Modern Toilet – Taipei

I’ve been wanting to try Modern Toilet since I first read and saw pictures about it a few years ago when it first opened. I have a family friend who went there when it first opened. It’s right next to the famous Shilin Night Market.

It was a lot tinier than it seemed to be in the pictures I had seen…

We first pass a row of toilets…

And then we got to our table for 3 :D Yayayayyyy… so cute… little toilets…

Cathy got the regular hot pot mix with pork… she ate everything but some of the rice. :] See, the hotpots also come with the sauce all ready for us to dip our food in…. it had tons and tonssss of greens in it :D

Her boyfriend got the fried chicken :] — at first he was gonna get the curry chicken but we decided it was a little too close to, um… uncomfort, then it should be :] — just think curry… in a toilet… hahahaha…. he didn’t like the soup it came with too much, but he ate most of it super fast.

I, predictably, got the kimchi seafood hot pot — it was pretty fresh.. I just didn’t like the fish paste balls and such that it came with – just subpar. But the kimchi broth was good and it came with tonnnnns of kimchi.

The food wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t bad either…. it’s just a really really fun place to go to. It’s not that pricey and an awesome place to take friends and tourists to visit :] I still prefer eating the yummy night market food. Everything comes in a set… you get your food, rice, whatever it comes with and a drink.. [we all got iced tea… which is sweet]

Oh, and you get complimentary chocolate soft serve in a toilet bowl after your meal ;D

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