Good Mexican after Bad Mexican, only at Toloache

After a depressing brunch, I needed to have a redeeming mexican meal. I’ve been planning to go to Toloache for ages and it’s just a quick walk a few blocks away from where I live… [well maybe a little further than just a few, but still…] I mean, come on, I grew up – a lot of my childhood, the part that really gets tattooed into my soul, was spent living 30min away from the Mexican border in Las Cruces NM… I’ve had Mexican, REAL Mexican… GREAT Mexican…. since living in the North East/New England area, it’s been tough finding good Mexican [altho my fav is still Sierra’s – best grilled Mexican red snapper ever… still need to go back to the west for the real stuff tho] – Um, Boo, please take me.

I started off with a nice unfrozen watermelon margarita.

Sandia Partida

Partida Blanco, fresh watermelon, lime

It was pretty good… hard to suck thru the straw due to the watermelon meat. The rim was different spices… couldn’t figure them out, a little spice and a little salt, all yum.

The dinner date was more boring….. well very boring….


mango frozen margarita

srsly? This is what you get on Spring Break your freshman year in college at Senior Frogs…. It’s ok, I had better ;D I’m picky with my liquor… back in the day it was whatever worked, now it better be delicious and worth the hangover…

I am in LOVE with avocados… like, one of the first things I remember eating as a child was avocado. When I was hungry late at night… “late” aka probably 9 or 10… [I would sleep at 8pm til I started Middle School] my mommy would slice open an avocado and drizzle a bit of soy sauce over it. SO FREAKING GOOD. Hungry? Love avocado? GO DO IT RIGHT NOW.

Filling, Creamy. Salty. Satisfying. Orgasmic. Even better, do it after sex. Quick, easy, gives you more energy for round #120938

Trio Guacamoles

Three guacs and a salsa…

Tradicional, Mild

avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, serrano

Couldn’t taste any heat, but it was original and delicious. Altho *blush* still think my guacamoles & salsas are the best…..

Frutas, Medium

avocado, pomegranate, vidalia onion, mango, apple, peach, habanero, Thai basil

I LOVEDDDDDD the pom and the Thai basil, was def a different sort of guac, but needed MORE pom seeds… it was only sprinkled on top :[ BOO.. but the next time I make some guac I’ll be adding the pom seeds in. GREAT crunch, sweet…. but HOW THE FREAK did this have HABANERO in it? NO HEAT AT ALL *sigh* I was so disappointed….

Rojo, Spicy

avocado, tomato, red onion, chipotle, queso fresco

This was super smokey from the chipotle… and the queso fresco [yum] added great texture and flavor to it…. but definitely NOT spicy at ALL…

I was sad, NONE of these guacs had ANY heat.. and I adore spice.. the hotter the dish the better… I’ve made a bowl of guacamole with like 8 habaneros before and had to be told NOT to add more cuz I was the ONLY person who could swallow it….. I’m the girl that has hot pepper contests with… and I ALWAYS win and the big “manly” men I go against always end up crying and sad…. srsly… I dare you, challenge me. I’ve never met a dish too spicy for me.

El Acapulco tasting of three

I am a HUGE ceviche fan. I always order at least ONE ceviche when I’m at a Mexican restaurant. Makes sense right? I LOOOOVE fresh seafood… raw seafood [cough cough I’m a New Englander at heart]


spicy yellofin tuna, key lime, vidalia onion, radish, watermelon

Never had a ceviche with watermelon before. This was really light and refreshing… Nothing TOO special tho… actually I think I ended up eating more watermelon than anything else. The tuna was a BIT fishy.


shrimp, vine ripen tomato, avocado, habanero, Thai basil

NO heat. SIGH. But it was good…. I love basil, I love Thai basil… I ADORE shrimp ceviche so I deMOLISHED this. Yes, deMOLLLLLLLISHED, not DEmolished… I say what I say cuz it’s how I say it fer real fer real.


yellotail, Meyer lemon, cucumber Huichol salsa, crispy avocado

This was alright. All I remember for it was the crispy avocado. Yay for deep fried avocados… good thing I didn’t order the avocado fries because it’s not something I could eat a bowl of. This was a bit fishy as well…. I stuck to the shrimp….


Oaxacan-style dried grasshoppers, onion, jalapeno

WOOOOO. Grasshoppers… Now I’ve had crickets [similar] and larvae… so why not grasshoppers.. I mean a HUGE reason why I chose this place was for the grasshopper tacos… I’m weird, I know.

Red Sangria

apples, grapes, oranges, peaches

It was like a pretty.. darker version of  a sunrise, until I mixed it up. It was really really good.. liked it better than the margaritas…

Carnitas de Lechon

brick oven-roasted shredded suckling pig, habanero-sour orange salsa, cactus avocado, chicharron salad

The waiter asked about my likes and dislikes with this meal and I said, DUDE YOU NEED MORE CHICHARRON.. there was literally like ONE piece of delicious crispy happy amazing orgasmic pig skin. Sigh. The pig was delicious I LOOOOOVED this dish. But I also LOVE pig… so….what else do you expect but happiness from me.

Black Cod

Mexican chocolate mancha mantel, pineapple-chile pico de gallo

The cod was cooked perfectly… loved the hominy [a super FAN] the pineapple and the sauce was pretty darn good

Cactus Fries

A bit slimey.. but a great spiced crust on the outside. Not a huge fan at first, but totally finished off the bowl – addicting textures…. even though I’m not a slime fan


Mexican cinnamon dusted, cajeta, chocolate dipping sauce

I need churros, I ALWYAS need churros…. churros are AMAZING. That’s why I love going to amusement parks, Disney and living in the west side…. WESSSSST SIIIIIIIDE…. churros everywhere [freaking Costco churros are SOOO GOOD….] but yea, these were tiny… lighter in color than I’m used to…. not the best but they were good.

Tres Leches de Limon

meyer lemon cake soaked with three milks, hibiscus coulis

The waiter recommended this adn the corn cake.. this was SO good.. I love a good tres leches, I’ve NEVER had a LEMONY tres leches… esp meyer lemon. OMG this was soooooo GOOD.. actually, experience wise, the FIRST tres leches I ever had was sour and was spoiled milk :P Gave me a bad impression, but me being me, I always have to keep on trying…. THIS WAS AMAZING. Like, wedding cake good… Does anyone ever have a tres leches wedding cake? Maybe I’ll be the first….

Now I ordered the Pastel de Elote [roasted corn cake, poblano pepper-blueberry salsa, fig compote] but got this instead:
Pastel de Chocolate

warm Mexican chocolate cake, dulce de leche ice cream

Lava cake, it’s always great. I used to be OBSESSED with this dessert until every restaurant and their mother had it. Still, it’s been awhile… so it was good…

My waiter was absolutely adorable… and actually only spoke towards/to me the whole time I was at the restaurant. He brought over some free tequila shots saying that they were on him… and that I HAD to return soon — we actually had great conversations about mole, where to go [other than here] and etc… :] Awesome dude… and yes, absolutely adorable.

Tequila tequila. Tequila = Party …. 100%

Yea… tequila makes me giggle…

I’m a dork. A dork that is currently waiting for her take-out sushi to get here.. drinking red wine and already working on 3 other blog posts…..

Anyways, this was good, not the best, not great, but it was good and I’ll be returning….

251 W 50th St [btw 8th & Broadway]
New York, Y 10019


  1. mmmm those drinks look great! how could you not like the food after a couple of them :)


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