Good Intentions…… [Oceana]

So I finally went to Oceana. My date had already been there before for a previous birthday but was lame and only got some fish entree…. no raw bar or anything. LAME. So obviously we had to do it up. I got all dolled up and was ecstatic that I could get a 8:15 reso the day of.

I had been on an intense detox diet and just gave up because I was craving oysters. So Oceana it was, close by, fairly famous, oh and should I mention that they have Chicken Fried Blowfish?!?!?! To be honest, they were on my list of to-go’s but it was their tweet that got me to their restaurant the day after I saw it.

I want to tell you that it was an amazing experience, delicious and totally worth the $400+ check but…. it wasn’t. The champagne was good tho. Altho I may be biased to how it started off. Well, it started off great – we were 20 minutes early and seated immediately. But then our waitress came over to ask what we wanted for drinks. NO DRINK MENU. So we say water. 5-10 minutes later she comes back with menus. NO DRINK MENU. We had to hunt her down and ask for one. Then she got all weird when I asked her what her favorite champagne/sparkling wine was. Sommelier was great tho, super nice guy – great choice in champagne for us :]

Roederer Estate, NV, Anderson Valley

Our waitress FINALLY came to take our order. And then came the bread….. two sourdough and one rosemary/olive… the sourdough was a bit hard but the rosemary/olive was fluffy.. the butter was soft and the bread was warm…

And then FOREVER in waiting for food. I only eat the bread if it’s effing amazing or if the food is so-so and making me still hungry. I had like 8 pieces of bread tonite.

So our food comes. ALL of the raw food. Literally we had two tiers and like 3-4 different plates everywhere. Like our table for four was FILLED with raw foods.. like how does that ever happen? I’ve gone to less fancy restaurants and they were better at pacing our food. This isn’t TGIF, we don’t want it all at the same time, and we don’t expect it.

We had other servers helping us… our waitress was nowhere to be found, but a great guy was helping us fetching tabasco and horseradish and taking our raw fish dishes away for us so we could enjoy the shellfish first. Let me tell you again, WHO DOES THAT?

So FINALLY after waiting for 10+ minutes they took our extra plates away so we could enjoy our meal. I was in stinkerface mode by then.

We started off with Oysters [Tomahawk, Mystic, XL Moonstone, East Dennis, Glidden Point, Kumamoto & Fanny Bay], Little Neck Clams, Chilled Shrimp, 1/2lb Chilled Lobster and King Crab Legs. Tiniest portions ever. Like 1 crab leg cut into uneven 3s for like 14-16 bucks? wtf? OK, so it was fresh and it was good.. but the portions were just so tiny.

Onwards, and then came our Hiramasa Crudo…. [Which is a yellowtail] which was the biggest waste of 18$… it tasted like NOTHING.. all I could taste was the sprout on top of it. Even the EVOO was bland.

The Poke Trio was better. Hamachi, Salmon and Tuna. LOVED the salmon… hamachi at a close second.. the tuna was bland.. which was disappointing… it’s such a versatile light subtle fish that it’s easy to blend delicious flavors into it.

And lastly, the best of the three, the Snapper Ceviche. With a thinly sliced mango atop of pickled papaya, black seasame seed and coconut milk. I really liked this.. didn’t really seem like a ceviche tho.. but it was really yummy…

Next up was our Peekytoe Crab Cakes…with wasabi aoili, and pickled cucumber… Now I LOOOOVE Crab Cakes… but these….

THEY WEERE SOOOOOO SALTY. And tiny. And not crabcake like. I had two mini bites but I couldn’t do it anymore. R ate his.. but also thought it was too salty.

At least the Salad of Local Greens [shaved baby veg – beets, carrots, radishes, etc…] and a Sherry Vinaigrette [which I usually hate salad dressings but this was totally nonexistent so maybe they left it off??]

We added on a House Made Potato Gnocchi.. and R warned me not to since we’ve had amazing gnocchi.. but I was already noshing on like 6+ pieces of bread and was desperate.. and I wasn’t about to get the beet risotto with the my fav [note: sarcasm] goat cheese [which they accidentally delivered to us earlier on ]

Anyways. The gnocchi wasn’t bad, it was pretty good actually… It wasn’t as pillowy as I like and a bit on the chewy side but it wasn’t mashed potatoes and it wasn’t rubber. The New Orleans shrimp was good… and there was zucchini and chanterelles.. but also on the salty side. Just wish we got a bigger portion…

So the best dish of the night was the one I came here solely for.  The Chicken Fried Blowfish with a Cajun Buttermilk Dressing….

Crispy perfectly spiced crust.. and the blowfish was super super tender. Reminded me of catfish – only better. It was amazing. While still a bit salty, I should’ve just come here and ordered 10 servings of this, a bottle of wine and then be done with. I could rave about this all night but we still have dessert to cover.

[Oh have I mentioned that our stupid blonde waitress only came to see if we were ok ONE FREAKING TIME – talk about racist I saw her with all the other older WHITE people. I know I’m just playing the race card, but I’m writing this asap after the meal and still have anger and champagne in me so HA, I can play the racist card.]


Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly Sundae with Cabarnet Toast

Not what I expected.. but it was good… popcorn, peanuts and grapes were in it. Loved the meringue on top.. :]

Salty Caramel Barwhole wheat crumbles with black mussion figs and yogurt sorbet
This was really good.. slightly salty with a nice crumbles with sweet sweet figs. The yogurt were really good and yogurty :] YUM.

German Chocolate Cake Souffle with Candied Pecans and Coconut Sorbet
I devoured the pecans ASAP. Wasn’t as much of a fan of the coconut sorbet… the souffle was good but needed some sauce [like the Earl Grey Sauce from Aureole] or something to make it less cakey.

And then the best thing of the night… the lollipops... chocolate pudding and a chai [altho the waiter said maple, it definitely tasted of chai] SO good…. a great way to end the night.

Now I’m not saying that Oceana is bad, it’s far from that – i think that it just stemmed from having bad service to start off with. I think the price is a little steep for what we got but I was satisfied.. I think it would’ve been a better experience if our waitress was nicer and more attentive to us. If you want a good raw food bar I’d suggest Aquagrill.. and I really want to try Wild Edibles as well. I also wish they had caviar on the menu ;D Cuz you know I love me some caviar….

120 W. 49th St.
New York, NY 10020
Between Sixth Ave. & Seventh Ave.

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