Rock & Roll Sushi/Karaoke Soirée with Morimoto & Friends [NYC Food&Wine 2010]

I’ve been naughty and I haven’t been updating my blog with the play by play of Food & Wine Fest last weekend… but there are reasons… I was just incredibly busy and had NO time to even stop and think… back to back to back demos/events/activities and even squeezed in a wedding Saturday night… phew. But I felt like I def went to some great major events… I kicked it off Friday night with the Rock & Roll Sushi/Karaoke Soirée hosted by Chef Morimoto himself. It was SO awesome to meet him again ;D

You trade in a ticket for a bracelet :]

It was at the gorgeous Harvard Club – I expected it to feel a lot more stuffy but it was beautiful and really spacious.

As soon as we walked in, we were offered drinks. I like already ;D

I wish I could say I sipped it like a lady… look at me, what a poser, acting all  innocent. As soon as the flash went off, down the hatch it went. DELICIOUS. Like chocolate milk :]

It was kind of odd because as soon as you walk in the first room is ALL desserts.. where the fish at yo?!… hahaha… it was 11pm and my early dinner had worn off and I was starved… but I still couldn’t help myself when I saw these:

Adorable isn’t it? You eat it and then inject your mouth with the raspberry sauce [or at least that’s how I did it… hahaha]

I got my glass of wine… [that awesome looking tub of lemons is a sake]

Checked out more of the desserts….

YAY KYOTOFU :] I snagged some of my favorite macarons.. couldn’t resist.

And then proceeded to the main [grand?] room!! Where the first thing you see on your right is a HUGE crowd of people and Ming Tsai and Morimoto just chatting and kicking it next to one of the hugest tunas I have EVER seen in person. Awesome.
[Btw the fish was 51kg aka ~120lbs HOLY EFFER… so much bigger than ME…]

Did you watch the vids of him cutting it up? He’s just slicing thru it like nothing. But then again  he’s probably done it once or twice before ;D Haha… what a pro. That fish could fall on me and I’d die…. anyways… as soon as he sliced it up, they started serving it. SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN CLEAN….

Sashimi with a ponzu drizzle

Hamachi Pizza

Avocado and… I think an almond foam, over tartare

Kicking it old school….

This is sooooo yummm :] Hamachi with a tortilla chip and a yummy kimchiiiii :]

The sardine was lightly smoked and very delicate – so very good and flavorful.

Chef Seamus Mullen & I :]

Chef Cristopher Rendell & I

The yellowtail was soooo fresh and delicious.  Lightly seared and the taro chips were perfectly seasoned and fried. NOM!

Amazing avocado salad with seaweed.

“Yeah I fucking remember you… and you’re still with him? Well the night is young…” and then he poured himself another drink ;D Hahahaha.. he was a bit… happy already ;D

I was so happy to see Ming again I forgot to take pictures of his dish. But it’s his yummy soba sushi that you can get at Blue Ginger.

Amazingly fresh

The sushi rice was tasty and the roe wasn’t overpowering at all…

Totally LOVED the uni. Uni, for me, is hit or miss… Most of the time it’s really really good but sometimes it’s too strong and overpowering to me – this was perfect. PURRR*

Peekaboo, do you see OGA?

He was sad that my parents’ home is the town over from his restaurant and I’ve never been… I’ve always heard it was super good, but since Oiishi Too is even closer to me and just down the street I always go there. I promised to go next time I was in town and that he’d better remember me … hahaha

If he wasn’t convincing enough, his tastes sure were – I’m SO going…

Chef Tadashi Ono & I

Actually heard a girl NOT eat it and complain that it was too spicy and that there were jalapenos in it.. ummm no… nada… um, hello… This was gorgeous, GORGEOUS – maybe a bit too much yuzu ice but still tasty :] I love oysters…

OMFG Marcus Samuelsson of Red Rooster!!!

His tacos were sooo freaking good – I was so excited to meet him I forgot to take a picture of the menu – FAIL

His peanut noodles were soooo freaking good too :] Who thought a Swedish-Ethiopian could make such banging Asian Food :]

Guy: Yep, there the ones we’re serving…
Me: Can I touch it?
Guy: *looks at me funny* sure……
Me: Will it hurt me?
Guy:  Yes…
Guy: No… haha

Best quote from me of the night: “Which one’s the head? They’re both moving… oh wait, there’s two…”

Delicious balls of happiness

Both were delicious and fulll of flavor *happy tummy*

Simple and delicious scallop. I LOOOVE raw scallop NOM

This was too much for me…. the cheese was way too overpowering for me :[ It was SO not parm hahaha… I thought that too many flavors and salt fought with the fish…

You take the shot of caviar, eat the salmon nigiri and then the wasabi. Nom!!! Perfection…

DUDE! He’s actually really GOOD right?!?!?!!?

The night ended with me and Didi cuddling :]


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