Bambino . The Country Life

Over the weekend we headed up to the mountains in Taichung [臺中] to eat at Bambino…  a little hidden cottage in the countryside. It was my mom, three aunts and me :D A girls’ day in Taichung! So lets backtrack a bit before we get to the good stuff….

After some shopping and breakfast and coffee [yes people in my family…. well, us ladies are ALWAYS eating…]

First we headed to a delicious little japanese sushi shop.

Sashimi & the most delicious Japanese style salad ever…

Handrolls and amazing Salmon Miso Soup

Delicious torch-seared nigiri.

Afterwards we headed to drink some of Taichung’s BEST coffee. Yep, Tea Time RIGHT after lunch :D

Cheesecake & Strawberry Waffle… something about Taiwanese cheesecake that just isn’t right. It’s not as dense but it’s a lot thicker/chunky and even cheesier… After gossiping and talking for what seemed like hours [but quickly] we decided it was time to go to dinner, leaving an hour ahead of time for leeway. We headed 45 minutes out into the country side…. only about 30 minutes without traffic or anything…

* 營業時間: ——–週 二 公 休 ————
陽光午餐 11:50 ~ 15:00 浪漫晚餐 18:30 ~ 22:00
*採預約點餐制. 預約專線: 04 – 2275 2837
*春節期間: 大年初三(2/16) ~ 初八(2/21) 正常營業

You need reservations since there are so few tables. The family actually lives above the cute little restaurant.

We found some bezel nut trees.. and some overripe fallen ones :D We each collected one to bring home for keepsake :D

The garden is absolutely beautiful. You can see more photos in my facebook album here.

Much photo-whoring was committed. Guilty as charged…. but then it was time to eat the delicious 4 course meal.

Freshly picked flowers in bowls were on our table.

They gave us a secret mixture blend of white wines as apéritif :D

First up was a seemingly innocent giant roll… but the innards were filled with gooey garlic, basil and mozzarella cheese. So so happy :]

Next up was the best dish of the night…

Papaya soup with corn, some turkey ham and a sort of squash.

Pineapple, grape, tomato salad with a plum vingarette, apple, white peach and some delicious smoked turkey with a tiny sprig of rosemary thru it [and some micro greens inside of it] you’re supposed to pop the whole thing in your mouth and slowly chew on it as the flavors melt out….

Afterwards we had a break to digest and to…


Yea… I ate most of them… nice and burnt and almost completely black and crispy. YUM!….

After a 15-20 minute break we had our main entrees….

If I had known it was a cream/butter based sauce I would’ve gotten something else… [not a huge fan of thme] but it was still really good. They gave some delicious crusty hot french bread to dip in the sauce on the side but obviously that didn’t happen for me. The scallops and clams were amazing… as were the big succulent shrimps. Yay for mushrooms!!!

No one got the chicken dish at our table but two people got the beef. HUGE juicy steas with bacon wrapped asparagus and delicious mushroom stems [cooked steak style and sliced…] the steak sauce it came in was delicious. Plum based I think.

Afterwards we all got the “beautiful woman” tea and we had a slice of lemon pie with a chocolate chip crust. Split down the middle with some beautiful lavender [also from the garden]

I ended up chatting with the chef for awhile. He and his wife had taken interest in cooking and starting up a restaurant so they went to the countryside to open this place up. But since they’re just starting up small, they’re only fixed courses and everything has to be made as reservations ahead of time [to prepare] He is french influenced but obviously with a slight asian influence… [lighter fare]

The steaks are not cooked to order but they’re cooked a nice medium. [Altho I prefer medium rare… Taiwanese ppl are less rare cow happy… in fact just today my aunt’s [2nd aunt, she’s only in her 30s] boyfriend was saying how for a lot of Taiwanese ppl they’re very superstitious about eating cows so they don’t eat that much beef. [He told me this since he ate no beef but had pork instead at hotpot]

ANYWAYS. The chef would like to welcome everyone from my blog [and then some] to try his delicious food. You can choose from seafood, beef or chicken and his wife explains all the ingredients, where they came from and how it pairs together and was made, table side. It was such a great experience… I talked with the chef about knowing where your food comes from and eating sustainable food. I had a really great, delicious, and even educational time.

ps. I have my next Jamaica post almost ready to post – which I’ll do in the morning [my morning, your night] :D but please comment to let me know.. finish all of my Jamaica and Valentine’s Day posts first or go back in forth between Taiwan and Jamaica??!?!?!?!?!… I’m so behind… SORRY!!!!



  1. you had me at the giant roll <3
    do you think you'll forget jamaica and vday stuff if you go back and forth? no preference of order for me ;D


  2. holy crap that bread!!!!!! carbs and cheese. YUM.


  3. not knowing which of your travels to blog about first means you need to stop traveling!!! haha.


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