working with chefs [aside from the forementioned English] like Barbara Lynch and Danial Boulud.

As soon as we were seated, in this suppppper cosy cute little round corner booth, might I add, we had glasses of prosecco planted in front of us. Bubbly and ice cold – delicious.

Before we even got to read everytime off the menu, we were presented, once again surprised, with some complimentary munchies….

The most delicious Flatbread

Creamy, smokey, crispy…. amazing!!!! This was sooo delicious… and totally helped with choosing another app ;D NOM NOM NOM

We ordered a whole bottle of the prosecco and continued on with our meal.. MMM delicious.

Large Charcuterie Board with Housemade Pickles

They consisted of yummies such as Coppa, this Cured Duck, a Wild Boar and something very similar to Prosciutto but a lot less salty. I completey devoured the housemade pickles.. sweet, slightly tart, mixture of onions, celery, carrots and, of course CUCUMBERS!!!!… MMM.. pickles.

Boudin Blanc
White Sausage, Pomme Purée, Prunes

Mandatory dirty picture of me with phallic food – yep i said it…

This was SO freaking delicous.  Chef Ed even came up while cooking it and said he didn’t want to overcook it. Seriously, most awesome chef ever :D Anyways. To be honest, Boudin Blanc kinda freaks me out.  Large white sausages… I mean.. OK, it’s ridic but I freak out a little bit. BUT THIS IS SOOOOO FREAKING GOOD.  Juicy, tender, a slight POP while you cut into it and chew it… literally melted like buttaaaa… not butter, but BUTTAAAA, in my mouth.  The prunes.. sweet, chewy, buttery, slightly tart – perfect compliment

Steak Tartare
Dijon-Worcestershire Vinaigrette and Grilled Country Bread

Nicely cut, heavy on the mustard but I love mustard so it’s okay :] And thankfully not overly salty.  Very nice and light, yes light, tartare… MMM, very nice and fresh and beefy tasting.. the bread was SO good.. nice, charred on the grilled and super crunchy and delicious. PERFECT with the soft tartare..

And then, to my surprise, another complimentary dish. Oh Chef Ed you spoil me so :] Make me so fat and happy!!!… The most delicious…

Escargot Persillade
Parisan Ham, Almond. Mushroom
I didn’t guess it’d be Parisan ham but this tasted nice, smokey and fatty.  So maybe Parisan ham is? Hold on, let me google it…

… yeah I don’t know…

The herbs in it were amazing and the most delicious fatty crunchy melt-in-your-mouth croutons.  DELICIOUS.  The escargots [yes snails] were cooked SOOOO perfectly tender – like honestly, the BEST escargot I’ve EVER had!!! And I’ve had good AND bad…]  It was rich and buttery but not overly so like a lot of the other times I’ve had escargot so I couldn’t stop eating it.. no seriously, I really couldn’t…. DELICIOUS. I’ve been daydreaming and fantasizing about it ever since. Anyone wanna go and have a garlicky escargot party with me? :D

Let Plat Du Jour:
Pied De Cochon

Yep! Stuffed Piggie’s Feet… A must when you’re here at Plein Sud… methinks anyways ;D  It’s TOTALLY not what I expected, to be honest with you…  Instead of a whole trotter…. it didn’t have the fatty skin collagen-y foot that I usually eat – but all the meat, a lot of meat in big pillows, big fluffy deep fried pillows… very unexpected but very delicious.

Duck Confit

It was atop a delicious sauce and mushrooms… nom nom nom…. the skin was ever so crispy and melt-n-your-mouth.. the meat melted like BUTTTTTAAA [yep again] in my mouth.. so tender.. Crisp Crisp Crisp MMMM, nothing like tasting something so fatty yet so good… good for your soul… and yet still so light. WAIT… light?  My toes are tingling…

Peanut Butter Ganache, Rich Chocolate Cake, Banana Cream

How could I say no?  It’s Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Bananas, NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!… You can’t really see in this pic, but there’s a huuuuuge sexy smear of a delicious creamy rich peanut butter behind the cake… with a few slices of caramelized banana slices… MMMM…. a delicious chocolate gelato atop crushed peanuts [nonsalty.. wait, I think] and of course the chocolate cake itself.  Creamy, rich, decadent but not overly so in a gross way.  I could eat this for ages… get fat, but love it. Ok, and I also like how it’s called Tribeca, hahaha…

Lemon Tarte with Toasted Fluffy Meringue

This was so yummy, tart and super creamy.  The meringue was a lot more creamy than solid than I’m used to when it comes to a meringue, but very very tasty.. MMM I love burnt foods, it’s a sick sick thing.. and I’ll probably get some sort of weird disease from it — does your mom tell you that you’re gonna get cancer from eating too much burnt food too? — but oh well, YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!!!

The awesome Chef Ed Cotton and I :] EEEE Beantown represent yo!!!!  Thanks for some of the best French food I’ve had in a long time… :] YAYY happy happy pic!!!


  1. um, first of all, you are SO BEAUTIFUL! i can’t stand it.

    second of all…i saw that sausage and i wanted to BITE.THE.SCREEN. ugh. everything looked so delish!!!



      and yes that sausage was just OMG… SO JUICY and BURST… literally POPPED in my mouth on first bite. OMG… *squirt



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