Bugging Out…. (Literally)

I have a few post in the making but I thought I’d share some comic relief since it IS Monday, and I have the case of the Mondays…. bad…

So when I say I’ll eat/try anything at least once, I really mean it — still unsure about tarantulas tho..  soft shell crab consistency with a creamy center? *gag* – but so far so good…. from cobra meat to chicken testicles… I’ve had my share of fun foods.. next up? Bugs! @_@ Larvae + Crickets to be exact….

R & I eating bugs Part I: Larvae

R & I eating bugs Part II: Crickets

Happy watching :]

[ps. we’re dorks… and excuse R’s naughty language and my flashing of my booty crack *blush* my jeans were falling down hahaha]

And yes, Larvae taste like potato chips & Crickets taste like Sunflower Seeds… I think I’ll stick to the real deal tho. Whoever said bugs have a lot of protein lied. That WHOLE box is only .5g of protein. Hahaha. Fail.

Can I just stick to yummy offals from now on?

ps. Visit Just Braise, cuz I love Joe, he appreciates good food, and they’re pretty pictures *droool* :D do it do it doooooo ittttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!


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