Out for Omelettes, came back filled with Italian

Last Sunday, we woke up super late after a long night watching UFC 111 at Prudencial Center in NYC….

More here…

INSANITY… we filled up on popcorn, fries, funnel cake and tons of good beer… but we awake the next morning with the biggest munchies ever… of course the fact that we didn’t eat til around 3 didn’t help either…. so yeah…… we were starved and craved goodness in us…. omelettes? brunch? french toast? pancakes… we quickly found a cute diner to go to for some eggy goodness… but ended up finding something even more…..

Cafe Formaggio was RIGHT next door…. and the pizza on their lunch menu drew me in….

Fresh breads… yum!!!!

Side Nibbles — Cheese, Hummus and Olives

I love Sangria :]

A layered tower of fresh mozzarella, marinated portobello mushroom, red ripened tomato and basil, then drizzled with a tasty pesto and balsamic reduction

This was sooooo delicious. Could’ve eaten a couple of these…. the reduction could’ve been a tad less sweet, but nevertheless I was hooked. The mozzarella was soooo fresh, firm and scrumptious. The tomatoes were great and the basil really wrapped the whole dish together with the meaty portobello.  This will most definitely be re-created in my kitchen….

Grilled Calamari & Shrimp
Topped with Rosemary, fresh squeezed lemon and olive oil

Simplicity always works best, especially when it comes to seafood. Fresh and tender… yums.

Grilled Artichoke Hearts
Grilled hearts topped with shaved pecorino cheese

LOOOOOOOOVE artichokes….. maybe a bit drenched too much EVOO but they were really tender and flavorful. I looooved how much the grill adds smokiness and so much flavor to the artichokes…. the pecorino was a little too overpowering for me tho. R thought it was a little too plasticky…

Capellini Fritti
Angel hair pasta combined with fresh ricotta, diced prosciutto and formaggio, golden fried to perfection

I’m not a huge fried foods fan… or angel hair pasta.. but these were actually pretty good… :] Definitely recommend it with the marinara and some hot red pepper flakes with it…

Moules Provençale

Mussels, Onions, Tomatoes… super garlicky in a delicious white wine sauce… I duno WTH is up with the big spoons at this place.. but R and I love our mussels.. we always order it if it’s on the menu, so OBVIOUSLY, we devoured these asap. Not as huge as Waterzooi’s [which we had later that night] but still delicious nonetheless…

The only huge ass mussel in the bunch….

Mango Salad
Romaine hearts, radicchio, endive, grape tomatoes, mesclun mix, walnuts, and mango with a white balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Topped it off with tons of freshly cracked black pepper… *kisses* yay for candied walnuts and delicious sweet sweet juicy mango….

Rigatoni Alla Vodka
Imported prosciutto sauteed in a creamy pink vodka sauce

Deliciousssss…. sooo creamy and the sauce was great… the cheese they put on top kind of killed it for me tho so I just ate the bottoms where the cheese didn’t touch. The pasta was cooked perfect al dente tho. AMAZING.

Homemade Cannoli

Mike’s Pastry still has the best cannoli everrrrr….. Boston girl at heart yo…

Homemade Tiramisu

This was pretty good.. tons of espresso flavor… totally melted in my mouth, loved. Not the prettiest thing ever.. but good…

Double Espresso


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