Happy Birthday PrimeHouse!

AHHH, the lucky streak of eating delicious food, continues…. so the other day was PrimeHouse’s birthday and they had a special dinner planned :] Boyfriend is out of town :[ so his brother (also a lover of good food) & I headed out for the celebration! Complimentary champagne and snacks are dangerous.


To. Die. For.

Next, Rick was serving these up at a little table….

A Shrimp and Crab Croquette w/ Aiolli &  a Cornmeal Pancake w/Salmon Pastrami…
Amazing. So delicious!!!! We had two of these :] Or was it three.. I don’t remember… hard to stay away tho :]

Crab salad with Roe on cucumber…

A few bites of these were eaten…

AND THIS!! FOIE!!! With a sprinkling of pink salt…. AMAZING.. I can never eat too much foie…

The famous David Burke

The special Dinner Menu

Bottle of wine #1

So Rick comes over and places a candle on our table. Later the waiter brings these out for us and pours the candle over it… YES you heard it right.. Rick’s famous BEEF FAT CANDLES swoon*

The best popovers ever!!!

Chilled Seafood: 1 Shimp Cocktail & 2 Oysters

Kobe Beef Sashimi: Himallyan Salt, Mushroom Chips, Truffle Mayo

Cheers with Oysters

Second bottle of wine… RED

Angry Clam Casino Pappardelle: Clams, Chilies, Basil & Citrus

Pan Roasted Baby Octopus: Roasted Peppers, Chickpeas, Grilled Onions, Charred Tomatoes& Black Olives

Carlos came out and said hi :] It was quick tho since it was such a busy night!

Oh man, at this point all the champagne and wines have hit me… the rest is a yummy blur of meat and desserts :] MMM tasty :]

Petite “South Side” Filet Bone-In

28 Day Dry Aged Ribeye

Corn Spoon Bread

Broccoli Cheddar Spring Rolls

Loaded Baked Potato Waffle

Prime 207L Birthday Cake
Kickin Doughnuts, Cheesecake Lollipop, Grand Marnier Creme Brulee


What a great night, when am I finally gonna get a break and be able to go on that diet…?!?!… hahaha



  1. L’Espalier’s foie gras torchon is a bit too overwhelming for me.



  1. […] And of course, how can you visit PH without ordering their Kobe Beef Sashimi… himalayan salt, mushroom chips, truffle-mayo I’m convinced that it changes lives. I was sooo excited to see R eat it.. the tender kobe sashimi… the amazing salt block… the truffle mayooooo omgomgomgomgomgomg… always perfection. ALWAYS. […]


  2. […] was purely heavenly…. time to go back to Chicago to give Rick a HUUUUUGE hug and then eat his great food […]


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