Jaaaamaican Baaaacon – Day 2

I’m missing Jamaica like crazy… please someone take me back asap.

This is a quickie post… since I’m about to head out to the night markets… but I promise to try to update more often while I’m still here in Taiwan!!!!

Our first morning adn this is what we woke up to:

Gorgeous isn’t it?

Some of the yummiest hot sauce EVER…. [we ended up getting a bottle of this, an even spicier one and a jerk one]

Look at the innards. Num num nom nom :D Callaloo in it.

We ordered special pancakes and got these instead… a quick phone call to our butler and….

We got the special coconut/cherry/raisin special pancakes :D With snausages… and bacon!!!

Delicious guava jelly… very light tho…

A side of bacon :D

Don’t these look silly?

After a walk around the resort…. we came back to our beautiful bed made up…


Our villa…

Our swim up suite is connected to this pool/lagoon :D So we played for awhile in it….

Getting ready for dinner…

Barefoot by the Sea

Starting off with the booze…

Bread :D

Thinly shaved Swordfish Carpaccio drizzled with Truffle Oil and Sauce Vierge

Barefoot’s chilled Oysters marinated with Lemon and Chili Pepper

Yummy oysters!!!! SOOO GOOD :D

Coconut Fried Tiger Shrimp served with Pineapple Rice and Chardonnay Butter Sauce

Curry Conch Jamaican Conch simmered in creamy Curry

Crispy Pan-Seared Chicken Supreme topped with Apricot & Tamarind Chutney and served with creamy Pumpkin-Red Curry Sauce

Desserts time!!! We couldn’t choose so we got three different kinds!!!

Chocolate Bread Pudding served with Rum Cream Sauce

Lemon Pie with Coconut Whipped Cream

Cream Puffs Filled with Tropical Compote



  1. wow…love the photos..look like u had a great time.


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