Acadia ME: Fish House Grill – The Last Dinner

Since we didn’t really make it out much in Acadia the day before due to the excessive heat, we woke up bright and early to get a good start on the day while it was still “cool”… My parents got up super super early, got breakfast and brought back some blueberry pancakes for me from Jeannie’s Breakfast… also some eggs, home fries/potatoes and toast.. MMMMM….

SOOOO much fresh blueberries in the pancakes, they were freaking AMAZING!!

And then offfffffff to the national park again…

Sand Beach

Didi’s first time at the beach, she was freaking out at the waves.. poor thing…

I got splashed :[ The water was freeeeeezing and apparently doesn’t get above like 50 degrees or something

Thundering Hole

It was pretty calm at first and apparently it was all day but it picked up once we got there.. and it was BOOMING.. Didi freaked out and crawled onto my back LOL

I eatz your head

Bar Harbor Cellars / Winery @ Sweet Pea Farm

We bought some wine, wine tasted and also bought some snacks.. and then headed back to the hotel to chill by the pool…

White Summer Sangria

Spiced Passion Mojito

And I even hot tubbed a bit.. good thing it was in the shady area of the hotel pool area so it was actually super nice and relaxing…

And then back downtown for dinner…

Didi meat fake leopard print doggie

We decided to not eat at our original location and go by the pier to eat..

Beautiful view form our table

We decided on Fish House Grill so we could eat with a nice view and breeze.. and OMG it got SUPER breezy and chilly by the water..

The menu was HUUUUUGE… took forever to choose what to eat..

I got a half bottle of bubbly for meself :D

Clam Chowdahhhhh

Super thick, creamy, delicious – definitely needed more clams though.. I loveeeeee it when it’s chockful of clams and less potatoes :] But it was SO good…

1 lb Steamers – thankfully NOT salty

And…. what’s this hiding under garlic bread?!

1 lb Mussels in White Wine Garlic Butter Sauce


OOOO and Corn Bread too, the most AMAZING corn bread. *obsessed*

Mommy’s Pan Fried Flounder

Flounder dusted with Seasoned Bread Crumbs and some dill Sauce.. served with Tropical Salsa, corn and Rice

Daddy’s Grilled Atlantic Salmon

Served with Tropical Salsa, Corn and Rice

And then me being the fatass that I am… I ordered a mega entree…

My Seafood Grill

2 lobster claws, steamers, mussels, stone crab, peel n eat shrimp, crab legs and i asked for extra corn instead of potatoes… AND added on a lobster tail

YEP. I couldn’t choose what I wanted.. so I just got it all.. OMG the shrimp was SOOO GOOD… steamed and seasoned with Butter and Old Bay Seasoning…  I ate it ALL! AND ordered dessert…

Blueberry Crisp

It was mushy and gross and overly buttery so I didn’t eat it.. hahaha…

But I did take ridiculous pictures

More homemade gelato…

1 scoop maple walnut – with WHOLE walnuts YUM; and 1 scoop banana Peanut Butter… tons of chunks of pb and reese’s :D

BED TIME!!! Didi and her new moose friend!!!

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