EASTER Lunch at The Modern @ MOMA

Inbetween blogging about all the crazy fun in Chicago the past weekend I realized that I had to hurry up and blog about Easter before I get way too lazy and just pass it over. My food life is just overwhelming lately :] Lots to eat and lots to blog about.

When I was choosing a place for Easter Brunch it came quite easy… after quickly going through a couple of choices… I settled on Cafe Boulud…. until I landed on Modern [see how Modern comes after Boulud in the alphabet… hahaha]

The Bread & Butter

My olive roll with the cutest cube of perfectly creamy room temperature butter….

Look, I’m so excited to be eating here. I’ve been wanting to try Modern for AGESSSS… so this was super exciting…. 5 courses with wine and special complimentary treats for a great price in a great location was awesome. We got seated by the window and had a great view of the sculptures and people relaxing in the beautiful weather….

Sidenote: How is everyone totally nutty about Easter in Manhattan? Who knew?

Check out this lady’s crazy hat. Honestly we saw these people EVERYWHERE.. including INSIDE the restaurant :]

Like always, we started off our meal with a glass of champagne…… best sort of apéritif without going into all the special sorts of appetite stimulating wines…. :] Seriously just go for a glass of the bubbly and you’re ready to eat – also great with seafood platters and caviar ;D

Amuse Bouche

Fennel  Panna Cotta drizzled in EVOO and etc… this was SOOO fantastically buttery and creamy. Maybe a bit too rich but I looooved this savory creamy yum yum!

I also loved the sporks they came with. Sporks are just so annoying but these were just so cute, I want a set for my new apartment…

Another sexy shot of the Amuse… mmmmmm Fennel-y creamy goodness *loves*

The Wines

Yeah we’re a pair of lushes :D But hey, how can you say no to three bottles of amazingly delicious wines….


Tartare of Yellowfin Tuna and Diver Scallops
Seasoned with Yellowstone River Caviar

I ate most of this since R spoils me and knows how obsessed I am with raw scallops :D This was light, refreshingly and soooo delicious. Yay for good and fresh seafood and caviar :D YUMMM.. just looking at this now makes me want to go out for some good sashimi…. hehe…

I’m so glad non-Japanese places are starting to use all this good sashimi and incorporating them into dishes that aren’t just some lame-ass Asian Fusion…. [seared tuna sashimi with wasabi sauce is good but just sooooo overdone. See this face? Bored…]

Foie Gras Terrine Flavored with Juniper-
Marinated Raisins, Pistachio Joconde

How frightening is the bright green crust? Haha… but it’s just harmless pistachiocity ;D R ended up eating this yumminess… only cuz I’m just not that big of a fan of cold moussy foie. I perfer mine seared and juicyyyyyy!!!!



Poached Farm Fresh Egg with Artichoke Purée,
Honshimeji Mushrooms and Pimento Nage

Look at how happy this looks… I can’t see a yolky egg and not order it. This was just so so soooo good… now that I think about it… I should’ve dipped in my olive bread into this.. or a side of crusty bread/toast would’ve been F.A.B. ;D *dunk*

Isn’t that just so freaking sexy???…

Maine Lobster “Cappuccino”

Isn’t it so pretty?… I want to just keep this forever all pretty and such… mmm savory cappuccinos….

This was surprisingly very espresso-y but not in a disgusting way… and I loved the savory flavors mixed perfectly in with a sort of milky yumminess… the chunks of lobster were really tasty as well…. yay for GOOD foam!!!




Black Olive-Roasted Monkfish
in a Ginger-Saffron Broth

Monkfish is just soooo fantastic. They are super ugly mofos but just soooo tender and tasty. I loved how light this was… usually olives are just sooo salty but this worked perfectly. The succulent broth really really added to the fish as well. NOM!… just wish it was a bigger piece ;D

Steamed Black Sea Bass, Lobster-Tamarind Broth,
New Onion and Mint

Oh happy day… You can never go wrong with Sea Bass…. love the crunch with the slippery yummy onions…. this dish was super delish!…




Long Island Duck Breast with Black Trumpet
Marmalade, “Fleischeschneke” and Banyuls Jus

This duck was great.. but it was kinda weird that it was cut and THEN cooked. You can tell by the way it’s colored on the outside. I’m supposing they just wanted it to look “prettier” per say… but either way… evenly pink. Loved the beef roll, onions and seared foie gras on the side ;D YUM YUM YUM….

Creekstone Beef Tenderloin cooked in Horseradish
Broth “à la Ficelle” with Heirloom Beets, Sorrel
Leaves and Horseradish Nage

Aren’t these innards and closeups just super sexy?

Beets beets beets… and then sweetbread on radish.. yum yum yum….

Look at how perfectly cooked that this piece of beef is ;D Such a beautiful color….



Complimentary Dessert


Caramel Parfait
with Mango Ravioli,
Coconut-Lemongrass Tapioca
and Ten Flavor Sorbet

Manjari Chocolate Palet
with Tahitian Vanilla
Crémeux and Orange Cacao
Arabesque Tuile



Complimentary Chocolates & Sweet Sweet Endings

I don’t remember what the chocolates were but I don’t remember them….. I just remember that they were absolutely delicious.

Our meal finally was finished off with some complimentary delicious sorbet in the cutest mini cones ever :]

Chocolate Bunny Dessert Cart


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