IRISH I WERE DRUNK…. Spanish for St Pattys Day…

What did you do for St Pattys Day?I headed into the city to celebrate with some friends :] After spending a long afternoon in the city – I had barely eaten and was absolutely FAMISHED, so I headed down to La Paella around St. Marks in the East Village for some Spanish tapas :]

Now before we begin I must apologize for one of the ugliest sets of photos I’ve ever taken – and this is all taking place in this post :]

Did I mention how famished I was? Completely lost count of how many dishes we ended up ordering… seriously…

And the sangria didn’t help. Since it was the first thing we got when we ordered I was downing it like it was water and I was dehydrated in the desert. LOL.

Plato de Chorizo

Grilled Chorizo

Jamon Serrano

Imported Cured Ham
Always delicious. The breadsticks weren’t necessary but some of us liked it with as well. R and I just ate it plain.

Flor de Arcachofa

Baked artichoke with whole garlic and extra virgin olive oil
SOOOOO GOOOOOD :] Nom nom nom. I ate so much of this with the spicu green sauce


Seasoned Meatballs in Red Tomato Sauce
These were a bit overcooked and the tomatoes were a bit too salty but they were going in the right direction.

Mejillones a la Madrilena

Mussels in Spicy Tomato Sauce

The Empanada de Carnes [Beef Empanada] were AMAAAAAAAZINGLY yummy but unforunately the pictures of them are MIA :[

Calabacines Rellenos

Stuffed squash with vegetables and almond sauce

A bit sweet but very subtle in flavor and the squash was very tender without falling apart or a mush.

Pimientos Rojos Asados con Picadillo de Ajo

Roasted red peppers with galic, oil, and parsley

Pinchos de Gambas y Pollo
Grilled Shrimps and Chicken Skewer with lemon

Calamares a la Plancha

Grilled Calamari
These were really good… a sprinkle of lemon and they were full of smokey flavor from the grill and perfectly chewy [but not overly so] tender and yum. Not fishy at all. Delish!

Pinchos de Gambas y Pollo
Grilled Shrimps and Chicken Skewer with lemon

Langostines a la plancha

Grilled jumbo shrimps with a saffron sauce
So good, we got it twice :D Seriously. They were so so good. They came with the shrimp heads as well [and you know how good sucking out the shrimp heads are!!!]

Paella Negra

Squid, squid ink and chopped tomato

This is one of their signature paellas.. it was alright. Maybe a bit too squid inky for me and it just didn’t taste as good as regular paella is [to me] I’ll stick with the OG stuff ;D

Setas al Ajillo

Sauteed mushroom in garlic and sherry vinegar sauce

Boquerones en Vinagre
Marinated Filets of Anchovies Imported from Spain
Seriously… anchovies are so underrated and need to be around more often on menus :D

Filete de Carne

Sliced Rib Eye

Tender, juicy and flavorful and cooked perfectly medium rare YAY!

Calamares Fritos

Fried Calamari

Really good and very lightly fried…. this was the last thing I was eating after two plus jugs of sangria.. so by now everything tastes really good…. :D But we still cleared this plate super fast so I don’t think I was wrong :D

And all of this with a bowl of Chef’s Special Sauce Spicy Green Jalapeno Sauce

Tarta de manzana con helado de vainilla

Warm apple tart served with vanilla ice cream

Pastel de chocolate con helado de Vainilla

Warm chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream

Pastel de queso con chocolate blanco

White chocolate cheese cake
This was sooooo gooood… funnily enough this was placed in front of R and the apple tart was placed in front of me and we were both intrigued with each other’s :D But then there was the fan favorite….

Crema catalana

Soooo good, I think we all could’ve used one :D Or two, each!!!

Now commence the bar hopping….

How’d you spend your St Patricks Day this year?


  1. […] thing of the night… But then again, meatballs are hard to mess up….. – except at La Paella in NYC when they were too dry and overcooked – they could’ve used a lot more cheese […]


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